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How To Stop Lace Front Hair Wigs From Shedding

lace wigs

Nowadays, wigs are becoming more and more popular with the ability to offer people more hair style solutions. With the increase of people’s income, they are more likely to choose hair wigs, in order to keep up with the latest hair trend, instead of changing their own hair all the time. However, there may be an issue that bothers some wig wearers who wear wigs frequently, wig shedding. This is usually caused by careless maintenance, which will make the wig thinner and thinner, especially lace front wigs. But, there are actually some tips to stop the hair fall. In this blog, we will discuss how to stop your lace front hair wigs from shedding.

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How to Care for Your Real Hair Wigs in Winter

real hair wigs

In winter, cold weather, freezing temperatures and biting winds can derive your wig from its hydration, which means that your hair wig will look dry and frizzy, or even worse, brittle and damaged. So, in order to make your wig looking natural and beautiful every now and then, you will need some techniques to keep it in the best condition. As winter is approaching, mastering a certain load of wig caring mechanisms will come in just handy for the season. Read through this article to get useful tips for handling and maintaining your hair wig during cold winter season.

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The Process of Human Hair Wigs Are Being Made

hair wigs

You probably wear a wig either for cosmetic reasons or convenience reasons. People may wear wigs to achieve different length, hairstyles or even colors. No matter what reasons are, people all want their wigs to look beautiful and stylish, as well as natural. There are wigs made out of synthetic hair, animal hair and human hair. Wigs made out of human hair are the most natural type, and also the most expensive. For those wig wearers who wear wig all day long, but they still don’t have a clue how wigs are made. In this article, we are going to show you the process of human hair wigs are being made.

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Where to Buy Affordable Human Hair Wigs on Black Friday?

hair wig

What are you planning to get on Black Friday this year? The Black Friday in 2021 is expected to be November 26, the Friday following Thanksgiving, which is less than one month away. People will get best deals of the year during this term, as Cyber Monday is coming right after Black Friday. Most stores both online and offline will seize the time to make biggest discounts ever to boost sale. In another word, people can get products with cheaper price than ever of the year. If you wanna buy wigs online on Black Friday, where can you get the best deals?

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What You Need to Know Before Choosing Your First Wig

human hair wig

Wigs are becoming more and more popular in life. It is not only an option to conceal hair problems, but also a trendy fashion statement nowadays. If you want to switch things up without messing with your hair, wig is a great try. When you first decide to buy a wig, knowing what you need is pretty important. Sometimes it may seem tricky which one to select. But you will get your perfect match only by knowing what you actually want or need. Welcome to the wig world, we will show you tips on what you need before getting your wig for the first time.

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How to Get Natural Look with Your Wig

For long time ago, wigs are only worn on actors on the stage or cancer patients who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. But now, wig makers have made them available in various textures, styles and colors for most people in an affordable cost. Most hair wigs are protective styles that enable people to be creative to change hairstyle the way they want without damaging their own hair. Other than that, when people wear wigs, they are pursuing a more natural look that no one can tell it is a wig.

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How to Revive Your Curly Wig

curly wig

It can be quite annoying when your curly wig get tangled, fuzzy or lose its bounce after being used for a long time. What would you do with it? Will you just throw it away or try to bring it back to life as possible as you can? Well, for those who can easily afford a fancy wig, they would probably discard it. But there is always a way to be more thrift. With proper maintenance and care, your curly hair can retrieve those bouncy curls back and last longer. This article is a guide on how to revamp your curly wig.

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How to Pluck Lace Frontal Hair Wig

lace frontal

When it comes to lace frontal hair wigs, it’s all about natural. And the key point to be natural is to make sure the hairline is seamless and flawless, so that no one will question if it is a hair wig. Although some human hair wigs come in pre-plucked already, you can still pluck it a little bit to give a realistic look. So how to achieve that? You will need some plucking skills to make your lace frontal hair wigs look natural. In this article, we are going to show you a beginner friendly guide on how to pluck hair wigs.

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Are Headband Wigs Good For Your Hair?

headband wig 0916

There may be some annoying issues for people who wear wigs everyday. But what they wonder most is probably whether the wigs would do harm to their own hair or scalp. Well, the answer to that question depends on the wig type and the way you install it. If you are talking about headband wigs, they do nothing to damage your skin or your hair no matter how do you apply it.

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How to Properly Wear A Headband Wig?

headband wig0916

You might be attracted but not curious when seeing a hair wig with a colorful headband worn all over Youtube. Right, that’s the new fashion of hair wigs at the time being. That is called headband wig. Although the process of installing a headband wig may seem simple to you, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips so that you can wear it properly. In this article, we are going to show you how to apply a headband wig the right way.

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