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Do You Have Seasonal Hair Shedding?

This entry was posted in Care By Bailee

Do you find that you lose more hair in the late summer and early fall months than at any other time of the year? You may be asking yourself "why?" The answer may be seasonal hair shedding. While it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs in a single day, you may be concerned if you suddenly see larger clumps of hair on the shower floor or in your brush. Is seasonal hair shedding normal? Let's delve into this question and find out.

What is seasonal hair shedding?

What is seasonal hair loss?

The change in weather throughout the year is a natural tendency that causes us to make physical shifts. Whether you notice it or not, the seasons affect the chemicals produced in our brains and it also changes how our skin and body reacts to other things. As sunlight and humidity increase, we produce more oil, collagen and keratin. So, what is seasonal hair shedding? It is when our hair begins to naturally shed to make way for new strands. When winter arrives, we are exposed to drier air and we prefer to stay indoors. This means we are exposed to less sunlight, our skin, scalp and hair become drier, and our bodies produce few of the chemicals and hormones that help hair grow.

If you find yourself searching for answers on Google, look no further. You are just one of millions of men and women around the world who are experiencing seasonal hair shedding. There is already a wealth of research that proves this hair loss trend.

Why do I experience seasonal hair shedding?

As the seasons of the year change, the hair on your scalp exists in different stages. In seasonal hair shedding, hair loss begins in the summer, peaks in the fall, and sometimes continues through the winter. The first stage of hair growth is known as the anagen phase, where about 85% of the hair is actively growing. The second stage of hair growth is known as alopecia, where hair begins to fall out of the bulb. At this point, the hair is preparing to fall out. The third stage of hair growth is the resting phase, where about 15% of the old hair is resting as new hair begins to grow. In the fourth and final stage, called the exogenous phase, new hair begins to push away from the scalp and out of the old hair strands. This final exogenous stage is when the hair falls out.

These four stages of hair growth occur simultaneously at different times of the year. If you are losing hair seasonally, it is because later in the summer most of your hair enters the resting phase and those new hairs start to grow. It is possible that this is due to an increase in vitamin D, which helps to promote the natural production of keratin. With the onset of fall and winter, we spend less time in the sun, are exposed to less vitamin D and produce less keratin. Seasonal hair loss is a natural part of hair growth that only lasts for about 2 or 3 months out of the year.

What are the signs and symptoms of seasonal hair shedding?

What are the signs and symptoms of seasonal hair loss?

If you notice more hair in your comb or shower during the late summer and early fall months, this may be a precursor to your seasonal hair shedding. Typical hair loss is about 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you lose more hair than that, it is called "alopecia".

How to treat seasonal hair shedding?

Your body is constantly cleaning and rejuvenating itself, and so is your scalp. Old hair strands must fall out to make room for new, healthier hair. Instead of trying to keep old and damaged hair, treatments help you optimize your scalp health and create an environment conducive to growing stronger and healthier hair to reduce seasonal hair shedding. Here are some great tips to help you promote healthy hair growth.

1.Eat healthy - The vitamins and minerals that are most beneficial to your health come from your diet. When you eat healthy, essential nutrients are more easily absorbed. Make sure you are meeting your daily intake of protein, fruits, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients promote healthy hair growth.

2. Let your hair down - Especially if you have long hair, tightly bound hairstyles can prematurely pull out healthy strands. Let your hair flow freely instead of tying it up as often as possible.

3. Go to the hair doctor - By seeing a hair specialist regularly, the specialist will be able to see early signs of shedding and provide you with the proper treatment options before any problems arise.

What stops hair from shedding?

Taking hair vitamins to strengthen your hair is a proactive way to prevent excessive hair shedding. Biotin, for example, can be purchased at any drug store and is extremely effective in strengthening and growing your hair. Vitamin A is another vitamin that can help with hair shedding.

What causes hair to start shedding?

It could be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or aging. Anyone can lose hair on their head, but men are more likely to do so.

Should I worry about hair shedding?

Hair shedding is completely normal. In fact, scientists estimate that you lose about 100 hairs per day. Shedding some of your hair is natural as part of the hair growth cycle. So there's nothing to be concerned about.

    Hi beautiful Bailee!! have also suffered seasonal hair loss and I realized it was seasonal very early, in my teens so I never stressed about it. In my case it happens around September although I am loosing quite a lot of hair now so it may be changing with this hot humid climate
  • Kateřina Zemanová
    Kateřina Zemanová
    For the last 2 weeks I have been pulling out loads of hair and becoming desperate, so it is really comforting to hear it might be kind of a seasonal thing.
  • Sandra Fuller
    Sandra Fuller
    Seasonal shedding is normal for me.But I have a high testosterone levels once and I almost went bald from it!Thankfully I had really thick hair to begin with and once I started taking medication it's stopped
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