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Hair Patch And Hair Wig,What Are The Differences?

This entry was posted By Bella

Hair loss is no longer a rare topic or even a common problem for all people, there are so many factors that lead to hair loss in real life. But there are more ways than difficulties, people are choosing to use a hair patch, or hair wig to cover up their baldness, for people with serious hair loss problems, these two items must be the best choice. But many people still can not distinguish what is hair patch what is hair wig, today will take you to understand these two things in detail.

Ⅰ. Hair wig, what is it?

For people with hair loss problems, hair wig is the most common choice and most often purchased, it is more developed, with a variety of different colors, textures, and lengths. In the fashion world, wigs have become a new fashion, and even become an expression of character and the pursuit of fashionable items, we use hair wig to match the makeup and clothing. hair wig is able to completely surround the head, as the wig technology continues to improve, but also designed with a lot of very natural hairline parts. There are two different types of hair wigs, synthetic wigs, and human hair wigs, synthetic wigs are made of chemicals, which are less expensive and have a variety of color options, but synthetic wigs are Very easy to become frizzy, which means that the synthetic wig life is not long. And human hair wig, the price is higher than the synthetic wig but its longer life, better quality, and more importantly, as long as you take proper care of your human hair wig can be as good as your native hair. I recommend several good quality and very popular hair wigs for you.

●Lace front wig

This wig is popular for a number of reasons, including its high quality and styling versatility. In addition, people use the lace front wig for many reasons, including hair loss, hair loss caused by cancer drugs, or as a good fashion item, according to our survey, 80% of the female population is now choosing the lace front wig when buying a wig, after all, comfort is the goal that people seek when wearing a wig, in order to maintain comfort and also to make the appearance Look stylish is our ultimate goal. These wigs only have lace in the front part. The rest of the cap is thicker and there are small combs inside that can be fixed to your wig cap or hair to hold it in place while you wear the wig.

lace front wig

●Full lace wig

can come in a variety of styles, including braids, cornrows, ponytails, etc. These wigs are more expensive than the average wig because the inside of the wig cap is all made of lace, like half wig, the back half of the wig cap belonging to the machine weave is not all lace. But full lace wigs are worth the price, because they last longer and are more versatile.

full lace wig

Ⅱ. What is a hair patch?

The hair patch is not designed to cover your entire forehead, but rather to cover thinning hair or areas of hair loss, as opposed to a hair wig where the hair patch is made of finer, fuller hair, which can be a good solution to the problem of missing hair in a certain area. Although we buy hair wigs and hair patches for the same purpose, hair patches are more effective when you only need to cover a small area on the scalp. When you need full coverage, the hair wig is of course more effective.

hair patch

Full lace hair patch

This hair patch can hide baldness without damaging your native hair. A full lace hair patch provides a more natural look to any hairstyle, which means no one will even notice you are using a hair patch. If you wear your hair down or up, it blends in perfectly with your natural hair without feeling out of place.

●permanent hair patch

It restores full hair growth and can make up for your baldness without surgery. A permanent hair patch can cover the missing part of your head with a natural-looking hair strand. Only the most modern hair salons offer this hair patch alternative.

In this article you are introduced in detail what is hair wig and what is hair patch, before deciding to buy you need to think about what kind of use it is, if it is to cover a certain part of thinning hair then you can safely choose hair patch, if what you want is full head coverage then, of course, you should choose hair wig

What is a patch wig?

Hair patch treatment is non-surgical, where a patch of hair or a wig/extension is placed in the area where baldness has occurred. Doctors stick the patch of hair with the help of cosmetic glue or even clips. The glue and clips of Hair Patch are quite safe and do not lead to allergic reactions on the scalp.

What is a hair patch?

A hair patch is an artificial hair restoration treatment in which artificial hair is placed with glue on the bald area. It is particularly useful for men and women who have bald patches and are unwilling to undergo a surgical procedure.

Can I sleep with hair patch?

Can I wear a hair system during sleep? Yes! There's your answer straight away! This is especially true if you are wearing a high-quality hair system designed and supplied by Lordhair.

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