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Butterfly Passion Braids Hairstyles Guide: What Hair To Use And How To?

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Have braids like butterflies? Yes, but do you know what are butterfly braidsIs there an easy way for me to braid my hair by myself? Of course there is, this article tells you how to create a butterfly passion braid.

butterfly passion braids

Ⅰ. what are butterfly braids?

1. Butterfly braids

butterfly braid hairstyle is a very charming and lovely hairstyle by braiding two braids on each side and parting between the hair. The two braids will connect to a braid at the back of the head. After creating the eccentric section, braid the hair into the right side of the head and continue braiding.

Each knot of the butterfly braids is like butterfly locs. From the overall appearance, the left and right braids are finally merged into one braid, which is also like a butterfly flapping its left and right wings. Hence the name butterfly braids.

butterfly braids

2. Types of butterfly braids

● Butterfly box braids

butterfly braids

Mix bow braids with soft yarn box braids to suggest traditional butterfly braids. Unlike traditional box braids with anchor knots, it doesn't put any pressure on your scalp and provides a flawless finish. Get brown or cocoa highlights for added glamour. This comfortable knitting method is a great option for those who are knitting for the first time. It is ideal for major events such as proms and wedding receptions.

● Butterfly braids locs/ knotless butterfly braids

butterfly passion braids

This stylish hairstyle combines ardent twists with the most striking aspects of goddess style. Butterfly locs are great for long, wavy natural hair. The unique loop of butterfly locs can be achieved by incorporating artificial locs such as freetress pressure wave into the braid. Although there are various techniques to achieve butterfly positioning, the crochet method is the most straightforward.

● Horned butterfly ponytail

butterfly braids

You can't go wrong with an elegant side parted butterfly ponytail. Don't be fooled by its sophisticated design. Achieving the ideal aesthetic is not difficult. Adding some closed-loop control braids is the best way to make a ponytail look thick and voluminous. Adorn the ponytail with lovely jeweled hair accessories on the sides to keep adding glamour.

Ⅱ. What are butterfly passion braids hairstyles?

What are passion braids? Passion braids are a passion twisted version of box braids achieved using a mix of freetress pre-stretched water wave braid hair and freetress water wave hair. They are also known as knotless bows. It is a box braid, so it can also be called a butterfly box braid. Passion braid is also a kind of butterfly braid, so it is also called butterfly passion braid.

butterfly braids

The knotless box braid is a stunning twist on the classic passion that African American women have been flaunting for years. Because it is different from ordinary butterfly braids, it is stretched without any knots. There is no need to show the texture of the braided hair through knots, but one by one butterfly locs, curly and elastic. Passion braids are also called butterfly braids because they look similar in the butterfly position.

Knotless butterfly braids, or passion butterfly braids, usually last 3-5 weeks, and are a great option for everyone who wants a butterfly braid but doesn't want to go all-in. You can easily achieve this hairstyle by wrapping a faux wig around the butterfly braided hair.

Ⅲ. What hair to use butterfly passion braids hairstyle?

passion braids

Fresstress water wave hair. If you don't need long butterfly passion braids, you'll probably need about 6-8 packs of 22-28 inches of some type of wavy hair. The hair is curly and bouncy. Because fresstress water wave hair is the most simulated hair material, with great elasticity, plus the water ripple pattern, it is very suitable for braiding hairstyles, and can create butterfly locs one by one.

Ⅳ. How to make butterfly passion braids hairstyle easily?

Step 1: Prepare freetress wave hair and freetress pre-stretch wave braided hair

The two materials are the same, the difference is that one is straight and the other is curly. Used to enhance the length, thickness and elasticity of butterfly passion braids.

Step2: Divide the hair into four equal parts

The characteristic of butterfly weaving is that it divides the hair on the left and right sides, like the two wings of a butterfly. The same is true for knotless butterfly braids, but there are generally four areas on the left and right sides.

Step3: Prepare to weave

Generally the same as the three-strand braid, divide each part of the hair into three equal parts and wrap them in three directions in the left and right middle. Note that while braiding your natural hair, hold your freetress water wave braids in your hand. To the left and right of the ear, to wrap the braid around your natural hair, you'll need to keep increasing the number of butterfly braids.

Step4: Pull at the end to form butterfly locs

The knotless butterfly, or passion butterfly braids, is not completely baggy. At the end, we can borrow the elasticity of the freetress water wave and tie a knot. Finally, your passion butterfly braid is a braided hairstyle on top and a curly shape of water ripples below. Finally, pull the top braid out a little arc to create butterfly locs.


How many packs of hair do you need for passion braids?

The amount of braiding hair you'll need for passion braids depends on the volume and length of the style you choose. For most styles though, you'll need about 3-4 packs of pre-stretched braiding hair and 4-5 packs of freetress water wave hair. If your braids are long and full, you'll need more.

Can you use braiding hair for passion twist?

“Passion twists are a protective style used when braiding hair and gives you a bohemian look that's natural and easy to maintain,” says Powell.

How long do butterfly braids last?

four to six weeks Even butterfly loc hairstyles don't last forever. When properly maintained, you can wear this style for four to six weeks. Some say that the style can last even longer, but it's not the healthiest choice for your hair.

  • Margaret J Hilbert
    Margaret J Hilbert
    So the only thing to do after reading article is to make butterfly passion braids according ttis guidel
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    Camellia Smith
    The combination of passion braids and butterfly braids is special and makes me want to try it, thanks for sharing!
  • Bryan WIlliams
    Bryan WIlliams
    Passion braids fascinate me from the name!
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    Leonie Oakley
    Butterfly passion braids are special and beautiful, I want to try!
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