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Full Guide To Long Curly Wigs


Long curly wig has come a long way. The influx of females everywhere embracing the natural curly wig long has transformed the hair sector. If you are one of the users having long curly wig human hair, this is the best article you will ready today.

How to Wear Your Long Curly Wig

Putting on a long curly wig is a pretty easy. It is just like putting on a skullcap or bonnet. Use the wig beginning from the back of your head and bring the hair forward towards your hairline. Place it nicely with the wig comb. Relying on the size of your head, you might require sewing on a drawstring or adding some more combs to the perimeter so as to hold your long curly wig human hair in place and avoid lifting.

When placing the long curly wig on your head, it is essential to place your part precisely where you would like it to be. Whether you select a U-part cap or a lace front cap, the wig can be worn with side parts or a middle part as per your preference.

How to Style Your Long Curly Wig Human Hair

Now that your wig is on your head, it is time to style it and offer it some personal touch. Some women like to take the time to cut the wig to rock it with its natural curls and shape it the way that they wish, while others select to do a rod or roller set for more defined style and curls.

Let your hairstyle represent your personality. Play with cuts and colors on your own hair that you cannot (or do not want to) do permanently. If you're a fan of voluptuous, big hair, comb through the curly wig long with a wide comb once or twice so as to divide the curls.

How to Care For Your Curly Wig Long

Caring for your long curly wig is very simple. Try using a wig cap with your wig to keep the hairs clean. Use light weight products to prevent build up and try conditioning to keep the curl pattern intact.

Prevent washing your wig frequently (wash after minimum 25 wears) and opt for other techniques such as a co-wash. It is suggested that you set the wig on a wig stand or Styrofoam mannequin head and place it somewhere that lets the hair to hang free. Just hanging your wig on the bathroom counter can lead to tangles and knots which can ruin your style.

Recommended Lace Front Bob Wig

1.  Donmily Malaysian Jerry Curly 13x4 Lace Front Wig 180% Density

Jerry curly is a popular hair type that attracts many wig lovers. Donmily provides you the high-quality Malaysian Jerry Curly 13x4 Lace Front Wig that comes with 180 density. The hair density is so abundant that will definitely give you a full cover on head. The wig is made from natural virgin human hair, so you will always feel like wearing your own hair.

Moreover, the wig can be dyed or ironed according to your requirements. You can make your own style any time you want. Besides, the hair is also so healthy and soft along with thick ends that will definitely make you the focus.

2.  Donmily HD Lace Jerry Curly Wigs 5x5 Inches Lace Closure Wigs 180% Density Pre Plucked Hairline

Lace wig is loved by many people as it is so soft and light, and HD lace wig is way too much better. Donmily HD Lace Jerry Curly Wigs is a very attractive and gorgeous wig that comes in natural black hair. It offers you different sizes from 16 inches to 36 inches to meet more customers’ needs. There are many great features of this hair wig, such as the natural hair look, the soft touchiness, the tangle-free feature and flexible to adjust. You can discover more information about this wig from the detailed page.

3.  Donmily Jerry Curly 13x6 Transparent Lace Front Wig 180% Density

If you want to buy a jerry curly wig that is long-lasting and restyle, you should try Donmily Jerry Curly 13x6 Transparent Lace Front Wig. This wig is very beautifully in appearance and has multiple choices in size. The base is made from Swiss lace, which is super soft and comfortable. About the cap size, it is the average cape size, the head circumference is from 22"-22.5".

In short, you just had a look at what is a lace front bob wig, how to make a bob lace front wig human hair, and best bob wig cuts for different face shapes.

If you are fan of long curly wig, then we hope it was a feast for you reading this article. You saw how to wear your long curly wig, how to style your long curly wig human hair, and how to care for your curly wig long. This will help you in maintaining the product for a long time.


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