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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Frontal or Closure, Here Is Your Best Option

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When you are thinking of choosing a wig product that can well articulate your back wig, and can make your hairline look very natural, but also can play a role in protecting your hair. There will be a lot of voices to your ears, some people say it is perfectly fine to buy closure, but then someone will recommend you to buy frontal, you are confused, which one should I choose in the end? Is there any difference between these two? In this issue of blog today, we will compare the popular frontal and closure.

Ⅰ.How to distinguish frontal and closure?

In the last two issues of the blog we have a detailed description of what closure is, let's briefly review. A closure is an attachment that is added to a wig, mainly in the middle of the head, so that your original hair and the wig can blend together better and achieve the same effect as your own hair. There are many types and sizes of closures, and there are three main types of closures, one is a center closure, the second is a three part closure, and another is a free closure. Closures are usually made of lace or silk fabric, and we commonly see closures made of lace in the market, which is a lighter and more breathable material and increases the comfort of the customer's use.
Frontal is a very flexible wig, which is why it is very popular in the wig market. frontal usually covers your entire forehead and your entire hairline as it is ear to ear. The size is usually 13 inches wide and 4 inches to the back, which is very flexible. the bottom of the frontal is made of lace or silk, which is a more comfortable and breathable material and allows the wig to blend in better with your own hair. The best way to distinguish between the two types of wigs is the price, frontal than closure is usually much more expensive, if you want to buy a handmade or very high quality frontal, perhaps costing from $150-400. The closure, on the other hand, is relatively cheaper, with an approximate price range of $20-120. Generally these two are sold together with bundles, so you need different lengths and densities also represents a different price. We all know the old saying, expensive has its advantages, that more expensive frontal is really better than closure? Let's compare


Ⅱ.Similarities between closure and frontal

Both closure and frontal have a piece of Swiss lace that is sewn to the bottom of the wig along with the hair extensions. They both allow you to show off your hairline quite perfectly. Both closure and frontal are used to close the installation without any blending, and to get the most natural looking scalp, we often recommend bleaching the hair knot to help reduce the appearance of the lace. After understanding the similarities, let's compare their differences so we can better provide you with reference value.

Ⅲ.Differences between closure and frontal

1. Closure: easy to maintain than frontal

Closure has several features that make it an attractive purchase. The first is that the closure is very simple to maintain, it is different from the frontal does not need to spend a lot of time and does not require a professional approach to the closure maintenance, you only need to clean it properly, adjust it can be. After the normal cleaning, you just need to put it in a fixed place can be, and closure use period is longer, unlike frontal that need to glue to bond, there is no need to worry about the loss of effectiveness of the glue. Secondly, the closure will also protect your own hair well, the use of the process more secure.
But the closure will limit your styling, which means you may not have many styling options, because there are only three types of closures, medium closure, three-part closure and free-style closure. The closure requires you to measure the size you really fit precisely, otherwise the closure will not fit you and is not flattering.


2. Frontal: more effective than closure

Speaking of the benefits of frontal, we favor it to install the time will be shorter, the average time needed to do the whole wig styling is less than 1 hour, if you want to do sewn natural hair extensions that will take about 2-4 hours. Secondly, as we have mentioned above, frontal offers you more styling possibilities, you can create any look you want, frontal will provide you with a very natural look and hairline, you can't even tell you are wearing a wig. As for the shortcomings of frontal, it may have an effect on your hairline because it needs to be installed using glue or ties that can irritate your scalp and skin. Also, the production process of frontal makes it very expensive.


Ⅳ. Frontal or Closure, Here IsThe Best Option For You

So what about you? Will you choose frontal or closure? Deciding between using a frontal vs.closure really comes down to personal preference. Both hairpieces offer really, natural-looking styles that allow you to part your hair in various ways. The major differences involve how often you like to switch up your style and what price range you're working with. If you already have an idea, you are welcome to come to Donmily mall to have a look, here are the closure and frontal you want.

Which is better frontal or closure wig?

The closure wig nudges towards the natural, whereas the frontal wig moves toward the bold look. A lace frontal wig will always give you more options for styling. If you enjoy often changing up your look, a 13x4 lace frontal wig is your best option for overall style versatility.

Can you sleep in a lace front wig?

Yes, it's possible to sleep in your front lace wig. However, the friction between your wig's hair and pillow can decrease the longevity of your wig, unless you take extra precautions such as covering your wig with a silk cap and tying it into a ponytail.

How long do lace fronts last?

That depends on the hair and the wig upkeep. Lace front wigs with synthetic hair can last up to one year while 100% human hair lace front wigs can last up to three years, with proper care.

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