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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Come and Get Your Indispensable Back-To-School Hairstyle!

This entry was posted By Bailee

1. Am I Cutting My Hair for the Right Reasons?

If the opinions of others, a recent breakup, or your favorite celebrity's new 'do are swaying you to get a little scissor happy, consider delaying for a while to consider whether or not you truly want a new haircut. When you make an impulsive decision, you may come to regret it later. To summarize, make sure you want whatever haircut you're considering because it flatters your face and your personal style. As a general rule, if you have a new haircut or hairstyle idea in mind, keep it for a couple of weeks. If you still want to try it after some time has passed, go ahead.

2.Are there hairstyles that will make a person look happier?

Yes, hair lengths, colors, and styles do influence whether a person is perceived to be happy, depressed, sociable, or professional at first glance.

3.Can a long hairstyle make someone look skinnier?

If you have a round face, you should consider keeping your hair short to avoid emphasizing this feature. Long hair is commonly thought to make people appear slimmer. But, in reality, it doesn't make you look any thinner. It gives you the illusion of being taller.

  • Cornelius Hughes
    Cornelius Hughes
    Thanks for sharing this BLOG. I love that you give step by step instructions
  • Cecilia Charlotte
    Cecilia Charlotte
    I love it and thanks for advice. I am planning on getting me one right now.
  • Marcus Emily
    Marcus Emily
    That looks really good
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