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Brazilian Hair Straightening Is Safe On Every Hair Texture

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Kiss your frizzy hair goodbye! Changing your hairstyle is fun. If you are tired of your frizzy or curly hair, then it is the perfect time to get your Brazilian hair straightener. Be ready to meet the game-changer for your hair.

Brazilian hair straightening concentrates on a keratin formula. This formula creates a protective coat around the strands of your hair. The protective layer gives protection to the hair and seals the cuticle of the hair. By the end of this article, you will get to know everything important about Brazilian hair straightening.

Is Brazilian hair straightening different?

brazilian hair

Yes, Brazilian hair straightening is different from other treatments. The keratin formula of this treatment is delicate to the hair. The mild formula used in the process does not damage your hair. You do not have to stress about post-treatment of the hair.

Brazilian hair straightening gives you the option of straightening your hair completely and also preventing frizz. The hair gets extremely shiny and smooth after the procedure. The hair will be a very less burden to you. You will be able to flaunt it everywhere.


Brazilian hair straightening is safe on every hair texture. One of the unique features of this treatment is that it restores the moisture of your hair. Make sure you are going to an experienced technician to get your hair done. The safety matters on that too. Stylists with less knowledge about the treatment might damage your hair by using excessive heat.

If you have colored hair, then don't worry. This type of treatment goes well with colored hair. After the process, you might notice that the color is not as vibrant as before. The hair straightening makes the color of the hair a little dull. So you have to talk to the colorist before, so he can color your hair more vibrantly.

Time and longevity

Brazilian hair straightening takes from 1 – 2 hours for completing the whole process. The time totally depends upon the texture and length of your hair. If the hair is thick or long, it will take more time to get the whole treatment done. If your hair is thin or short, then the process will be done in much lesser time.

The hair straightening lasts from 4 - 5 months with proper care and maintenance. If you want your hair treatment to last longer, then you have to use the products specifically made for this type of hair. Once the hair straightening fades, the hair returns to its natural form. Once the natural pattern of the hair is returned, you can redo the whole process again.

brazilian hair


The cost will vary depending on the salon and the stylist. Brazilian hair straightening is affordable compared to other straightening treatments. You might want to redo it after the straight hair starts wearing out. The affordable range allows you to stick to this process.


The straightening process starts with the cleansing of your hair. The stylist applies shampoo to your hair for at least 3 -to 4 times. Applying shampoo to your hair so many times clears the dirt off your hair. The keratin solution will easily work on a clean surface.

Then the hair is divided into several chunks or strands. Then the keratin formula is applied to the hair from root to tip. After this, the stylist uses a blow drier on the hair. The flat iron will be heated to 450 degrees. This temperature will seal the keratin solution on the hair. After the whole process is done, your hair will be shampooed and conditioned thoroughly.


Whatever hairstyle you prefer, it is most important to take care of it. The Brazilian hair straightening will last much longer with proper care. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Never forget to condition your hair for a few minutes after applying shampoo.

To avoid split ends or dryness, use natural and essential oils on your hair. Try to detangle your straightened hair will a wide-tooth comb. The wide-tooth comb does not pull the hair too much.

Sunlight and excessive heat can be a curse to your hair. Do not use curling irons or blow dryers every day. If you plan to stay in the sunlight for a very long time, use hats or scarves to cover your hair.


Feel like a celebrity with Brazilian hair straightening. This hair straightening works on every type of hair texture, and it is great! This treatment removes the frizz and adds super shine to your hair.

By using the indigenous ingredients of Brazil, this hair straightening has proved to be helpful for many people. Brazilian hair straightening therapy does not have any risk. You can do any type of hairstyle and feel like the queen. Do not be afraid to go for this amazing hair straightening therapy!

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How long does a Brazilian straightening last?

On average, Brazilian keratin should last between about 3–5 months. After that, your hair will return to its normal state, except it should be healthier and softer due to the conditioning impact of the keratin. You'll reapply the treatment to all of your hair when the treatment wears out.

Does Brazilian straightening damage hair?

The bottom line. A Brazilian blowout can be harmful to your health and hair. One of its main ingredients is a known cancer-causing chemical, formaldehyde. Brazilian blowouts and other smoothing treatments also contain other chemicals that can cause side effects and allergic reactions.

Can Brazilian Blowout straighten hair permanently?

"These treatments do not make strands permanently stick straight and grow out naturally. You don't get the tell-tale line of demarcation as it grows out that you do with the permanent chemical straighteners," explained Gurgov.

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