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Do You Know How to Style Human Hair Wigs?

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Most girls are probably familiar with curling irons, blow dryers, and other heating tools. Ladies use professional-grade wig styling tools to create various styles, and if you don't know how to make better use of these tools, we will explain how to use these heating tools to make your style more fabulous today.


How should you style your human hair wigs?

  • Smooth out the wig with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush and a round brush.
  • To dry and style the wig, use a hair dryer with the optional air concentrator attachment.
  • When styling, use a wig head made of foam or canvas.
  • T-pins can be used to secure the wig and the style you've created.
  • Styling products, such as heat protection spray and hairspray, are essential for extending the life of your style.
  • When curling or straightening your hair, styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons come in handy.
  • After washing the human hair wig with warm water and wig shampoo, detangle it with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush. Scrub the hair from the roots to the ends in a downward motion. It's critical to clean the inside of the cap. After washing, apply conditioner and rinse thoroughly before towel drying the wig. To avoid tangling the wig, avoid rubbing it. Using a wide-tooth comb, separate the hair. Finally, apply a styling product and a protective spray to your hair.

How do you style your wig?

how do you style your wig

Wigs are an excellent way to change your hairstyle and appearance. Straightening your wig adds a personal touch. On human hair wigs or heat-resistant synthetic wigs, you can straighten your wig with a flat iron. Make a straight wig stand out by using the tips listed below. 

Before ironing a heat-resistant wig, perform a heat test.

Test the hair on your wig to see if it can withstand direct heat. Cut a small strand of hair from the wig with scissors. You can select a location at the back of your neck. Set your flat iron to low or medium heat and clamp the hairpiece at one end. Then, from the middle to the ends, run the iron down the hair. The most important thing to look for at this point is that the hair does not curl or melt. If you discover that it is not heat-resistant, do not use a flat iron to straighten it.

It is acceptable to straighten your wig if it is made of human hair. Straightening a wig made of synthetic or human hair is not recommended. Also, avoid using straightening tools on heavily product-treated wigs because they can permanently damage the wig.

Apply heat protectant to it.

Even if a wig can be straightened safely, it must be protected from heat damage. Use a heat protectant product on your wig to protect your hair from root to tip. You can also use a hair conditioning oil or mask on thick styling wigs.

It retains moisture and forms a barrier to protect the hair from heat damage. Heat protectants also form a layer that aids in the retention of the wig's shape while styling. Maintain damage-free straight wigs for an extended period of time.

How do you style your wig with waves?

How do you style your wig with waves?

The texture of your hair is important in determining how wavy it is. You can still use styling tools to achieve the wavy hair you've always desired. To achieve a more layered look, shape a wavy human wig into a gorgeous wavy wig.

Step 1: Divide the hair into two equal halves and heat the styling tool to the appropriate temperature. 

Step 2: Begin curling the bottom part of your hair, one strand at a time.

Step 3: Do the same thing with the top half of your hair.

Step 4: Shape the curls into more wavy hair with your fingers.

Step 5: Seal the deal with styling gel or hairspray.

How should you curl your wig?

If you're bored with your straight wig and want to try something new, this is the wig for you. Curling a straight wig can completely transform your appearance. You can achieve a sophisticated and classic look by wearing a curly wig. Here are the steps for curling a wig.

Step 1: Comb the straight wig thoroughly and place it on the mannequin head.

Step 2: To avoid heat damage, add a heat protectant.

Step 3: Divide the hair into sections and secure them with clips.

Step 4: Begin curling your hair, curling each strand individually.

Step 5: Using your fingers, scrunch the curls.

Step 6: Finish with hairstyling spray.

How can I protect my wig from heat damage?

How can I protect my wig from heat damage?

  • To avoid tangles, frizzy hair, and dry wigs, use the proper wig care products. Lace wigs require special care and hair care routines to keep them in good condition. Maintain the health and durability of your wig.
  • Throughout the day, use a paddle brush.
  • Wear smooth-textured clothing, as wool clothing can pinch hair and cause tangles.
  • Know your hat size and tailor a wig to fit your head perfectly. If the cap is too large, it will rub against your natural hair fold and cause it to break off.
  • Blow-drying your wig frequently and using heat styling tools will keep it from looking curly and dry.
  • To prevent dryness, deep condition human hair wigs.
  • When styling wigs, use hot hair spray.
  • Take care when combing to avoid excessive shedding.
  • To keep your hair moisturized, use a leave-in conditioner.


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