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Follow The Trend Of Skunk Stripe Hair: Black And White Hair

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During the epidemic, many people DIY their own hair at home. The recent skunk stripe hair fire. It seems that the residual heat of last year's cruella hairstyle is still there. A closer look at skunk stripe hair reveals that this is also black and white hair. Yes, this article takes you to understand these two hairstyles, and also recommends several popular black and white hairstyles for you.

black and white hair

Ⅰ. What is black and white hair?

There are a lot of classic black and white hairstyles all over the world. Last year's Disney movie made cruella wig popular all over the Internet, and also made many people recognize black and white hair. When we say black and white hair, we mean the combination of white and black wigs. This sounds very special, and it is very similar to the Skunk Stripe Hair that was popular this year. Yes, the two have the same effect.

black and white hair

Here we list some out-of-the-circle black and white hair. Yang Guo, the male protagonist of the TV series adaptation of "The Return of the Condor Heroes" by Jin Yong, the originator of martial arts novels in mainland China, is such a style. A white line in front of the black hair, looking vicissitudes and aura of the rivers and lakes, in line with Yang Guo's identity at that time. In 2021, Jennie in the well-known Korean group Blackpink will return with a black and white hair, although many people complained at the time that she looked like a skunk. But now the skunk hair fire is enough to see that fashion is reincarnation.

black and white hair

Ⅱ. What is skunk stripe hair?

Skunk stripe hair, you can understand it as putting skunk color on the hair. The most common skunk stripe hair usually have white and black fur colors. Skunk stripe hair is a two-tone hairstyle or half-color that usually appears as a warm mix of white and black. Hair also needs to involve multiple colors. So in simple terms, skunk stripe hair is a color trend in which two separate shades blend into the hair but are completely separate from each other. The stark contrast between the two colors is the main thing that sets this hairstyle apart.

skunk stripe hair

Ⅲ. The relationship between black and white hair and skunk stripe hair

It needs to be explained here that black and white hair can be blended with skunk stripe hair, but it can also not be blended. Because skunk hair can be just plain black and white, or light brown, buff and black. As people like this hairstyle more and more, some people mix various colors with black or other colors, but generally, we still regard skunk stripe hair as black and white hair.

Ⅳ. The hot hairstyle of skunk stripe hair with black and white hair 

1. The most classical black and white hair: Half black and half white of bobo hair

Imagine wearing a wig like this to a masquerade party and it will quickly become the center of attention. Black and white hair each occupy half of your head, with delicate makeup, yes, the "bad girl" is you. If you want to go dark and look gorgeous at the masquerade, try this style.

skunk stripe hair

2. The most classical skunk stripe hair : Jennie the same hairstyle

Black and white hair are also not exactly evenly distributed across your hair. Like Jennie, you can choose white near your hairline. But most of the hair at the back should be black. A bit like hanging ear dye, but with more highlights than normal. The white hair is placed next to the ears in a mid-part style, which is cool and individual. If you don't want to let your hair fall directly on the sides, you can also choose other styles such as braids. In short, you deserve the same hairstyle as Jennie.

3. The most special skunk stripe hair : white on the top of the head and black on the bottom half

skunk stripe hair

American female singer Billie's "green on the head" shape is very popular. So, there are a lot of looks like this that can also be considered skunk looks. But have you ever thought about swapping green for white, it sounds appealing. Maybe, the next person to lead the trend is you.

4. The daily black and white hair: the upper part is black and the lower part is white.

black and white hair

Summer is here, and this year, many people try to dye the lower part of the hair on the back of the head white, giving people a visual impact from top to bottom. There's a touch of difference in this style, adding a cool look to your hairstyle, and opting for a braided lock can also bring a touch of freshness on hot summer days. This style of black and white hair is aiso belong to skunk stripe hair.

Can you get white hair from black?

It's normal for your black hair to turn white as you age. You may have black/brown hair, but you may notice that the appearance of your hair changes from black to gray or white as you age. However, hair change color and graying can happen at any stage of your life.

What makes white hair black?

Gooseberry and Lemon Juice: Mix gooseberry powder with lemon juice and rub the resulting paste into your hair regularly. White hair will turn black. Black pepper, lemon juice, and curd: Add black pepper and a spoonful of lemon juice to 1/2 cup of curd. Rub on hair and wash off after 15 minutes.

What is skunk hair called?

two color hair Introduction: "Skunk hair", also known as bicolor hair. Not to be confused with "duo-tone" hair, which typically mixes two coordinating shades together, duo-tone or "skunk hair" is all about contrasting and accentuating style

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