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Brazilian Hair vs. Indian Hair


The human hair industry stock a variety of different types of hair that you can choose from. When browsing the various online stores, you may have seen some types described as Brazilian and others as Indian hair. As you can probably guess, this often means that the hair is from Brazil or India. But that is not the only major difference between the two.

In this guide we pit Brazilian human hair vs. Indian hair to help you figure out which type is the best blend for you.

What is Brazilian Hair?

As the name suggests, Brazilian hair extensions are sourced from donors in Brazil. It is 100% human hair and one of its most endearing qualities; particularly to African American hair is the fact that it is softer and shinier than most other types of hair. It is also one of the best types of hair to choose during humid conditions, making it one of the bestselling types of hair in the market. Its thick, but soft tresses blend in perfectly with almost any type of hair.

Brazilian hair also tends to be denser than most types of hair, meaning that you can achieve great volume with fewer bundles. Unlike other types, it also doesn't frizz, making it quite versatile and very easy to manage. For example, Brazilian hair will hold curls so much better than Malaysian or even Indian hair.

When you purchase top quality, unprocessed Brazilian human extension, expect that the hair will last a very long time. Brazilian hair breaks less than other types, meaning that with proper care, the wig or weave can continue to serve you for quite some time.

What is Indian Hair?

The first thing you need to decide is your budget. Keep in mind that lace front wigs vary greatly in pricing depending on the texture of the wig, the color of the wig and even the length of the wig. Therefore, determining your budget is about so much more than just stating that you want to spend $300.

The biggest disadvantage of Indian hair is that it frizzes quite a bit especially in humid conditions. If you choose to go with Indian hair, we recommend investing in great anti-frizz products.

Brazilian Hair vs. Indian Hair

Now that we've looked at each type individually, let’s take a look at how the two types of hair differ from one another;

1. Durability and Strength

Brazilian hair is one the most durable types of hair in the market. For starters, it doesn't frizz, making it an ideal choice even where the weather is humid. It is also quite strong and will not tangle, shed or break easily. With proper care, Brazilian hair can last for up to a year.

Indian hair on the other hand is much softer than Brazilian hair and it tends to be more lustrous. But Indian hair tends to frizz more easily, making it very more susceptible to tangling and breaking more than other types of hair. As a result, Indian hair tends to require more care and even then, it may not last as long as Brazilian hair or other types.

2. Styling and Volume

The thickness of Brazilian hair makes it very easy to style. It is in fact one of the best types of hair to get if you want a wig of weave that will hold curls or waves better than most. But that doesn't mean that it is ideal for curly and wavy textures, the fact that it tends to have more volume that most types of hair, makes it the perfect style for straight styles as well.

On the other hand, Indian hair is perhaps only ideal for straight hair. Depending on the quality of the hair and the fact that is frizzes more than any other type of hair, it may not be able to hold curls very well. But its soft luster makes it the most ideal solution when looking for straight textures. Indian hair also doesn't have much volume when compared to Brazilian hair.

3. Availability

Brazilian hair blends in much better with African American hair than most Asian varieties including Indian hair. This makes it very popular with the demographic of women who are most likely to purchase extensions. As a consequence of the demand, Brazilian hair tends to be readily available in the market. You can find various types in a variety of different textures including loose wav, deep wave, body wave, jerry curl and even straight hair.

In sharp contrast, Indian hair tends to be rarer. This doesn't however mean that it is unavailable altogether. In fact you can find Indian hair in a variety of textures including straight, body wave, loose wave and so much more.

Now that you have a clear distinction between the two types of hair, it is our hope that you find it easier to make the choice the next time you want to buy extensions. Keep in mind that Brazilian hair is more ideal for thicker, better curls and it blends in perfectly with natural African American hair. Indian hair on the other hand is ideal for straight textured varieties.

But the type of hair you choose depends on various factors including your own hair type, how much you want to spend on the hair and even how much you know about taking care of a human hair extension. As always we’re here to help, so if you are having problems making the choice let us know and we'll do our best to help match you with the best weave or wig for you.


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