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Choose And Purchase Your First Wig - Your Best Guide

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There are so many wigs readily available, how do you ever narrow down the options to the very best ones for you?! Let's break down the very first set of concerns you require to ask yourself, plus the deets you require to make some options. I've outlined several questions you will need to ask yourself when acquiring a wig in the last post. Let's build on that here and assist you get more understanding to make an educated purchasing choice.


" What is the rate range you are willing to spend on a wig?" and "Do you desire artificial fibers, human hair, or do you have no preference?"

In most cases, cost is tied to the type of fibers you want and the type and quantity of surfaces you prefer. For the sake of clarity, let's set out some terms and specify them in the way that I will be discussing them here:

1. Human Hair

human hair wigs are made of "natural hair". That hair can be of Indian, Chinese or European origin. Some wigs even include animal hair like yak.

2. Human Hair Blends

Human hair (30%) and synthetic (70%) blended most of the times. This hybrid can offer the convenience of synthetic and a more "natural" look that you can obtain from human hair wigs.

3. Synthetic

A range of made fibers of various textures-- also referred to fake or faux hair.

4. Call brand name wigs

Some name brand wigs are referred to as medical wigs as they are produced those who are using wigs for medical reasons. Call Brand Wigs come "ready to use" with high-end surfaces.

5. inexpensive wigs

Wigs that you can find in a Beauty Supply Store and online, personalized, and frequently been available in a wide array of textures.

Human Hair or Synthetic Hair? | Wigs 101 - YouTube

Human hair wigs are going to be priced higher than wigs with artificial fibers. Name Brand or "medical wigs", are going to be more costly than inexpensive or appeal supply shop wigs. Why a cost distinction? Human hair is more costly due to the fact that it's "real" hair and undoubtedly can not be mass produced like synthetic fibers can. Moreover, if you desire a human hair wig that is the same texture and color as your bio hair-- depending on your ethnic culture and the color - it can considerably impact the cost.

Call brand/medical wigs come as near "ready-to-wear" as possible. They can have high-end surfaces and comforts including bendable ear tabs, monofilament caps, and hand-tied lace fronts, among others.

Cost effective wigs have actually come a long way in the last couple of years. They can include a number of the exact same high-end finishes as name brand names. Still, there are numerous fantastic additions and distinctions that set the price. One big distinction is the market and group that is readily available for budget friendly wigs versus name brand name. This subject can be complicated, and I have a video specifically discussing it. For our functions today, the most significant distinction is the capability and often requirement for personalization. Economical wigs may need to be plucked, the part could require setting in a specific way, and lace fronts may need to be cut to your head shape and preferences, etc.


" How much time do you need to spend on a wig?"

Some wigs need more time and effort than others. Depending upon your choices, available time, and skill, the cost of the wig you pick, might be influenced.

For example, because human hair wigs are made from natural hair, they act like bio hair. An advantage is that they can be styled, straightened, and curled, much like bio hair can. Still, they can have disadvantages for some people. They are vulnerable to water, heat, humidity, sun, etc - similar to bio hair would be. This might need more effort and time and at times more skill than you presently possess. If you do not have a great deal of experience or time to style your wig, you might wish to think about synthetic.

wig maintenance

I mostly handle artificial wigs for 3 factors.

1. Human hair can require you to glue your wig down. As a migraine sufferer, I require to be able to eliminate my wig rapidly and as needed, so glue is not ideal.

2. I do not have the time or desire for regular styling. Artificial wigs come pre-styled and due to the fact that they are fibers, they preserve that design - unless you change it by using heat or some other technique. They can get wet, it can be hot, and it will maintain the very same style it was when you put it on.

3. I like range! Human hair wigs can be desirable and stunning, however they can typically be expensive. This can limit your ability to have numerous wigs and various designs.

Comprehending your convenience level, readily available time, and your experience with wigs will assist you determine what would work best for you.

TIP FROM DONMILY: For example, if having a wig that looks as near what your bio hair would appear like is essential, human hair may be the method to go. If you want the wig to look like "real" hair but you don't have a lot of time or experience, an artificial wig will use you the "put it on and go" functions. If you are comfortable with a bit of modification and you worth range or desire your wig to look the very same each time you use it, then an inexpensive synthetic wig or human hair blended wig could be the better choice.


" What are your choices when it concerns hairdo, texture, length, and color?"

