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For Short Hair, Choose Weave Or Hair Extensions?

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People with short hair are the main user groups for hair extensions. When there are so many types of weave and common hair extensions, as a short haircut, do you know how to choose? How to choose between weave and hair extensions? What is the difference between weave and hair extensions? Let's take a look today.

hair extension for short hair

Ⅰ. What is hair extension?

Hair extension is to increase the length of your hair by connecting your natural hair with the wig by some means. This is a big concept, and we can divide it into temporary hair extensions (clip in hair extensions) , semi-permanent hair extensions (tape in hair extensions), and permanent hair extensions according to the length of time that hair extensions can last. Permanent hair extensions are more and more popular with many people because they can last two to three months. If you know more about permanent hair extensions, welcome to this article of mine.

hair extension

Ⅱ. What is a weave?

Weave is a hair extension method in which hair wefts are sewn onto braided hair and styled into any desired style. The beauty of hair weave is one reason why it is such a popular technique. Weave is a term referring to synthetic or human hair used to alter the look of someone's hair by adding hair to natural hair. These synthetic or human hairs can be included or used to cover the entire hair with a wig.

Weave can be divided into quick weave and sew in weave. There are many differences between the two. The reason why quick weave is called quick is that it is directly bonded with glue, and the completion speed is faster. The sew in weave is to stitch the wig with needles and threads after the corn braid is braided.


Ⅲ. Hair extension VS Weave

1. The differences between hair extension and weave

A. Weave hair extensions

In a sense, weave is a type of hair extension, so we can call it weave hair extensions. Weave hair extensions are hair extensions, but hair extensions are not exactly braids. They are inclusive relations between hyponyms.

B. Weave is difference from common hair extension

● Weave is different from general hair extensions in many ways

The general hair extension is to emphasize the deep integration of the hair extension and each hair, of course, the wig bundle can also be integrated with the hair. While weave hair extensions don't come in direct contact with your natural hair, it acts on the wig cap.

weave hair extension
● On the other hand, weaves tresses are more sculptural than extensions

Hair extensions are mainly straight hair wigs bonded to your hair, while weave hair extensions bundles have more styling options, such as body wave wig, or water wave wig.

● The integrity of the weaves hair extension is stronger

During the weave process, you can choose to sew the hair bundle and close it to cover the top of the head. Or choose a quick braid, which can also cover the top of the head. This process requires hiding your original hair. And ordinary hair extensions are not full-coverage wigs, nor do you need to hide your original hair.

Ⅳ. For short hair, choose weave or hair extension?

hair extension for short hair

Short hair is the main customer group for hair extensions, but short hair also increases the difficulty of hair extensions. For example, hair that is too short is not easy to extend, and it will expose traces of hair extensions.

Here are some recommended hair extensions for short hair of different lengths.

1. Hair extensions on very short hair: short weaves

● Cool short weaves: 27 piece quick weave

27 piece quick weave are short weaves, braided wigs in short lengths, you can create many different hairstyles using 27 pre-cut and curled braided pieces. Because it doesn't require very long natural hair to do it, keep your natural hair. And this 27-piece quick braided hairstyle is fashionable like a pixie.

Compared with the general short hair weaves, 27 piece quick weave will be more handsome and sharp in style. You can also create different 27 pieces hairstyles by dyeing and other ways, there are also many kinds, as shown below.

27 piece quick weave

● Perfect short weaves: quick weave bob

The bob length is also great for short hair, as it also doesn't require a long natural hair length. In fact, quick weave in weave does not require hair extensions on natural hair, and is very suitable for short hair. The sew in weave is a hair extension that needs to be done on one's own hair. Therefore, I would recommend a quick short weaves bob.

Quick weaves bobs are all the rage in 2022. To create a quick weave, the extension is glued directly to the protective cap worn on the head. Similar to a stitch braid, the hair is still braided into a cornrow, but only by gluing the braid to the wig cap. There are also many types of fast Bobo weave, because the length of Bobo only reaches the shoulder and neck, and there are many shapes.

quick weave

2. Seamless hair extensions on very short hair

● Seamless hair extensions: bobo tape in hair extension

In addition to weave, general hair extensions are also suitable for short hair. Because too short hair will expose the extension clip, so I would recommend you to choose tape in hair extension.

Tape in hair extension is a tape hair extension that uses tape to bond your natural hair to your wig, it won't hurt your hair, on the contrary, it will help your hair grow. Compared with temporary hair extensions, this kind of hair extension is more seamless and has the least damage to the hair. Because wig clips are more obvious than viscose, there is no doubt about it.

tape in hair extenison

In order to make your hair extension wig more integrated with your natural hair, it is recommended to choose a style that is not too different from your natural hair. If you have very short hair, then the tape in hair extension for very short hair must be a bob tape in hair extension. The perfect length for extensions in shorter lengths is the bob, the minimum length allowed for bob extensions is 3 inches for natural hair.

hair extension

● Permanent hair extensions for short hair: microlinks seamless hair extensions

micro-fusion hair  extension

Yes, if you want more seamless hair extensions, you must choose microlinks hair extensions. Because you will find that microlinks on short hair will not expose your hair extensions, making the hair extensions last longer. This is true, because microlinks hair extensions are permanent hair extensions, and the difference between the three types of hair extensions was also introduced earlier. Microlinks hair extensions can complete the deep integration of your short hair and wigs under the operation of professionals. Even if your hair is very short, each short strand is fused with the wig's keratin through microwave technology to enhance the thickness and length of the hair. It is also recommended that the length of the extension and extension of your microwave reach the length of the wave.

What is the difference between a hair weave and hair extensions?

Hair weaves are a particular type of style where the whole natural hair is braided and then a needle is used to sew hair extensions from one ear to another. No glues or adhesives are used. Extensions are a strand-by-strand application of artificial hair or human hair to make the natural hair of a person longer.

Can hair extensions be hidden?

Invisible extensions use several rows of extension hair that wrap around the back of the head in a horseshoe shape. Typically, the application of the extensions is between 1 to 3 rows of hair. The beads stay hidden under the wefts of hair that are placed above the beaded row.

Should I Wash Clip In Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions, like any other high-quality hair extensions, can be washed. Please keep in mind that washing extensions shortens their lifespan because they do not acquire natural oils from the roots or scalp. Please see our entire page on how to wash your hair extensions by clicking the read more link.

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