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Good News For African American Girls Who Will Back To School

This entry was posted in Style By lya

Here's the good news! For many college students, back to school season is the most exciting time of the whole year. As an African American girl, you have the privilege of using your powerful hair strands to add to your look without trying too hard. However, as a teenager, you should also know what style is best for you. That's why we shared this list of eight easy back to school hairstyles for African American girls

easy back to school hairstyles for African American girls
It's almost a month before we go back to school. Do you want to change your hairstyle in the new semester? If your answer is yes, then follow my article on new back to school hairstyles, and trust me, you deserve them!

1. Bouncy curls

Curly hair is popular with many girls. The problem is that they're not easy to maintain, and neither are bouncy curls. Curls do have many benefits though, so you should consider giving it a try during back to school season. 

Curly hair is popular with many girls

Because you'll find that bouncy curls can improve the quality of your hair. The difference with other styles is that you can find better ways to keep elastic curls in good condition without trying too hard.

2. The upper horsetail hairstyle

This is another super simple hairstyle that black girls can easily pull off during their lunch break. All you need to do is split your hair in two down the middle and the process is halfway done.

the ponytail hairstyle works great for people with round faces
However, you should know that the ponytail hairstyle works great for people with round faces. The upper ponytail gives girls with round faces a unique look that enables them to stand out in the crowd. You'll find that many black girls in the back to school season love this elegant hairstyle.

3. Braided Mohawk

Even if you go back to school, you may have some special occasions to attend, such as academic seminars, award ceremonies, teacher or classmate birthday parties and so on. Braided Mohawk will never let you down when you want to look your best. Although this unique style requires no special skills, it really shines through.

Braided Mohawk will never let you down when you want to look your best
Braided Mohawk is best for black girls, especially those with darker hair. Don't forget to wet your hair with a spray when you've finished the look. This will help you get the best results. Once you've finished the look, the Mohawk should be in the center of your head.

4. One side ponytail

It's also a simple back to school hairstyle that works great for beautiful black girls who want to let go. A one-sided ponytail doesn't require you to work with a stylist, it's so easy to make that you can literally do it alone at home.
You can choose to weave your hair for many braids and let them sit for a day. Then you can collect the hair on one side of your head. This can be left or right, depending on your mood. In addition to looking simple, a one-sided ponytail will add to your look.

5. Double braided buns

The double braid bun is the best choice for younger girls, such as middle or high school students, who don't have much time to sit and style their hair for a long time. This style of hair, while done quickly, looks amazing and will take young African American girls to the next level in style. 

The double braid bun is the best choice for younger girls
The double braided bun can even be done while the child sits down to watch TV or even play video games. It also looks great on teenage girls, who may not have enough time for complicated hairstyles.

6. Bubble braids buns

According to the survey, the cute bubble braid hairstyle has attracted many fashionable girls in recent times. 

cute bubble braid

Undoubtedly, bubble braid has become a new fashion. As we all know, many female celebrities wear bubble braids on the red carpet. They also do this hairstyle when they attend fashion events, such as award ceremonies and balls.

Bubble braids are not only fashionable and cute, but they are also very easy to make, which is a major reason for their popularity. Bubble braids are similar to regular braids. But bubble braids are much easier and faster to do. Bubble braids are actually very easy to make at home and are a very popular look especially for teachers and students during the back to school season. 

7. Afro puff

This is one of the best hairstyles for lazy black girls getting ready for school. Best of all, this style works on all hair textures, so whether your hair is soft, frizzy, or wavy, you can always try Afro puff.

Afro puff
Once you get your hair wet with the spray, you can do this hairstyle in less than ten minutes. Just comb your hair and pull it up and hold it in place with a nice knot. This look is unique and quick to get, so choose this look in the morning without having to get up early or be late.

8. Cornrowed halo crown with a heart

This style takes a lot of time, you can do it before you go back to school, or you can do it on a weekday when you have a weekend off, and you have to accept sitting in a chair for a long time. It's a unique hairstyle that many people have also used for weddings and Valentine's Day with a rounded crown with a heart. 
Without a doubt, you'll need to hire a professional hairstylist to help you with this look. It's not an easy look to get, but you'll love the result.
Your hair is one of the most important things you have. Therefore, you need to design them carefully so that you look your best when you back to school. These hairstyles for African American girls will unleash your beauty and get you the attention you deserve. If you want to learn more about back to school hairstyles, you can visit Donmily website or check out lya's blog.

Why my curls without bouncy?

In some cases, if you go too short, it can cause your hair to almost look straight. The reason is that the curl clump may have been cut at a length just before it start to loop into a curl.

What is Afro puff?

A style for Afro hair in which the hair is tied on top or at the side of the head in a rounded shape, usually one on each side of the head.

Will bubble braids popular in back to school season?

According to the survey, the cute bubble braid hairstyle has attracted many fashionable girls in recent times. Undoubtedly, bubble braid has become a new fashion.

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