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Do You Know Y2k Highlights Hair?

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Recently, y2k hairstyles or y2k aesthetics is all over the net, whether it is Twitter or YouTube. And for a long time, highlights have also been loved by beauty lovers. So do you know what y2k highlights hair are?

Y2k hairstyles

Ⅰ. The features of y2k hairstyles with highlights hair

The following will involve the differences between y2k highlights hair and other highlights. Y2k hairstyles are often characterized by bright colors, obvious contrast, full of futuristic and technological sense. These points are evident on the highlights of the y2k wind.

1. Color contrast is obvious and bright of y2k hairstyles

The biggest difference between y2k hairstyles highlights and other hair dyes is that the contrasting colors must be in place and the colors must be exaggerated. Generally, fluorescent colors with high color saturation are selected as the color matching, and black is mixed. For other highlights, we tend to pursue natural or appropriately gorgeous colors. There are also bright colors such as golden highlights, but most people choose low-saturation colors as highlights, such as brown.

Y2k hairstyles

2. Strong sense of shape of y2k hairstyles

Remember Billie Eillish's green highlights? It's futuristic, as if someone at the top of fashion would want to do a highlight like this. For other highlights, we are more like a money piece, with highlights on both sides of the cheeks. Or add a few touches of color to the ends of your hair. Enhance visual sense.

However, the highlights of the y2k hairstyles pursue more styling. Like Billie Eillish, she dyed her green highlights at the top and kept her black hair underneath. This hairstyle is so eye-catching that people's eyes will automatically focus on her highlights. For example, skunk stripe hair, which is also very popular now, people will perm the highlights along their hair in an arc. This looks cool and edgy. Maybe ten years later, this hairstyle will be popular again. Just like the current y2k hairstyle, it was considered avant-garde ten years ago because it was too futuristic and seemed inconsistent with the mainstream conservative values ​​at the time. But the more avant-garde things tend to be loved again in the future.

Ⅱ. The styles of y2k hairstyles with highlights hair

1. Black hair with blonde highlights y2k

A. Black hair with blonde highlights in front

Before introducing this y2k hairstyles, please see the picture below.

black hair with blonde highlights straight

That's right, this is Jennie's comeback in BlackPink's new song "How you like that". She chose black hair with blonde highlights and black powder for her hair color. Both highlights are very special, we will focus on the former.

Jennie's black hair with blonde highlights are as y2k hairstyles as the whole group looks. Of course, it also belongs to black hair with blonde highlights in front. The black hair with blonde highlights in the front have the effect of modifying the face shape. At the same time, this highlighting has a stronger visual impact, because the center of human vision is the front of the face. Putting the highlights in the front of the face is impossible for human vision. Nobody can't see this highlighting. Coupled with the contrast of color brightness and darkness, it is impossible to remember.

B. Black hair with blonde highlights straight

black hair with blonde highlights straight

That's right, let's look at the third person in the picture below. You may think that black hair with blonde highlights straight is very common, but what if we do black hair with blonde highlights in a large area but not concentrated like a balayage hairstyle. You can layer blonde highlights all over your black hair. Then try to straighten your hair as much as possible. Looking at it this way, it seems that the fashion sense has come again.

C. Black hair with blonde highlights male 

It can be said that the trend of highlighting or the trend of y2k hairstyles has already blown to the boy group. Many idol singers will dye their short hair with blonde highlights, and they look like people who are walking at the peak of fashion. 

black hair with blonde highlights male

2. Red highlights y2k

A. Red highlights black hair

Red must be a crucial element in y2k hairstyles, because it is gorgeous enough and the color is extremely saturated. It can create a strong contrast difference with any dark color, and the color contrast is the core of y2k hairstyle. Look, British singer Dua Lipa's red brunette highlights are similar to Billie's green highlights. The red highlights are concentrated on the top of the hair, which is very avant-garde.

red highlights

B. Red highlights brown hair

red highlights

The contrast of red and brown also looks very good, and brown is also the basic hair color, and it is also a color with low saturation. Contrasting with the big red is the "eye-catching effect" we are pursuing. There are also many styles of this combination. You can use the balayage technique to make red and brown layered. You can also add a few red highlights to the brown wig, which is also a good choice for daily travel.


What is a Y2K hairstyle?

Similar to the high pigtails, the high ponytail is an easy-to-pull-off trend that looks great on everyone. You can give it an extra Y2K feel by adding scrunchies or butterfly clips, too. Or just flip the ends and you're all set. extraliebe.

Are highlights worth it?

Highlights can accentuate eye color, bring out cheek bones, and even slim faces. They show off the lines of your hair cut, create depth and the illusion of fullness.

How do you style Y2K?

Think shiny materials, chunky, trendy sneakers, pleated skirts, baguette bags, wide-leg jeans, and colorful sunglasses. Music, films, and the decor of those times are excellent sources of the Y2K aesthetic, with some of the biggest influencers in Carrie Bradshaw, Bratz Dolls, and films like The Matrix and Mean Girls.

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