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Do You Know What Is The History Of Box Braids With Beads?

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Some time ago, Kardashian an all-black look sparked controversy across the Internet. But what remains the same is Kardashian's braided hair. As early as a few years ago, Kardashian's African braids look made people shine. Enough to see that Kardashian's love for African braids. Like the origin of hip-hop culture, the box braids with beads or other African braids is also a type of black culture. We can understand the history of braids and accessories for hair braids.


Ⅰ. The history of African braids

African braids initiated from slavery. We know that in the rivers of history, non-people were trafficked to other countries and enslaved. Before the captives waited to board the slave ships, traffickers would shave off the women's elaborate hair in an attempt to strip them of their humanity and culture. On Sundays, African American women began to wear their hair in a simpler way simply because it was simpler to manipulate and lasted longer. Another role about the African braided hair was that it became a secret messaging system for slaves to communicate with each other under the watchful eyes of their masters. For example, the number of African braids represented how far people had to walk, or where they could break free to escape. By the Black Power Movement of the 1960s, black Americans were developing a deep desire to respect their African roots. In the 1970s, it became popular to braid hair in multiple layers, a practice also associated with some African countries. In fact, today, dreadlocks have become an outward expression of self-acceptance and self-love, as well as a growing indication of a black-owned culture that is no longer suppressed by whites. The aesthetics of the times are no longer dominated by whites. Today, hip-hop music in black culture is prevalent all over the world, and the dreadlocked hair style has appeared on many red carpets. For example, American pop diva Beyoncé wore a traditional double row of Fulani African braids in her 2016 video for Formation, paying homage to her heritage.

african braids

Ⅱ. The history of the box braids with beads

The 1970s was the era of the Black Power Movement. Dreadlocks, the African head became a source of pride for black beauty. The history of wearing accessories for hair braids on African braids goes back to ancient Egypt, where people wore snowdrops, white glazed ware or jasper rings on their wigs. The material chosen to represent them was status and power. Then later, whether in East Africa or West Africa, African women also tend to wear ornaments in their hair. Either gold chains or copper and silver items. On African braids, wearing beads and gurus became an undisputed African tradition. Black culture is also at the root of this aesthetic. Box braids with beads can be said to occur. Later, the acceptance of the African aesthetic increased among African-Americans living in the United States and England. American actress Bo Derek introduced the style to American audiences when she wore chunky beaded African braids in the 1979 film "10".

braids with beads

Ⅲ. What is box braids with beads and African braids? 

African braids is a hairstyle which is originated from black African women and later came to the United States with the migration of history. The name of African braids is usually named by the shape of the hair after the braid. Box braid with beads is braided out with thick African braids and mixed with lovely beads at the end of the hair. Your box braids with beads can last four to six weeks without the need for trimming, if kept maintained (including trimming off extensions of flyaways, keeping edges smooth and hydrated, and making sure your scalp health is in tip-top shape) Hair stylists say the traditional box braid wraps natural hair with wings and knots it at the scalp. Box braids with beads are a stylish defensive hairstyle for women with natural hair. The protective hairstyle protects your tresses from environmental aggressions, heat styling and clothing friction.

Does box braids damage your hair?

The most common type of damage associated with box braids is major hair loss. When the braids are done too tightly, they literally pull your hair out at the roots. The damage is not usually immediate, but it happens over time.

Are box braids painful?

A common misconception is that it's also super-painful, which might be true if you're either really sensitive or it's your first time getting the style done. Williams says that while yes, the braiding may cause some discomfort, if it starts to become unbearable that means the braids are too tight.

How do I sleep with box braids?

Silk pillowcases decrease friction against your braids at night and won't dry out your hair. Plus, these pillowcases protect your hair in case your bonnet or scarf comes off while sleeping. A satin pillowcase is also fine, although I would avoid using a cotton pillowcase.

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