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Cardi B: A Haircut Magician of Straighten Wigs

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As one of the most popular rap stars in the country and around the world, Cardi B's public appearances have been a regular feature of entertainment news, with her hairstyles being the subject of much media coverage. She is one of the top celebrity faces in the Hollywood industry, thus impressing audiences with her many attractive styles and outfits, while her fans - especially female fans - also pay attention to her various distinctive hairstyles. She is known to use wigs to style her hair, and let's talk about some of her most popular hairstyles since her debut.

In fact, we are very torn when it comes to choosing the best hairstyle for her, each one has its own unique charm. In her music videos, she has used her different hairstyles to present many different beautiful scenes, creating eye-catching effects. So, it's not so easy to answer this question. Whether it's a ponytail or make the hair natually out, Cardi B has tried and done it all to great effect. Next I will comment on the most beautiful and attractive hairstyles of Cardi B, who is a world superstar.

A Woman Who Can Play With Straight Hair in Many Different Ways

If you usually focus on her Instagram or entertainment news, you will know that she has tried a lot of straight hair wigs, including different straight hair styles, different ways to tie braids and different hair colors. Among them, using straight wigs for various braids is probably her hobby and her stylist seems to be as well. We can see her on social media and in the news with oddly shaped braids made from straight hair on her head on several occasions. Although some of these braids are difficult to maintain or short-lasting hairstyles, I believe they are still quite informative for us.

Medium Parted Medium Length Hair - Black

I'm sure many of you are familiar with this hairstyle, it looks very simple, but the thought that goes into styling it is essential.

If you want the same look, all you need to do is to prepare a shoulder length wig - or trim the long straight wig you have. Then you need to use straightening pins to shape the hair around the perimeter inward. This relatively simple yet atmospheric and star-studded hairstyle is something you can easily make.

Double Bow Bun Tied Up in Fluorescent Blue Hair

Cardi b Dual Bow Bun On Greenish Hair

This hairstyle is actually considered a stage specific hairstyle for her and is very unusual. Although sometimes we think it can be described as a double blue bun, people still like to call it the big flying butterfly look. This braid is still quite difficult to tie into, but we have found a video tutorial for you to refer to.

Pink Wig with Silver Steaks, Mid-part Wig

This hair coloring style is sure to please those who love bright colors. The highly saturated pink color will make you visible in the crowd. With two strands of highlighted heterochromatic hair hanging down in front of the forehead, it makes for a very bright color pairing.

However, it should be noted that this color match needs to be matched with a certain wig length to achieve a better result. If you have the right human hair wig, you can also try to dye this color.

Long Straight Tight Blonde Hair - Kinky Treatment in the Middle Section

Cardi B has long straight platinum blonde hair with crimped waves highlights in the music video "Ring". This hairstyle is arguably the most flamboyant and regal hairstyle that can be applied in everyday life.

Its main highlight is the Kinky Curly treatment in the middle section, but you will find that the whole head of hair also looks very coordinated, the overall appearance of no very obvious changes, but can be in the case of a glance imperceptible to increase the overall level of hair, can be said to be a shortcut for ordinary people into the party starlet. To achieve this curl, you can make use of the long straight wig you have on hand and then use a curling iron tool to create this curl.

Ponytail Hair Extension Protective Look

Ponytail Hair Extension Protective Look

This is very similar to her previous appearance. This long hair extension will give you a new look. However, it may cost you a little  money. But that's nothing for celebrities like Cardi b. She was spotted with this hairstyle in Marketing Avenger. A complete package of beautiful makeup works for famous celebrities.

How to wear a straight hair wig?

Step 1: First put the hair net around the neck so that all the hair will stay outside the hair net. Step 2: Then pull the hair net to the top of your head, make sure that the edge of the hair net matches the position of the hairline, then pull up the other end of the hair net, tuck all the hair into the net, and hit it above the head a knot. Step 3: Then put wigs from the back to the head, remember follow the order to wear it from front to back, stuff all the hair into the wig. Step 4: Finally, adjust the position of the wig bangs and eyes, and organize the entire style, so that the wig will "fit" with your head back intact!

How do I air dry my hair straight?

The Best Way to Air-Dry Straight Hair "Position your part and apply your favorite serum or mousse," Peverini said. "As it begins to dry, shake the hair through the fingers lightly, but do not rake through. This will help give body to straight hair."

How do you sleep with a straight wig?

1. Wrap your head;
2. To protect your wig from friction, lay the hair flat against your head and pin or tie it into place. Then, wrap your head in a silk or satin scarf. This will keep your unit in certain place while also protecting it from friction.

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