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Is Bob Wig Lace Front Your Right Choose?

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Do you like curly bob hair? We all know that Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles. So, do you want to know how to cut a bob if you wear a wig? If you are looking to make a bob wig lace front, this is the right place for you to wander.

what is a lace front Bob Wig

A lace front bob hairstyles is nothing more than a lace front wig with a bob haircut. This haircut has a medium or short length. To make it, we often cut the hair around the head. The jaw level is perfect. As per the experts, a bob haircut is well-suited for any hair shape.

What you require to do is to style a bit to boost your beauty and cover imperfections on your face. It is not accidental that a bob lace frontal wig is preferred by many users. While long hair normally brings to you a feminine and gentle look, a bob haircut often makes you look dynamic, younger, and fashionable.

How to cut a wig into a bob?

First, obviously, to cut a wig into bob, you have to have a wig. Place your wig on a mannequin head. It will be simpler for you to cut.

Now, separate your wig into small parts (minimum 3 parts). This step assists you to make certain that you do not cut a part 2 times or you skip a part. To divide them, use ponytail holders.

Use rubber bands where you need to stop cutting the wig. Now, you need to get the rubber bands as the destination and cut your hair straight below it.

Best Bob Wig Cuts For Different Face Shapes

Round Face: With a round face, you must let the bob wig be longer as compared to the chin-length. In addition to this, take your hair to one side. That will make your face longer.

Heart-Shaped Face: The haircut must showcase the cheekbones and generate the impact of fullness on the chin. Hence, you can keep the bob wig longer than your chin length. Next, use hairstyle tools to make the wig fluttery.

Square Face: You can use wigs whose height is less than the chin. You can use bangs as well. The best bangs are in the eye line for the square face.

Oval Face: The oval face is appropriate for almost any hairstyle, comprising bob wig. Hence, try any bob type you wish, such as curly hair bob. You can generate some waves on your hair wig so that you will have a different look.

Oblong Face: With the correct hairstyle, an oblong face can turn out to be an oval face. To make your face seem shorter, you can create a chin-length bob. Mild waves and bangs are always used to soften your face. Do not forget to apply hairstyle tools to make voluminous bob haircuts.

Recommended Lace Front Bob Wig

1.  Donmily 13x4 lace front wig straight Bob 150% Density Hair

bob wig

The first I want to recommend to you is a 13x4 lace front wig straight bob. This wig is a glue-free wig that comes with 4 various combs to help to hold the wig tight onto your scalp. It is very flexible hair that can be bleached, dyed, and ironed as you want. Moreover, this wig is made from virgin human hair, thus, you don’t need to worry about the hair quality or shedding.

2.  Donmily Straight Bob 13x6 lace front wig 150% Density

bob wig

Donmily straight bob 13x6 lace front wig offers you the sleek solution for a quick hair change that looks just as good as natural. One major advantage of this wig is that it is easy to restyle. You can straighten, bleach, or dye the hair according to your needs. Besides, we provide different choices of size, from 8 – 14 inches in stock, your choice of length is absolutely unlimited.

3.  Donmily 13x4 Jerry Curly Bob Lace Front Wig with Baby Hair 150% Density

bob wig

The 13x4 lace front jerry curl bob wig is the best summer fashion bob wig to enjoy your summer. It gives a cute curly face. The jerry curl lace front bob wig comes with 9A high quality, kinky curly, Peruvian Remy human hair. The baby hair having the pre-plucked, full, silky, soft, and neat texture enhances the bob. When taken good care of, you can enjoy the bob look for over a year.

In short, you just had a look at what is a lace front bob wig, how to make a bob lace front wig with human hair, and the best bob wig cuts for different face shapes.


What's better a wig or a lace front?

In terms of breathability, full lace wigs allow more air to your head as the whole base is made of lace. However, if you don't like using a wig cap then perhaps lace front wigs are the better option for you.

How do I choose a lace front wig?

The most important factor in purchasing your first lace wig is cap construction, you can according to your requirements to choose a 13x4 moderate parting which allows you to create a long deep natural parting, or a 13x6 deep parting lace front cap which allows you to freely change your parting.

Is a lace front wig good for your hair?

Since heavy-duty adhesives are used when applying lace front wigs, it is not uncommon for hair loss to occur with the repeated use of lace front wigs. The combination of irritating adhesives and tension on the hairline can cause extensive damage, with receding hairlines occurring as an undesirable—but common—outcome.

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