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Wouldn't You Like To Have Fantastic Periwinkle Hair?

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The end of the year is a great time for travel and parties, and everyone is looking forward to getting dressed up, and of course, hair is one of the first things on people's minds. Today we'd like to introduce you to a new hair color, Periwinkle hair, a fabulous and dreamy color that will give you a new look for the New Year and will fit in better with the spring and summer trends.

Periwinkle hair1. What color is Periwinkle hair?

Periwinkle hair looks very much like a light lavender color but with some light blue undertones, depending on the base hair color the color can vary, with some hair colors showing more purple tones and others showing more blue tones.

Periwinkle hair looks

It is a very soft color in terms of appearance, combining the dreaminess of lavender and the softness of light blue to create such beautiful Periwinkle hair, a color that will not only refresh the dull winter but also the warmth of spring and summer.

2. What kind of hair base color is more suitable for Periwinkle hair?

Periwinkle hair

Periwinkle hair dye is a very light hair color, so it is better to bleach it to give it a platinum-blonde base color. If your hair is above level 9 and you do not choose to bleach it, your hair will not look too good. Because periwinkle color hair is so light, it must be prelighted to get the best out of this soft tone! It may have a slight toning effect on slightly darker hair than this, around 7-8 levels.

3. Steps to DIY Periwinkle hair

The next step is how to dye Periwinkle hair, you need to make sure that the base color of your hair is light, either by bleaching it or by purchasing a light blonde wig, donmily 613 blonde wigs may become your preferred choice. The following tutorial is based on the 613 wig based on the Periwinkle hair color.

step1 Set the tone of the wig

Set the tone of the wig
The yellow tint in the wig can be removed by soaking the wig in a liquid filled with purple shampoo. After making sure it is fully washed and rinsed with water, the wig will have most of the yellow tint removed to give it a light blue color.

Step 2 Blend highlights

Blend highlights
Determine what level of color you want for your periwinkle color hair, determine the color shade, and make a base shade of hair dye and a highlighter. You will need a bottle of white conditioner that will add volume to your hair, a bottle of periwinkle hair dye, and mix in both blue and purple dyes. Put all of this in a bowl and mix well and adjust the color, with a lighter dye for the highlights.

Step 3 Trim the wig

Trim the wig
The length of the purchased wig may not always be what you want, take out a pair of scissors and some clips, bobby pins, and cut the hair to the length you want. In order to make the wig more in line with your needs, you can wear the wig and then partially trimming.

Step 4 Dye wig

Dye wig
Start coloring from the bottom of the hair, and use a brush to brush the color evenly, according to the different effects you can make some changes in the hair, you can choose to dye the ends darker or create dark roots. half an hour after the hair to wash it.

Step 5 Styling

Blow dry and style your hair.

4. How to maintain Periwinkle hair?

Periwinkle hair

4.1 Avoid heat

You may want to use hot tools to style your new color, but excessive heat can cause damage to your hair. To avoid this, choose a non-heat styling option or spray a heat protection spray on your hair whenever possible.

4.2 Complementary Color Treatment

Bold hair colors like periwinkle hair need regular touch-ups, especially if your roots are starting to grow out. Make an appointment at the salon before your roots become a problem.

5. Conclusion

Wouldn't you like to try the fantastic Periwinkle hair? If you've got your heart set on it, then don't hesitate to try it out! If you have already tried this hair color, feel free to share your results with us!

What color is periwinkle hair?

What Is Periwinkle Hair? We mentioned that periwinkle hair is a pastel shade worth fawning over, but the color itself truly sets it apart from other pastel hues. The shade involves a beautiful blend of soft, pastel blue and lavender for a mane that's whimsical in its aura.

What is periwinkle hair?

Periwinkle hair is a heavenly blue pastel hair color that resembles the sky. It also features lavender and purple undertones. For the best result, the periwinkle blue hair dye should be applied to very fair hair shades, such as platinum and blonde.

  • MidniteBlueberry1216
    Absolutely stunning result!!! Love the color.
  • soltaina4704
    You are on another level when it comes to hair color. Never cease to impress
  • inthequiet2478
    I love both the bold lines as well as the way those bold lines somehow look like a subtle shadow from the curl ❤
  • zuzanatomasikova2215
    This is the exact hair color I've been trying to achieve all week! Love love love!
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