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What Are the Best Bright and Bold Hair Colors to Try in 2022


The year of 2021 is finally coming to an end. Are you looking for some bold and bright color to try on your hair? Bold color is not just a hair statement. Choosing gorgeous bold color shade not only changes your whole look, but also turns heads around no matter where you go. A nice hair color can get your confidence well boosted and it is also a way to express your personality. With all amazing color shaded on Donmily today, you will definitely find what you want most. In this blog, we will introduce you the most trendy colored hair wigs on the market.

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Auburn Brown Jerry Curly Hair Wig

Some people believe that red color hue is a little bit unpleasing and will keeps people away. While, with the base of auburn, a pleasant-toned color can be achieved as purplish brown. This is a warm color that looks nice on any certain complexion. It is eye-catching and bright. With the jerry curls, this hair can look striking on you and it is vibrant enough to make a statement. The auburn brown jerry curly hair wig will bright out an effortless final look, adding warmth and sophisticated touch to your overall look.

Ginger Orange Body Wave Wig

Ginger hair color is a slightly softer than the red-orange, it is neither red nor orange. It is a unique spectrum that integrates both shades. We call it unique is because that we can rarely see people wearing natural ginger color hair. If you decide to go with a ginger color hair wig, it undoubtedly will give you a striking look. We can’t deny that ginger color looks cool on hair wigs, but one should always note that the color shade should suit your preference and complexion. It is suggested that ginger color hair is more flattering on dark skin tones.

Red Burgundy Straight Hair Wig

Burgundy hair color is a red wine hue creating by the blend of brown and purple. This hair color is bold and bright, giving excellent contrast for every skin tone. If you are a girl who loves attention, the burgundy hair is absolutely worth trying. This is a color that can be looked to grow out of your head naturally. Red burgundy color can be worn in different ways, but it pairs perfectly with straight hair. Red burgundy straight hair looks especially bold and beautiful on warm skin tones.

613 Blonde Straight Hair

The blonde color hair is the most versatile colored hair. If you want to try different hues, 613 blonde color hair is the best choice, its shade is perfect for dye. Light blonde hair looks pure and refined. This color on straight hair creates a more polished look, especially suitable for those who want to be attractive while still trying to stay a low profile.

These are the wigs with attractive colors that will gain popularity in the year of 2022. All of these colors look striking and beautiful on hair. More importantly, they can look quite stunning on any certain skin tone. Are you looking for some bold color to try for 2022? Come to Donmily now and get a new color for yourself!

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