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Can wigs made of real hair be cut? (The wig is real hair)

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Nowadays, more and more people are losing their hair, so some hair friends often ask such questions, "Can wigs made of real hair be cut? (Wigs are real short hair)", come today Please answer it.

Can wigs made of real hair be cut?

Briefly explain the female wig made of real hair.
real hair wigs are not ordinary chemical fiber silk wigs! Real hair wigs are high-end wigs that employees hand-knit real hair on a special basic website. Real hair wigs are comfortable to wear, but of course, the sales market fully recognizes other shining points.

Can female wigs made of real hair be used for trimming?
Can be trimmed! However, the details must again indicate that if it is the day of purchase, the store will trim the styling design for the customer, and make the customer's favorite real-haired female wig hairstyle, which can also be understood as the first trimming. This pruning shop is generally completely free, but there is an additional charge for dyeing heat. After that, I took it for a while after buying the wig. In order to change the hairstyle, it was necessary to see if the hair length allowed to change the hairstyle, and then trim it.

Where can I buy real hair and wigs? Here I recommend an international brand of wig-Donmily

Can synthetic wigs be cut?

Yes, you can cut your wig. Customize your look by having a professional stylist with wig cutting experience trim and shape your wig. Be sure to get the stylist to cut the wig while you are wearing it for a look that is tailored to your particular face shape.

Can a hair stylist cut a wig?

So, when it comes to how to cut wig hair and the best way to do this, you should always leave it to the professionals. Simply treat your favourite wigs with the same TLC, and your style will be shaped and cut by an experienced hairstylist to suit your unique features, leaving you feeling fabulous.

Is it best to cut a wig wet or dry?

Should it be cut wet or dry? It's important to work with your natural hair texture rather than against it, with different textures being easier to trim depending on whether they are wet or dry. If you have curly hair, it's easier to cut when dry, but if your hair is straight, feel free to dampen or wet before cutting.

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