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Gorgeous Purple Wig Hot Girls Must Have

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The purple wig is all the rage on TIKTOK, INS and other social media. Wearing a purple wig gives you the glamour of a star, and the versatile hair color and style can give your look a new experience, not only for yourself but also to increase your confidence and personality. Many celebrities and internet celebrities are trying out new hair colors and using purple wigs or dyeing their dark hair purple to get a whole new look, purple! It's special and it does look good!

Ⅰ. What does purple hair say about your personality?

purple hair

All the colors in the world when applied to yourself represent your personality and make a statement about the individual, from the wild to the quiet to the gentle to the edgy, hair color certainly says a lot about who we are without the need to use any words. Purple hair color is often used to express personality and convey a culture. Violet tends to express a person's calm and reflective nature. This purple color means that you are looking inside for things that are important to you in life and thinking about your connection with the world. If it is dark purple, this often conveys a noble and elegant aristocratic culture. In ancient times, dark purple often represented power and ability and was the color reserved for nobility and royalty. Generally, we apply purple in hair color to symbolize that you also like music, art, and other areas of activity, you aspire to freedom and want to embrace and show your wild side!

Ⅱ. What does purple hair mean in anime?

purple hair

Many people, especially school students, are very fond of watching anime, and the main characters in anime have a variety of shapes and hair colors, and the ordinary black hair is the least common, we often see red hair, blonde hair, blue hair and even white hair, purple hair is also very common, what do these different hair colors in anime mean? In fact, anime and often a reflection of real life, purple hair color in anime is also a symbol of noble and powerful tasks, such people are often royalty, they have a very high prestige have wealth, in addition, their personalities are mysterious enough, they also have a good upbringing. This is similar to the personality traits that purple hair symbolizes in real life. Nowadays, purple hair color is undoubtedly the best way to express your personality, but then again, is it suitable for everyone to try purple hair color?

Ⅲ. What skin tone does purple hair suit?

purple hair

Purple is a fantastic color and a magical color that complements almost any skin tone, so the first thing to consider is what skin tone you have and then what shade of purple you want to go with.

1. Cool skin

purple hair

If your skin tone is the cool white tone you are actually very suitable for bright hair color, as long as the color of the hair applied to your face can make you look excellent skin condition, bright violet or soft purple will be very suitable for you.

2. Neutral Skin Tone

purple hair

Neutral skin tones are not as fair as cool white, nor do they have the same sense of color as dark skin tones, which tend to look a little pale without the feeling of pink and white, so it is recommended to use a lighter purple such as ice purple to match your skin tone when you want to try purple hair color for neutral skin tones.

3. Dark skin

purple hair

Purple is a perfect choice for dark skin tones, it will combine with your skin tone to give your skin some warmth and make your skin look radiant, if you think it's too flashy, try a purple-based pick-up hair color, which can neutralize the flashy purple and the dull black and brown hair.

Ⅳ. How to get gorgeous purple hair?

There are two ways to help you get this edgy and stylish hair color. The first: choose a reliable hairdresser to color your hair purple according to the color of your skin, but pay special attention to your own skin tone and pupil color to determine the intensity and depth of purple. The second method: directly buy a purple wig or buy a light-colored wig. There are the two most direct and least harmful methods, a purple wig can keep you away from the dangers of dye, and if you choose to buy a light-colored wig, you are as cost-effective as buying two wigs, such as a 613 wig, can be dyed purple hair directly without bleaching.

purple hair

Ⅴ. Is purple hair high maintenance?

First, you need to choose a good coloring product, at the very least a good colorant will ensure that the color lasts longer on your head and will also reduce the harmful effects of chemical products on you to a certain extent. We recommend using Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color M49 Smoky Violet which is the long-term color that changes when the light hits it.

Secondly, do not wash your purple wig every day, although shampoo will remove excess oil but it will also make your wig fade. If you do, use warm water to wash your hair

Third, to keep your purple hair bright, use only sulfate-free shampoos that are designed for coloring. Most drugstore shampoos are full of sulfates. Sulfate-based shampoos can cause hair color to fade more quickly and may cause scalp irritation in some people.

How do I know if purple hair will suit me?

“I prefer that fairer skin tones do more pastel purples…whereas people with darker hair and skin tones should go towards the deeper richer purples.” In other words, “If you have cool undertones go with a cooler purple, and if you have warmer skin tones a warmer purple is better.”

Is purple hair flattering?

Purple hair is also surprisingly flattering, as it sits as a kind of midpoint between blue and red—both tones that you'll find naturally within your complexion, whatever the skin tone.

Is purple hair good for dark skin?

Finding the perfect hair color for darker skin tones is easy with the help of an expert. Shades of brown, including chocolate and chestnut tones, have proven to complement the skin best. Vibrant and bold colors work just as well — consider emerald green, blond, or shades of purple.

  • Alethea Todaro
    Alethea Todaro
    How do you make purple hair look so classy ? You Slayed this ! This might be the best one yet chica
  • Derp
    You really been killing it with these colors lately !!
  • Veins With Glitter
    Veins With Glitter
    Yasss my gal you are a natural and so creative. I love every wig you make but I'm definitely living for this lavender
  • Yvonne Mugur
    Yvonne Mugur
    omg I’m in love with this look and the wig !! I love the process and how u explain the way you created this amazing wig I wanna make my own now !! NEW SUBSCRIBER
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