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Hair Mask Tips For Hair Caring Beginners

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Hair Mask Tips For Hair Caring Beginners

Can Hair Masks Touch The Scalp?

The answer is NO! It is recommended that hair masks, which are nourishing hair care products, should not be applied to the scalp, especially for girls who have more scalp oil, as the hair care products are likely to make your hair greasier when they touch the scalp. So girls after washing your hair, just wipe the hair mask in the hair and hair tip position, with hands moderately lightly rub the hair, let the hair fully absorb the nutrients of the conditioner, do not let the hair mask directly contact the scalp skin.

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Can Hair Masks Be Used Every Day?

Hair masks can not be used every day, although the effect of hair masks is very good, but if you use hair masks every day, it may make your hair become too nutritious, and then lead to the nutrients in the hair mask can not be better absorbed by the hair, and then caused a waste, and daily use of hair masks may make your hair look oily!

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Can Hair Masks Be Used On Dry Hair?

Hair masks cannot be used on dry hair. Hair masks should be used after washing your hair, wipe your hair until it does not drip, and then apply the mask on your hair strands. Hair mask cannot be applied directly to the scalp, it will clog the hair follicles and harm the hair. Washing and conditioning products need to be rinsed thoroughly after use. The amount of hair mask to be used is determined by the length and amount of hair, and it is better to heat it up after applying it, and you should not use hair masks too often.

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How To Use Hair Mask

1. Wash Your Hair

You must wash your hair before doing the hair mask, and the temperature of the water can be controlled at about 35 degrees, which will not harm your scalp and also clean the oil and dirt. After the shampoo is exported do not apply directly on the scalp, it is best to rub out the foam in the palm of your hand and apply it on the hair, so as to reduce the friction between the hair, but also not easy to hurt the scalp.

2. Rinse Hair

Hair must be rinsed clean, do not leave any shampoo residue, residual shampoo will have an effect on the efficacy of the hair mask, will prevent the hair mask to play the most effective. You can choose to wash your hair during the water basin, rinse if you have the conditions recommended to use the nozzle, so that the hair rinse more thoroughly. In most cases the hair and hair strands do not paste the residue of shampoo flow.

3. Take Hair Mask

Hair mask is mainly used by long hair group is more widely, for medium length hair each time take out the amount of walnut size can. If the hair damage is more serious, or more hair Longer people can increase the amount of moderate, apply too much easily caused by greasy scalp, apply too little can not achieve the repair effect.

4. Start Applying

Put the removed hair mask into the hair mask bowl, use the side with the hair mask brush to brush the hair mask onto the hair. Use the side with the hairbrush to comb through the hair mask after application. It is easy for the hair mask to be absorbed. During the combing process, a lot of hair mask will stick to the comb, after combing, apply these hair masks still to the hair and comb again until all the hair strands are evenly coated with the hair mask.

5. Rubbing With Both Hands

After the hair mask is applied to complete the hands rubbing is essential, rubbing from bottom to top until the hair inside and outside are evenly coated with hair mask, the role of rubbing can help the hair better absorb the nutrition of the hair mask.

6. Wear Heating Cap

After the hair is coiled to the top of the head, use the hair mask clip to fix it, bring the disposable shower cap prepared in advance. Prevent the hair moisture out and hair mask dirty electric heating cap liner.

In addition to disposable shower cap can also retain the heat inside, to help the hair on the absorption of nutrients.

7. Cleaning Hair Mask

Hair mask best time control in 20 ~ 25 minutes, time is too short hair nutrition can not be absorbed, time is too long hair easy to be baked dry.

After completing the heating will electric cap power off, disposable shower cap off and so the heat dissipated, use a large amount of water to rinse thoroughly clean.

After the hair mask is rinsed clean, use a dry towel to absorb the excess moisture and apply conditioner. The role of the conditioner is to close the hair scales and lock the nutrients of the hair mask in the hair core.

Can I use conditioner as a hair mask?

Just Use It As A Hair Mask If you don't want to spend extra money on a separate hair mask, your conditioner will totally work. Just apply to wet hair and leave it on for as long as possible (an hour is good, or even sleep with it on overnight), then rinse and wash your hair like you normally would.

What is better hair mask or conditioner?

What's the difference between hair conditioner and hair mask? A hair conditioner is just that - it makes the hair strands soft and manageable (conditioned). A hair mask goes deeper than that, and also deep hydrates the hair strands, besides performing a conditioning job.

Do you need both conditioner and hair mask?

Does Your Hair Need Both Masks And Conditioners? Yes. Your hair needs both a mask and a conditioner to achieve its health. A conditioner would make your hair shafts smooth and reduce frizziness and a hair mask would boost the strength and growth of your hair strands.

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