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How To Make Braided Wig at Home?

The development of fashion and trends is updated and iterative every day, and the ever-evolving beauty industry will also have many new fashion trends every day, professional fashion bloggers are hard to keep up with the trend of wig hairstyles let alone ordinary girls like us. But we can be sure that no matter how the trend of fashion changes, braided wig has always been a classic and symbolic wig. It's too much trouble to find a hairstylist to weave a braid, and it hurts your hair when you take it down, so maybe a braided wig is a better choice for you. Today to talk about how to make braided wig, so you can easily make braided wig at home.

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Bundles With Closure, How To Install?

In the last blog we talked about what bundles are and what closure are, and what factors to consider when we choose to buy bundles with closure, and how many bundles we need to buy to match closure. How to install and wear bundles with closure? If you have any questions about buying bundles and closure, you can go to the previous blog and check it out.

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Two Easiest Ways You Don't Know To Wear Wig Cap

Users whow often read our blog must be familiar with wig cap this topic, in the first few issues of the blog we have talked about we have to wear wig cap? We divided the problem into two categories, the conclusion is that if you have more serious hair loss problems, then in order to protect your scalp of course it is recommended that you wear a wig cap, if your hair is particularly long, in order to wig wearing effect natural, you also very necessary to wear a wig cap. After reading the first few blogs you may have gone to buy a wig cap or a wig with its own wig cap, so you know how to put their hair better into the wig cap? We'll go over it step by step, you'll only have to spend a few minutes learning the steps below, it'll be well worth every second!

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Frontal or Closure, Here Is Your Best Option

When you are thinking of choosing a wig product that can well articulate your back wig, and can make your hairline look very natural, but also can play a role in protecting your hair. There will be a lot of voices to your ears, some people say it is perfectly fine to buy closure, but then someone will recommend you to buy frontal, you are confused, which one should I choose in the end? Is there any difference between these two? In this issue of blog today, we will compare the popular frontal and closure.

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Wear A Wig Cap Is It Necessary?

Wig cap is the basic component of a wig, it is somewhat similar to a baseball cap, which is designed and made to imitate the shape of the head. About whether to wear a wig before wearing a good certain wig cap, this issue has been constantly discussed by many people, your hairstylist may say to you that the wig cap will cause the wig to fall off and slide, but rather detrimental to our wearing wig. But then there are many people say before wearing a wig must be their hair in the wig cap wrapped well, whether you are new to the use of wigs or already very experienced consumers, you may be asking yourself, I really need to bring a wig cap under the wig? These discussions will make you very confused, in this post we will discuss whether you need to wear a wig cap it?

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What Is Bundles With Closure?

A beautiful hair can be a great way to make people be attracted to you, and we often hear people say that a woman's hair is the first and most striking part of her beauty. If you don't have enough hair and it's not smooth enough, then wigs, especially bundles with closure can be a great solution for you, and there are many women who choose to wear some type of hair extensions. When it comes to choosing hair extensions, many people are left wondering, do you want bundles with closure? How many bundles with closure do I need? Let's discuss today, bundles with closure.

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How To Wash Human Hair Wig

Buy a wig to our own satisfaction and suitable for our own wig is of course a very pleasant thing, however, the use of human hair wigs has a lot of attention, including the care problem after wearing, today we come to talk about how to clean the human hair wig after wearing. The following are some very practical tips, I hope they will be helpful to you!

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Synthetic Wig Or Human Hair Wig, Which Is Better?

Affordable, versatile styles, and any color you want. Are you ready to buy a wig you will also be attracted by such a synthetic wig advertising message? But is synthetic wig really as good as advertised? And what is the difference between human hair wig and synthetic wig on the market? Which wig is more worthy of our purchase? Your doubts will be answered one by one in this article.

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How To Make Half Up Half Down Wig

Many people buy wigs initially to create a different look, and some want to add shine to their hair. Recently a half up half down wig look is popular with the masses of women. This wig look can show the perfect hairline, make our hair volume look a lot also gives us a very unique and trendy look, how to create a half up half down wig look?

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