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Top 4 Shiny Cardi B Wig Moments in Real Life


As the most streamed female rapper in the US, Cardi B has caught everyone’s attention whatever she posts on her Instagram. We’ve seen her wearing many dramatic outfits and wigs when she shows up no matter on a TV show or in her music video. Strangely, none of her bold looks makes people feel uncomfortable, they just lover her personality. So, what is she like in real life, does she still loves wearing those dramatic wigs? Let’s take a look Cardi B’s shiny wig moments.

cardi b wigs

Cardi B seems to have the biggest wig collection among female celebrities. She literally wears different wigs every time she present her in the public, and makes every one stunned by her striking look. Behind the scene, she’s just like every young mother who loves her baby and in the mean time loves herself by making herself pretty. Here’s the Cardi B wig moments posted on her Instagram.

Cardi B in Long Straight Hair Wig

Long straight hair is literally the simplest hairstyle. Basically, you don’t need any tricks on it. But the hair itself can make you look extra shiny. Take a peek at this shot, Cardi B is wearing this long straight hair. She looks much more gentle than the girl on the stage who comes to slay. Straight hair is one of her favorite, there are various ways to style straight hair, but she just let it weighs down naturally. In this photo, she’s a pregnant mother with endless love for her baby. The long straight hair just add more feminine to her whole look, looking more tender.

Cardi B in Body Wave Hair Wig

Cardi B has worn body wave many times, it is undoubtedly a year-round staple. No matter what occasion you decides to be at, body wave hair can easily make you look the most attractive one. It is versatile and the classic big waves never go out of trend. This is the photo shot that she’s wearing a body wave. The hair looks very natural and she styled her bay hairs into crimps, very exquisite detail. We can see that the hair flatters her face very much, looking different but gorgeous.

Cardi B in Burgundy Red Hair Wig

As for colored wigs, Cardi B has tried a lot of different colors. But in life, she really likes the burgundy red hair color. For common people, you may find that it is difficult to hold that color, because it is quite bold and striking. See how she looks when she’s in burgundy red hair, isn’t she stunning? Burgundy red hair color is perfect for warm skin tone, Cardi looks just like queen with that color.

Cardi B in Platinum Blonde #613 Body Wave Hair Wig

Platinum Blonde #613 is the color that perfect for both performance on stage and casual wear in real life. Cardi B has put a personal style stamp on beauty at home, every look she wears is popular. Among her popular hair wigs, the platinum blonde #613 hair is seen frequently on her IG. In the picture below, she wears platinum blonde body wave hair, with casual outfit, the hair adds extra chicness and poshness to her entire look, fashionable and good-looking.

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