Straight Hair Tips

  1. How Straight Hair

    How Straight Hair

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-06

    Are you tired of the curls and are considering straightening your hair? Most women are afraid of straightening their hair since they fear the damage that the whole process can cause. But you can have healthy hair even if you straighten it; the trick is in learning how to straighten your hair with little or no damage. In this guide we provide you with various tips to help you straighten your hair without causing damage to the strands.

    how straight hair

    Invest in a Good Straightener

    It may seem unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a good quality hair straightener, but the cost of repairing damaged hair as a resul

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  2. The Best Hairstyles For Straight Long Hair

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-22

    Beautiful hair carries your fashion statement. Having a straight long hair is beautiful. It is best to style your hair and flaunt it always. You can set a benchmark for women's beauty by having straight hairstyles for long hair. Healthy and groomed hair might turn people's eyes on you.

    Popular Straight Long Hair Styles

    Twisted Bun

    This straight hairstyle long hair is perfect for summer. At first, roll up your straight long hair and tie it up. After that, form a bun while twisting the hair. You might lose some locks from the hair to give it a messy but effortless look. If you have a round or oval face structure, then the twisted bun will l

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  3.  How to Make Straight Hair Wavy

    How to Make Straight Hair Wavy

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-16

    Variety is the spice of life. Having straight hair always might be a little boring sometimes. With a little effort, you can spice up your straight hair to wavy hair. If you are not a big fan of heat, that is not a problem. There are several ways to achieve the wavy hair, with or without heat.

    straight hair to wavy

    Curling Iron

    By using curling iron, you can make your straight hair wavy in just a little time. This is a process that requires heat. The waves of your hair will stay till your wash your hair.

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    • For Straight Hair Tips

      For Straight Hair Tips

      By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-14

      Straight hair can be difficult to manage. With the possibility of tangling much higher with straight hair than curly hair, those with straight hair must take extra care of their hair to avoid damage and breakage The following are some useful straight hair care tips to help you better care for your straight hair.

      straight hair tips

      1. Use Mild Shampoo and Conditioner

      Proper shampooing is one of the best ways to maintain the health of your hair. It is however important to make sure that the shampoo you are using is mild and doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfat

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    • How to Keep Straight Hair

      How to Keep Straight Hair

      By Stephan Serrano 2020-3-10

      One of the ways to completely change your look especially if you are a curly haired girl is to straighten your hair. But even if you can achieve the perfectly straightened hair, it can often seem impossible to keep the hair straight. At some point, your hair will frizz and go back to the waves and curls it naturally embodies. But is there a way to keep straight hair just a little longer? In this article, we take a look at how to keep hair straight with easy methods.

      5 Ways to Keep Hair Straight

      1. Always Begin by Completely Drying your Hair

      The first step to k

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    • How to Straight Hair Naturally

      How to Straight Hair Naturally

      By Stephan Serrano 2020-3-9

      Straight hair can look really good. But it can often be difficult to straighten your hair without using heat or chemicals. The problem with tools such as heat and chemicals is that they can often damage the hair overtime. Heat in particular can dry out the hair, preventing it from holding on to the moisture that can help keep the hair healthy, soft and luxurious.

      Many women want to know how to straight the hair naturally without having to use heat or chemicals. In this article, we take a look at some of the best ways to straighten hair without heat or chemicals.

      6 Ways to Get Straight Hair Naturally

      1. Dry wet H

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    • How to Straighten Hair without Heat

      How to Straighten Hair without Heat

      By Stephan Serrano 2020-2-29

      Most women believe that the only way to transform curly or wavy hair into straight hair is to use a large number of chemicals, flat irons, and hair dryers. But while you may be able to get the straight look you’re looking for using these methods, chemicals and heat can damage the hair follicle, causing breakage and stunting your hair’s growth. But is there a way to straighten your hair without heat? Well, there are various ways and in this article, we take a look at the best and safest way to straighten hair without heat.

      straighten hair no heat

      1. Blow Dry with Cold Air

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