Using wigs actually widens your hair style, texture, length, and color options. Refer to or make a list of textures, lengths, styles, and colors you would like to check out. Understanding your preferences will be useful in the wig acquiring procedure.

TIP FROM DONMILY: If you are brand-new to wigs, have actually restricted time, or not that comfy wearing wigs in public, I suggest you pick a comparable color to your own, select a design that will be simple for you to handle based upon your way of life, and opt for a wig that is a workable length and texture.

wig length chart

The longer the wig the more upkeep and upkeep it will require-- no matter what it's made from. When it comes to a synthetic wig, the kind of "texture" can imply basically upkeep. I have a number of videos discussing this subject even more-- but for one of the most part silkier and curly wigs tend to tangle one of the most. Yaki (chemically unwinded hair texture) textured wigs, wigs with some "grip" to the fibers, and/or a wavy styled wigs are generally the easiest to manage. This is not a set rule however a fundamental guide for you to make your choice.

Wow! That was a lot of details! The more you discover and the more experience you have with wigs, I assure a lot of this information ill make more sense and your wig choices will be easier to make.


Now that you have actually selected the wig you 'd like to buy, there are 3 essential actions that you do not wish to avoid. Finishing these actions PRIOR to purchasing a wig will conserve you time, money, and frustration.

Procedure your head. After you have actually put in all the effort to identify a wig you wish to acquire, you want to guarantee as much as possible that the wig will fit when you get it. The wig cap of a wig can come in various sizes. I will be honest with you wig sizing can be inconsistent and vary between brand names and even in various wigs from the very same brand.

Where to Buy Wigs | Tips for Buying Wigs Online | Headcovers

One way to be sure if you are getting a wig that will fit you is to understand your measurements. Here's a chart and guide to measuring your head and comprehending your wig size. More name brand wigs often come in particular sizes that can consist of petite, average, and large. Not every brand or every design will have all 3 alternatives readily available. So be sure to check the size you are buying. Budget-friendly wigs do not often come in "sizes". This is partially due to the fact that they are made to be adjustable. For that reason, the next step is crucial.

Have a look at evaluations. How a wig looks online or in stock images versus how it searches you can be really various. There are a lot of quality wig customers and educators on YouTube that can be really advantageous for you. If you find a wig that you want to purchase, browse that wig on YouTube and see a couple of evaluations.

TIP FROM DONMILY: When you are viewing a wig review, I recommend you watch numerous evaluations so that you can get a well-rounded idea of the wig and if it will work for you. Wigs can look various in numerous lighting and can look totally various from person to person. The first, and crucial evaluation to view, is from a customer offering you with extensive information. I have a video describing what you ought to learn from a quality wig review - as not all evaluations offer you with the important info you need.

If possible, find evaluations of the wig in the very same color, or color household, to the one you are thinking about. Try to find a customer that is close to your skin coloring and has comparable features to you. Make certain to ask a customer what their head measurements are in addition to their height. Height can considerably affect how a wig lays, specifically regarding length. Watching these different types of evaluations will give you a barometer as to whether that wig is right for you. Please remember, the wig might not look or lay the same on you as it does on them, so the next step is important.

Read the small print. Comprehend the shipping information along with what the return and exchange authorities are. You can do whatever I suggest, and when you get your wig, it still might not work for you for whatever reason. Therefore, it is so crucial that you understand what the business's policies are in the event you need to return a wig (if the business enables it). Whether a wig can be returned could be a very important aspect, particularly if you are acquiring a wig that is costly and/or if you are on a minimal budget plan.

How to choose the right wig for your hair type?

If most of your day is spent inside at a desk, then you may want to select synthetic wigs or heat-friendly synthetic wigs. They are less durable than human hair wigs, but you can take advantage of a smaller price tag since you won’t be demanding as much from your wig.

Where do they get the hair for these wigs?

If you’re wondering where they get the hair for these wigs, the answer is simple: the hair comes from all over the world, including Europe, China, Africa, and many other countries. The price you pay for these types of wigs depends on the quality of the hair itself so the prices can vary greatly across the different wigs available.

How much does a human hair wig cost?

People sell their hair in countries like China and India where it’s purchased by wig makers for up to $700 per pound. However, not all wigs are made from human hair. You can also buy synthetic hair wigs and they are getting better and better all the time.

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