1. How To Bleach Lace Closure

    How To Bleach Lace Closure

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-15

    A bleach lace closure is very helpful and interesting too. You can create an illusion of a real hairline through this process. It is an effective method of improving your wig. The whole idea of bleaching lace closures is to make a more realistic appearance.

    There is a dark knot on every strand at the base of the wig. This dark knot is made to ensure the strength of the hair. But you might feel to create a natural base on your wig. At the end of this article, you will get to know how to bleach your lace closure.

    how to bleach lace closure

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  2. Peruvian Hair vs. Malaysian Hair

    Peruvian Hair vs. Malaysian Hair

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-4-14

    When deciding the type of hair extension you want to purchase, you may have seen various types including Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Brazilian hair. If it is your first time purchasing a wig or weave, you may wonder which one to choose. Malaysian and Peruvian hair remain some of the most popular types of hair for their soft texture and lustrous sheen.

    peruvian vs malaysian hair

    In this guide we look at Malaysian vs. Peruvian hair to help you understand the main differences between the two and choose the best one for you. To do that, let’s begin by taking a look at each type of hair individually.

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