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Egirl Hair—New Fashion Trend That You Must Try

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New media has taken over our lives in the past two years, and it seems that every one of us has to open our phones every day to check out TikTok, TikTok has quickly become a place where many young people are catching up on trends. In the latest Jitterbug hair trends, a look called egirl hair is popular among girls and has a very high degree of popularity. Have you ever heard of egirl hair? Why is the egirl hair look so popular all over the world right now? If you still don't know about egirl hair, you might be out of date! Let's take a look!

Ⅰ. What is egirl hair?

Egirl hair originated from online female gamers, and correspondingly also eboy hair they are active internet users, because as bloggers or professional gamers girls are very popular on the internet, their hairstyles are also getting a lot of attention. And influenced by anime and secondary culture and the resurgence of gothic style, many female bloggers are more interested in trying unusual hairstyles, and in recent years, due to the continuous development of social platforms like Jitterbug and ins, egirl hair has gradually come into being. Now not only do a lot of bloggers change their egirl hair to be fashionable and hot, but many celebrities also wear egirl hair, such as Dua Lipa and Britanny Xavier, who we know are also into egirl hair. The trend will become more and more popular and bigger, so if you love beautiful girls, egirl hair is definitely something you can't miss!

Egirl hair
Ⅱ. The feature of egirl hair

Egirl hair is actually very distinguishable, just like the looks you see in anime characters and the trendy hairstyles of the 1990s, egirl hair is the sum of these past trends. egirl hair is a very bold color, and you may not be able to accept such a brightly colored egirl hair in your daily life, but this is actually the younger generation's attempt for egirl hair started out with soft pastel shades and streaks of contrasting shades from the 1990s, the biggest feature of egirl hair is the vibrant and colorful streaks, these bold colors contrast with other parts of the hair. The egirl hair is a combination of vintage fashion elements and modern aesthetics, and its popularity has been greatly enhanced by the spread of platforms like Shake and Ins.

Ⅲ. How to match egirl hair

The girls who know how to match must also wonder how to match such a new and bold egirl hair? We are going to talk about facial makeup and outfit matching and provide some very practical advice for girls who want to try out egirl hair. Foremost, when it comes to eye makeup to go with egirl hair, I suggest that you better make up for it by painting yourself with more pronounced eyeliner and bright lipstick. You can see most of the bloggers are drawing very exaggerated eyeliner, some of them even use color-matching eyeliner pencils to draw the eyeliner, if you are going to a party or a night out, for egirl hair you can draw some thicker. In the eye socket, part can be appropriate with some highlighting to highlight. In the clothing with part of the summer, you can match some highlighting body suspenders, these suspenders can show your tattoos, which will be particularly cool. You have to remember egirl hair, do not match too bright clothes, simple black and white gray can be, you can make changes in the style of clothing, V-neck, suspenders, BM wind will be the most ideal match for your egirl hair.

Ⅳ. egirl hair recommendations

1. black & blonde egirl hair

Egirl hair
Black and gold are the most classic colors that can't be wrong, so for the best egirl hair, I recommend black & blonde egirl hair first, many girls like this egirl hair very much, because black and gold will always be very eye-catching, walking in the crowd is also very bright. More importantly, this egirl hair is not so demanding on the makeup, you can match different colors of eye shadow or clothes according to your liking. Not to mention the major bloggers will try such egirl hair, even we know the female singer Dua Lipa have once chosen this hairstyle, female celebrities are trying the hair, you are still hesitating what?

2. Black and green with egirl hair

Egirl hair
If you want your egirl hair to be more unique, why not try black and green egirl hair? The black part of the hair is classic and durable, the green part of the hair in front brightens up your overall look, you look like a fairy in the forest, in the hot summer this egirl hair can make you look very fresh, if with green clothes, it is bound to be very colorful.

3. Purple and black egirl hair

Egirl hair
This egirl hair is definitely the most daring, because the purple part of the hair occupies the majority, purple is also the most noble color. In the current trend, many girls are choosing purple, with dark red lipstick and a choker, you will be the coolest girl.
In this issue of the blog for you to introduce what is egirl hair, and egirl hair features, how to match egirl hair, for you to recommend a few egirl hair, after understanding these very congratulations, you have fully understood the latest fashion!

What is an E-girl hair?

E-girl hairstyles are characterized by soft pastel shades and signature '90s streaks in contrasting hues, oftentimes with '90s-themed accessories as well, like butterfly clips and scrunchies.

Is E-girl hair still popular?

E-girls and e-boys are active internet users that, thanks to TikTok, have become one of the most popular subcultures nowadays. The most impressive look that immediately associates with e-girls hair color is black hair with bleached or dyed bright streaks framing the face.

What are E-girl bangs?

Bangs are a popular e-girl hairstyle because they can make you look younger, frame your face to make it seem more feminine, and add a cool '90s or early 2000s vibe to your haircut. However, the e-girl twist is to add a touch of color or bleach to the bangs to make them stand out and show off your style.

  • Missmichellecl
    Would have never thought this was a wig.
  • blueheartsadness
    That’s gorgeous! I was looking at the website. Could you tell me what color/style this is? I really love it.
  • clkw84
    Legit thought this was your real hair. Even the fly always add to the authentic look. It looks great. Be confident, it doesn’t look like a wig.
  • pleasedtoseedetrees
    I also legit thought this was your hair. Didn’t even realize what sub the picture was from. Looks like it was made for you!
  • hotart_historian
    Looks good
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