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Do You Know What Is A Zigzag Part?

This entry was posted in Style By Bailee

What comes to mind when you think of the year 2000, Y2K? Whether you know everything there is to know about the millennium or not, the trend is set to continue until 2022. After all these years, this perplexing Y2K style has a fatal appeal to today's youth! Nothing brings back memories of your youth like a return to the trend. Body glitter, blue eye shadow, and lip liner lip gloss combinations are just a few examples. The Zigzag hair part has returned as a new Y2K hairstyle.

What exactly is a zigzag hair part?

Another recent Y2K hair revival is the zigzag part. Celebrities like TikTokers and Bella Hadid have resurrected this innovative but divisive style.
The zigzag section, like the middle part, can be achieved with a variety of hair types, including straight, wavy, and braided hair. However, unlike the middle section, the zigzag section focuses on the "Z" pattern.

Things that might be required to finish a nice zigzag folded part.

control of the edges
Tail comb for rats
The hot comb

An easy way to achieve a curly look

1. Brush back the hair, then vertically into the scalp, moving the comb up and down.
2. Pick up the brushed section of hair with your fingers while holding the comb.
3. Section your hair and wait a few minutes for a jagged style.

How to do zigzag hairstyles for various hairstyles

For Thick, Curly Kinky Hair

For Thick, Curly Kinky Hair

If you have thick, curly, or kinky hair, making a zigzag part is more difficult than simply running a comb down the back of your head. Working with this hair texture requires going through the process step by step, but it's much easier than it appears.
1. Get yourself a fine-tooth comb.
2. Place the comb directly on top of the head. You can use it as a template to make your zigzag.
3. Using the comb, draw a line. Take the comb back at least an inch if you want a large zigzag. Draw a shorter part for a tighter zigzag.
4. Separate the hair on each side of the zigzag and press down to secure it.
5. Continue to make each zigzag section, alternating directions with each turn. For the most cohesive part, you may need to go back and redraw the initial zig (or zag).
6. Continue the zigzag part all the way down the back of the head if you're doing an updo-like pigtails.
7. Tie your pigtails on each side and you're done! You have the ideal zigzag hairstyle!

For Fine Hair

For Fine Hair

Fine hair isn't always appealing, but it's the easiest hair type to work with when creating a zigzag part. Simply follow the steps outlined below.
1. Using a fine-toothed comb, draw your part. Wear it on your best side or in the center.
2. Now, using the comb, make a zigzag motion all the way down the part. Don't worry about hair on either side getting gathered along the way.
3. Once the part is drawn, separate the hair with your fingers so that it falls on either side of the part.
4. Smooth down your hair and you're ready to go!
5. As you can see, if you don't have a lot of hair or complicated curls, it's fairly simple to do. If your hair is straight but you have a lot of space to work with, the technique below should work well.

For Straight Hair

For Straight Hair

Unless your hair is very fine, using the comb's end tooth can leave your hair in a tangle. However, if your hair is straight or has a few waves, you should follow the steps below.
1. Brush your hair back as much as possible, tilting your head slightly backward.
2. Along the hairline, run the comb horizontally.
3. Using quick back and forth motions, drag the comb backward.
4. Using your finger, choose the location of your part, either in the middle or to the side, and separate the hair.
5. Below is a lovely zigzag pattern that will shape and define your hairstyle.
Making the zigzag part you've always wanted is not only simple, but also enjoyable. Working with your natural hair texture will make the entire process go much more smoothly.

5 Zigzag Part Hairstyles

1. Dual Dutch Braids

Dual Dutch Braids

Show off a zigzag middle part with two Dutch Braids on the sides. These braids are elegant and flattering on young girls. Incorporate deep purple and navy blue strands while tying the hair from the front to the ends for a unique look.

2. Chic Hair Gems

Chic Hair Gems

Do you want an embellished hairstyle? Here's an easy way to do a zigzag part correctly. Slick behind one ear the side-parted strands. Add gleaming white hair gems and chic earrings to complete the look.

3. High Ponytails

High Ponytails

High ponytails are fashionable and simple to achieve. The pastel purple, blue, and yellow streaks shine through the platinum hair. Make a middle part and tie your hair into two high ponytails.

4. Simple zigzag hair

Simple zigzag hair

A simple zigzag style part can also be worn by middle-aged women with style. Brush down the remaining layered bob cut and use a comb to create the middle part slightly to one side. This style makes the hair look fuller.

5. Zigzag Cornrows

Zigzag Cornrows

This detailed appearance can be kept for a few days. The long black tresses are divided into triangular sections, each of which is braided down to the ends with blonde extensions for a two-toned look.

When was the zig zag part popular?

Zigzag parts were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, and were frequently worn by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore, but with all the talk about parts these days, we can see why they're making a comeback.

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