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Can Human Hair Wig Be Dyed


Wigs are used by a number of users. And in order to go with different styles and occasions, people feel the need to dye them. Do you know how to dye a human hair wig? Well, here is the answer to your question. Today we will learn how to dye to human hair wig.

Can Human Hair Wig Be Dyed?

Well, the answer to this question is an obvious YES. You can dye your human hair wig. The real question is how to do this. Dying might not be an issue if you use proper products and follow all the precautions that need to be taken. Failing to do so will result in damaging the wig. Hence, you need to take all the necessary measures while dying the hairs.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig?

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Begin with mixing the Dye. Choose a normal hair dye and use a 20 volume hair developer. Use on rubber gloves and mix the dye the developer in a plastic bowl.

Step 2: Test the dye on a few strands of hair. Once you think the quality is fine, soak the wig in the dye. Now, set the wig onto a wig stand and brush through the hair. Now, leave the wig to let the color set.

Step 3: While washing the wig, apply shampoo and conditioner to the wig. Pat the hair dry with a towel and let the wig dry.

How to Choose The Correct Hair Color?

Dark-skinned users with dark skin, it is best not to select black color. Instead select maroon color so your face will look a lot of white. You can dye all the long hair maroon so that your skin color will look bright and translucent immediately. For users with the dark complexion, the most appropriate hair color is maroon, and low-key, inconspicuous maroon can simply conceal the dark complexion.

Tips You Should Know before Dyeing A Wig

Make sure to go through the instructions carefully before you start dying. Note that it is not suitable to dye hair during specific periods, such as physiological period or pregnancy. Try to prevent hair dyeing during this time. Lastly, if allergies, redness, etc. appear post dyeing, it is suggested that you immediately look for medical attention.

Whether your hair's color has changed when you select a new hair color or is a natural, you must be loyal to your original colors. Select according to your natural hair color. Whether you need to be dye shallow or dyed deep, do not distance your earlier color more than two shades of color, otherwise it would be exaggerated.

Curly human hair wig is easier to soak hair dye as compared to straight human hair wig, and damaged more easily. So when dying, remember to lower the dye quantity. Then restore dye component with distilled water, and use it as usual after mixing it up.

Normally a can of hair dye is sufficient for the middle long hair wig to use once. If your wig is specifically long or specifically thick, ensure you have sufficient reserves before you dye your wig, or you will be too embarrassed to get a part of your fuel.

How To Style Wigs after Dying Them

Follow the below steps to get waves once you are done dying them.

Step 1: Distribute a heat protectant and apply styling lotion or moisture throughout the hair evenly.

Step 2: Braid the hair.

Step 3: Spray texturizer or hairspray on the braid.

Step 4: Use the flat iron over the braid similar to how you straighten your hair.

Step 5: Set with texturizer or hairspray.

Step 6: Remove the braid and set the waves up with your fingers and hair spray.

Step 7: Please note that using a heat protectant spray is super important before you use any heating device on your hair


Now that you know the basic of dying, it will be easy for you to start dying. All the measures and precautions that you need to take are mentioned above. This will help you to dye your wigs properly.

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