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What Are The Effects And Side Effects Of Hair Rebonding?

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For those who have naturally curly hair or have had their hair permed into curls, it is not easy to have smooth, straight hair right away, a process that requires potions, heat styling devices, constant blow drying, and washing. To skip these processes and have perfectly smooth hair, Hair Rebonding can help you achieve it, but it has its pros and cons, it will give you a beautiful look but can also cause problems such as hair loss. Today's article takes you through the pros and cons of Hair Rebonding.

1. What is hair rebonding?

What is hair rebondingHair Rebonding is a chemical treatment designed to give your hair a straighter texture by breaking the disulfide bonds between amino acids in your hair and rebuilding these chemicals to permanently change the structure of your hair. It helps you change the current texture of your hair, replacing frizzy and curly hair with a smooth, sleek, straight look that can indeed give your hair a new look. For people who have naturally very curly hair, this is a great way for them to change their current look.

2. What will happen to my hair after Hair Rebonding?

What will happen to my hair after Hair Rebonding
First of all, we need to understand that hair is made up of proteins, and Hair Rebonding is a way to change the texture and structure of your hair by creating a connection between disulfide bonds and your hair. This means that after Hair Rebonding, hair that was curly will become straight, and it will restructure your hair. It does look like magic, but the process is such that your hair will end up shiny and straight.

3. What are the benefits of Hair Rebonding?

benefits of Hair RebondingWhen it comes to the benefits of Hair Rebonding, it is of course the immediate look it gives. Just one hair rebonding treatment is needed to get a smooth hair texture, but it is not a blow-dryer style, it stays smooth even when the hair is wet. After the hair rebonding process, you will see a very noticeable change in your frizzy and curly hair, which will become as soft and smooth as silk. hair rebonding will smooth the cuticle of your hair and make the appearance look shiny.

4. What is the downside of Hair Rebonding?

downside of Hair Rebonding

There are no absolutes, there are always disadvantages and so is Hair Rebonding. the side effects of rebonding treatment should not be underestimated, there are mainly the following points.

4.1 Damage to the hair

Damage to the hairMost chemical treatments can cause immeasurable damage to the hair, some even to the scalp, and Hair Rebonding can cause the hair to become very fragile and even break. The chemicals used in the process can also cause some irritation and harm to the scalp, so for those with sensitive skin, it is more advisable to consult a stylist first.

4.2 High maintenance cost

High maintenance cost
The Hair Rebonding process is inherently damaging to the hair and in order to prevent damage to your hair you will have to buy a lot of repair products to maintain your hair to prevent breakage and dryness.

4.3 Not suitable for all hair types

Not suitable for all hair types
Although Hair Rebonding treatment can make hair smoother, it does not mean that it is suitable for every hair type. Hair rebonding is not recommended for every hair type. You may need to discuss with your stylist which straightening method is recommended for you, depending on the texture of your hair.

5. How do I maintain hair that has undergone hair rebonding treatment?

Since you have already paid for hair rebonding, it is still important to take good care of your hair during the follow-up treatment to make the style last longer, here are some ways you can refer to

5.1 Keep straight hair to sleep

Keep straight hair to sleep
It is best to keep your hair straight for three days and not wash it during this period, it may be difficult but this will allow you to keep your straight hair for a longer time. It may not be easy to sleep with straight hair, but you can consider wearing a silk hat on your hair to sleep, this can be a good way to prevent your hair from tangling and maintain a straight texture of your hair.

5.2 Refuse to heat style

Refuse to heat style
Your hair is already styled! If you are sure you can't survive without a blow dryer, use it in a cooler environment. Stay away from heat sources as it will only further damage your hair. Avoid heat styling after hair rebonding treatment to prevent further damage. If you must use a hair dryer, change its setting to cool.

5.3 Trim your hair

Trim your hair
Hair rebonding can damage your hair, which means that it will split. Try to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to prevent damage to the ends. You will need to visit your stylist for a trim on a regular basis. This will prevent damage from moving up the length of your hair, thus keeping it healthy.

5.4 Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning
Get yourself a shampoo that is designed for straight hair. Condition your hair after each wash. Towel dry your hair and use a serum. This will make your hair look shiny and frizz-free. In addition, you can deep condition your hair once a week with homemade curd, egg, or another hair mask.

6. Conclusion

Hair Rebonding is indeed a way to change the texture and appearance of your hair in a short period of time, but there are pros and cons, you can take care of your hair according to the above-mentioned ways to get a gorgeous look with less hair damage.

Is hair rebonding good for hair?

Is Rebonding Good For Hair? Hair rebonding can damage your hair. The chemicals and heat applied during the process can take a toll on your hair and negatively impact hair growth. Your hair structure depends on your hair follicle's shape, which cannot be changed by rebonding.

How long does hair rebonding last?

Hair rebonding usually lasts for 6-7 months. Touch-ups are necessary depending on the pace at which your hair grows. You may have to touch-up every 3 months or 6 months depending on how fast it takes for your hair to grow.

Does rebonding flatten hair?

These hair treatments are usually used to straighten out curly and frizzy hair. But, even though rebonded hair straightens curly hair for quite a while, it can also appear flat.

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