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Effective Ways To Keep The Pattern Of Curly Wig

This entry was posted in Care By lya

Do you like to wear a curly wig? Today, curly wigs are an option for many black women. Curly hair never goes out of style, and curly wigs allow you to show off this timeless look over and over again. The curly wig looks most attractive when you have soft and healthy curls, because the curly wig shining with light and gives a sense of clarity for the public. However, when wig curls don't get a lot of attention, the curly wig does not look pretty. So we have got to take care of our curly wig

the curly wig does not look pretty

Although keeping your curly wig can be a challenge, with the right wig techniques, you can easily manage your curly wig . While curly wigs require more maintenance, with proper curly wig care, it's easy to keep them looking their best for the long term. Here are practical tips I have put together for the wig owner, so you can take good care of your curly wig and keep it in curly wig mode for a long time.

I. Tips to keep curly wig’s pattern

1. Do not overwash you curly wig

Overwashing a wig can open up its cuticle, maybe it can strip the wig of its natural oils. Curly wigs are known for drying out more easily than other wig types, and washing curly wig too much time will only dry your wig further. On the other hand, the shampoo should stay as far away from the curly wig as possible. Our curly wigs only need to be washed a few times a week. If you feel your wig is curly, please choose a protective style to prevent it from curling further. Don't soak your curly wig in water. 

Do not overwash you curly wig

2. Keep your scalp clean

I said don't overwash your wig, but that doesn't mean you can skip it altogether. It's important to wash your wig properly. Proper grooming requires us to keep every part of the body clean, including the wig and scalp. Cleaning curly wigs is essential for growing healthy hair. Because of using shampoo can remove hair cream, grease, and environmental dirt from the scalp. No one wants to accommodate this accumulation for long. That's why you have to wash your wig. When washing your hair, massage your scalp with your fingertips and focus on cleaning your scalp. Another thing to remember is to avoid using too much shampoo at the end of your wig. 

void using too much shampoo at the end of your wig

3. Keep your wig hydrated

Curly wigs need to be hydrated and filled with water. As you know, curly wigs dry easily, so it is your responsibility to replace the moisture which it loses. You can do it by applying a quality conditioner after using shampoo. Weekly deep conditioning and fake oil treatments also help keep wigs moist. We can use oils, such as olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil are highly recommended for this treatment. Please believe me, when you're done with this treatment, you'll love your curly wig and your curly wig will stay long.

4. Don't dry your wig with a towel 

Many people have the habit of drying their wig with a towel after washing it. Drying curly wig with a towel can damage it by opening the cuticle and causing curls. Next time you wash your wig, gently dry it with a cotton cloth. Gently wipe the water off, or place your hair in cotton, knead it up and squeeze out any remaining moisture. Finally, let your hair dry naturally.

apply conditioning products, such as activation creams or conditioning sprays
Some wigs have the characteristic of curling up when dry or becoming very dry. If you have such a curly wig, you should apply conditioning products, such as activation creams or conditioning sprays, before the curly wig is completely dry.

Do not interfere with the drying process by fiddling with your wig too much. Keep your hands off your wig! Playing with a wig or brushing it with your fingers is a bad habit. If you don't have enough time, you can also choose to use a diffuser to dry your wig

wonderful wig

To use a diffuser, you should place the wig upside down and hold it tightly against the scalp. The wind escaping from the diffuser will curl your wig, so you won't need to move the diffuser around the wig as much. Try to blow-dry part of your hair at once, keeping the dryer in one place and not moving it all the time. 

5. Keep your brush away from your wig

Wig brushes and curls are the enemy. The only tool a curly wig may need without losing its curls is a wide-toothed comb. There is a best mean that comb your curly wig before washing it.

Another great way I keep curly wigs clean and tidy is to run my fingers through them gently, like a comb, while they are still moist and not completely dry.

6. Reduce heating time

Applying too much heat to curly wigs can cause them to lose their natural curling pattern. So you cannot apply too much heat to your curly wig. Your curly wigs look best when they're healthy and bouncy. Therefore, if possible, heat should be avoided completely. Let the wig dry naturally as much as possible. Skipping perms for a month can also help your wig heal and restore lost wig nutrients. In cases where the use of thermal tools is unavoidable, the heat should be reduced to moderate levels and be sure to use thermal protectants.

7. Stay away from sulfates and ethyl alcohol

Alcohol and sulfates dry the wig and are already on it after it is made. Because curly wigs dry out more easily, you will do more harm than good if you reuse any product that contains alcohol or sulfate. But you can use other high-quality non-alcoholic products on your curly wig to get the look you want.

8. Don't use too much mousse or wig spray 

Remember to stay away from any products that contain alcohol or sulfate. Mousse and wig spray usually contain these ingredients, so they are not suitable for curly wigs. You might like to use mousse and wig spray to maintain your hairstyle, but this is not recommended, so I recommend using fake hair oil and leave-in conditioner, both of which will also give your wig the healthy shine you need.

II. Conclusion

So, the above is my guidance and advice to maintain curly hair wig at present. I have a clear idea of how to maintain a curly wig and how to wash it properly.

Curly hair is a permanent hairstyle and we should properly care for wigs to make them look healthier.

What happens when you wash curly wigs frequently?

Overwashing a wig can open up its cuticle, maybe it can strip the wig of its natural oils.

Why I cannot use a towel to wipe my curly wig?

Many people have the habit of drying their wig with a towel after washing it. Drying curly wig with a towel can damage it by opening the cuticle and causing curls.

Should you comb a curly wig?

Regular combs and hairbrushes will ruin the curls and can leave your wig looking frizzy or result in shedding. To remove tangles, gently brush the curls. Make sure that you always use a wide-toothed comb when brushing curly wigs.

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