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For Embracing More Natural Wig Appearance You Should Do

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Appeal is available in all tones, sizes and shapes. Altering your appearance is fun and fashionable, however welcoming your natural beauty will be most gratifying and really-- releasing. Yet, the majority of us misplace what our natural hair color is; or, if your hair is naturally curly, what curl pattern was there before all the relaxers, keratin treatments and years of flat ironing.

Make Your Human Hair Wig More Natural Make Textures!

The "perfect" beauty requirements of society and social media don't match reality. Gradually but undoubtedly that picture of "beauty" is being stripped down and exposed for what it is-- impractical. And I'm all for it.

We're often led to believe that there is only one dish for beauty, that we require to adhere, to align, to plump, to dye-- but in reality, we forget that beauty is arbitrary. We should remember there are countless variations of beauty standards in this world. As a wig stylist, teacher and your resident wig pro, my objective is for you to search in the mirror and see that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Sophia Loren when said, "Nothing makes a woman more stunning than the belief that she is lovely"-- what an effective statement! The appeal of appeal (pun 100% meant) is that we do have the alternative to alter it or boost it. Whether you select to change your hair texture, color or length, accepting your natural charm will always remain in design.


Matching Your Natural Hair Texture with Wigs

You can search the products on our website and find styles and textures that match your distinct and natural charm. In case you can not discover your precise hair texture, do not worry-- there are so many methods you can create it. Heat-friendly synthetic fiber is one of the many advantages that come with innovation and technology that has advanced the alternative hair world.

We utilized to be stuck with what came out of package, but now there is so much liberty to freestyle your appearance. Another perk of innovation is that when you curl heat-friendly artificial fiber it remains curled even after you wash it-- I'm still in awe of this. As a stylist, I love making artificial hair look undetectable, and my secret is matching hair textures. With wigs and hairpieces, you don't need to invest hours aligning your own hair to fit a certain mold, rather, style the pieces to fit you. The texture or curl pattern your hair has makes you, you. Welcome it and improve it with the tools and styles listed below.


Creating Texture in Wigs or Hairpieces

1. Tight Texture

To develop a tight texture, use a metal rat tail comb and a flat iron. Take little sections of hair and wrap them firmly on the comb. Next, take a flat iron and press it on the hair going up, down, and all around-- this will enable the hair to heat evenly.

Tight Texture

2. Tight Crimp

To produce a tight crimp, just utilize a conventional crimping iron. Take thin, large areas and press the crimping iron along the length of the hair excluding the ideas. You can utilize any crimper that has plates with thin lines. What I love about including tight crimp to the hair, is that it imitates natural texture that is corrected the alignment of or unwinded, you get texture without the curl. You can add tight crimp texture to any straight hairpiece or wig.

 Tight Crimp

3. Big Waves

Large waves are the modern-day (way cooler, in my viewpoint) variation of the 80's crimp. A three-barrel curling iron creates beautiful waves that give a natural, simple and easy appearance. Take thin, large sections and position the barrels over the hair, continuing to work down the length of the hair, leaving about one half" of completions untouched.

 Large Waves

4. Tight Curls

The tight curls texture is that "I want I had" curl some were fortunate sufficient to be born with. To produce tight curls, take a small area of hair and cover it around a 3/8 inch curling iron. Let the hair heat for a few seconds, release and after that separate the curl into two or 3 strands.

Tight Curl

What is the deep wave hair extension texture?

The deep wave hair extension texture has smooth, beautiful, tight waves. With plenty of body and tight “almost-curls,” the deep wave hair offers an even and attractive feel. Just with tighter curls than in the loose wave or body wave. These are the tightest wavy hair extensions you can get without a full curl texture.

How to use a hair straightener for your hair texture?

Simply use your hair straightener to create gentle curls or by using hair rollers. This hair texture is also great as an extension for naturally curly or wavy hair. It will add body and volume, giving your hair a luxurious boost. Please note that the curls in the body wave start to relax over time, making the waves less pronounced.

What is a texture for a wig?

The Main Lace Wig Textures: Silky Straight suits straight growth hair Light Yaki suits ultra curly or Afro growth hair Yaki Straight suits ultra curly or Afro growth hair Kinky Straight suits Afro growth hair Body Wave suits all growth hair types Water Wave suits all growth hair types Deep Wave suits all growth hair types Curly suits all growth hair types Kinky Curly suits all growth hair type Afro suits all growth hair types Anything outside of these textures can be difficult to sustain once you have your lace wig, especially large curls (larger than 2cm) made with human hair (the rules are different for synthetic hair). If you're determined to choose a unique texture, then check with the retailer that it's a tried and tested texture that will remain even after the lace wig has been washed.

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