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Hair After Washing With a Hair Dryer Or Air Drying Is Better? How To Blow Dry My Hair Without Hurting It?

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Every time after washing hair you guys blow dry it or wait for it to dry naturally? This is a question of whether it is better to blow dry or dry naturally? How to blow the hair to blow not to hurt the head big it?


Hair After Washing With a Hair Dryer Blow Dry Or Wait For Natural Dry

Many people think that after washing the hair should be waiting for it to dry by itself, in fact, this is not true. After we wash the hair, the hair on the hair scales will be a kind of open state, if you wash your hair and let the hair dry naturally handiwork that may cause damage to the hair quality, and it is not recommended to sleep in the case of hair is not transparent, because the friction between the hair and pillow may lead to hair fall.

The Worrying Reason You Should Never Let Your Hair Dry Naturally - Tyla

Hair in the case of not dry air bacteria and dust will fall on the hair, and over time will have a certain impact on the hair, and hair in the drying process will also take away part of the head of heat may lead to headaches.

How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Hurting It

1. When just after washing hair, especially long hair, to use a large dry towel to dry hair first, to towel to absorb the moisture in the hair, so that then use a good hair dryer to dry hair, the time is shorter, to protect the role of hair.

2. Hair dryer generally have three sections (low, medium, high temperature) of choice, according to the weather temperature to choose, generally first choose the middle when to blow dry hair, the left hand side to fluff the hair, the right hand to take the hair dryer to blow, blow the distance not too close to avoid harming the scalp.

3. When the choice of medium when the hot air to dry a large area of hair, then to choose a low gear, with a small wind to blow dry hair, low temperature hot air slowly dry the moisture at the root of the hair, but should not blow too long to avoid hair will dry.

Science of drying your hair, by a Cambridge academic | Daily Mail Online

4. In the hair dryer blow dry hair, can not stay in one place for too long, to grab the hair with your hands, blow the middle part of the hair, so that it will not blow to the tips, to avoid the tips of the hair dry will be open.

5. In the hair dryer blow dry hair, hand held hair dryer to have a certain angle to blow, can not blow vertically, which is poor, the hair damage, to tilt, then the wind mouth from the hair about 10 cm, while blowing shaking blowing extensions, so that the blow dry effect is better.

6. Blow dry hair by yourself, hand holding the hair dryer for a long time, the arm will be sore, if the family is at home, you can ask them to help, so you can use both hands to fluff the hair, blow dry hair faster. Hair does not need to blow dry too much, there are 80% dry, and then let it dry naturally, so that the hair is smoother, to avoid too much damage.

How To Blow a Smooth Hair

Tip 1: Partition Your Hair When Blowing

Partitioning your hair before blowing it out saves at least 40% of your time compared to blowing it out in a haphazard manner. Hair stylists recommend that we divide our hair into three zones: Right, left, and back. Blow one area at a time, each area as long as a few dozen seconds to get it done, compared to the east blowing blowing west blowing, this method is much faster.

Tip 2: The Use Of Hair Dryer Nozzle

The front of the hair dryer will be equipped with a nozzle (such as the gray part of the front of the hair dryer in the picture is, each hair dryer will be equipped), after installation, can concentrate the wind to form a more powerful hot air to blow dry hair.

Tip 3: Blow Dry To 80% Before Styling

If you want to do styling, then blow your hair to 80% dry, so that the process of styling hair just dry, and also not frizzy. Of course, you can also spray your hair with leave-in moisturizer before blowing it, to isolate the heat damage from the hair dryer and to minimize frizz.

7 Tips for a Smoother Blow Dry | Missy Sue - YouTube

How To Blow Out Pretty Layers Of Hair

1. Start by spraying your hair with a spray bottle until it is slightly damp, and blow dry your freshly washed hair with a hair dryer first until it is 7 minutes dry.

2. Use a large volume comb to blow the hair at the bangs in the inward direction, taking care not to blow the hair dryer too close to the hair to avoid damage to the hair.

3. Next, blow all the hair with a hair dryer, not with a comb, but with your fingers for better results.

4. Take an appropriate amount of leave-in conditioner and rub it out with your heart, then use your hands to smooth it out on your hair.

How to blow dry your hair for volume - YouTube | Blow hair, Dry hair  volume, Dry long hair

5. To blow out voluminous feeling hair, you have to follow the layers of hair.

6. First, secure the excess head with a bobby pin and blow in the natural direction of the hair from the bottom.

7. When blowing to the end of the hair about 10 cm, take care to curl the hair inside out with a large curling iron.

8. From the ear as the boundary, hair below the ear blowing in the direction of the inward curl, hair above the ear blowing in the direction of the outward curl.

9. Until all the hair is blown out then you can carry out the key step, lower your head down so that the hair is all upside down, and then use the hair dryer to blow the whole thing again to set the style.

Is it better to air dry or blow dry?

“Gently blow drying with the right hairdryer on the lowest heat and speed setting until it is 90 percent dry, is actually better for the hair than air-drying,” says Mahony, adding that this largely comes down to your hair's response to being wet.

Can you blow dry air dried hair?

"Air drying your hair first not only cuts down on drying time with a blow dryer, but it also allows you to limit the amount of time you're using heat to style your tresses," Johnson says. "I'd suggest starting with detangling and air drying, and then moving on to blow drying with a heat protectant product applied."

Should you air dry before blow drying?

Your hair should be 65% dry when you begin blow drying with a brush. Try towel drying or air drying before you begin to blow dry. This will minimize frizz as well as heat damage. Letting your hair dry a bit before you blow dry is also a great way to reduce the amount of time the actual blow drying takes.

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