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Best Bob Styles For 2020


Bob hairstyles are as varied as there are imaginations. There are chin and medium length bob styles to suit just about all face shapes and hair types. There are also a varied number of hair colors that can further define your bob style. The following are just some of the best bob styles for 2020 that you can choose from, just in case you need a bit of inspiration;

1. Chin-Length Bob

A Chin-length bob is one of the most versatile new bob hairstyles. That's because it suits a variety of face shapes and suitable for medium hair particularly if you are going to bleach the strands. We advise that you bleach it to a warm blonde if your undertones support it. If you have a long thin face, fluff up the long layers to achieve more volume. If you face is round or heart-shaped, you can smooth down the longer layers.

2. The High Fashion Wavy Bob

A bob looks great with a wavy texture as it gives it more volume. If you choose to add waves to your bob and you'd like to add some color, we recommend going with white or silver blonde highlights if you have a pale skin tone with warm undertones.

3. The Tousled Wavy Bob

If you have natural white hair, the tousled wavy bob is the perfect style for you. When cut at chin-length, this style can suit any age and you can choose straight or side-swept bangs to fit the shape of your face. The waves on this style are not very defined, giving you a casual look that is very different from the high fashion wavy bob.

4. The Perky Precise Bob

This is the perfect bob style to choose when you want to be daring. To get the precision triangular look of this bob, the thick hair has been sliced into longer layers that have a lot of texture at the tip. Again, you can choose to color this style anyway you want. This look may however only look great on oval, round and heart-shaped faces.

5. Curls on a Long Bob

A long bob or a lob is one of the easiest types of bobs to style. We recommend curling the bob to achieve texture and volume. Since pale colors often work best with colors, you can choose to go with a pale blonde color although keep in mind that the color you choose will depend on your skin tone and undertones.

6. Messy Angled Bob

This is a great bob haircut for hair that has a natural wave. It is perfect for both formal occasions when it can be worn smooth and for casual wear where you can tousle it a bit. A medium blonde color will look great with this style although we recommend you blend gold and beige to get the natural movement.

7. Straight Angled Bob

You can achieve the perfect straight angled bob with a precision cut chin-length bob that is also slightly asymmetric. This style is often perfect as straight hair and will work best for oval and round faces. It is also much more striking in a platinum blonde color if your skin tone and undertones allow you to pull it off.

8. Wavy Bob for Angular Faces

This is a great style for you if you have a medium bob. If you have an angular face, a side parting and defined waves with make the ordinary style appear elegant. If you can, blonde highlights will make the hair seem mover voluminous than it is. Aside from angular faces, heart shaped and long faces can also pull this style off.

9. Wispy Wavy Bob

This is the perfect style to choose of your hair is fine because the wispy and messy finish will give you the shape and volume that your hair may not have. The cut is the widest at the cheekbone level and tapers off below the chin. This makes it the perfect style for long or narrow faces.

The Perfect Bob Wig to Achieve Any of these Styles

If you would rather not cut your hair but you still want to achieve one or more of the hairstyles we’ve described above, then the best option for you is a human hair bob wig. The best one to choose is Donmily 13x4 Lace Front Wig Straight Bob 150% Density. This wig is perfectly suited for any of the styles described above simply because it is made of 100% human hair that can be styled and colored as you desire.

The wig is also very durable, able to last up to a year with proper care. This durability makes it very easy for you to change the hairstyle as many times as you see fit. It gives you numerous options when it comes to styling, allowing you to leave it straight, add curls or waves ad straighten it again whenever you want. The strands on the wig are made from hair that has been sourced from young, healthy donors. This means that the hair is healthy and will not tangle, shed or break easily. This adds to its durability, but also gives you added versatility that may be important when you want to change the styles easily.

Like we said at the beginning of this article, the number of bob styles is only limited by your imagination. Depending on the texture and volume of your bob cut, you can also change the style as much as you want. We will however advise against changing the color on your hair often as this may weaken the hair over time. When cutting or layering the bob, we recommend getting help from a hair specialist who may be able to capture the style better than you would on your own.


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