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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Back-to-school Season Wigs Recommendation For Autumn 2022

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Are you worried about the upcoming back to school season? Summer time is coming to an end and we will be heading back to school soon. If you are a high school student, you may need to take a bus or car to school, or if you are a college student, you may need to fly to another state. If you are a regular customer of wig store, I am sure you are ready to wear a wig almost every day. So before going back to school, we must make a good choice of wigs.

Donmily Wig Shop will start the biggest sale of the year during the school season! Up to 70% off all products, all wigs with pretty gifts! There is also an additional amount of consumer coupons that can be received directly, and there is also a lottery for up to an iPhone 12 Pro! You can come Donmily Hair Mall to choose the best wig for you and enjoy great discounts.

Everyone loves beauty, how to enhance your beauty, improve your appearance first, do you agree with us? Not because we are human hair sellers, we recommend you to buy our wigs. Beauty is here, choose or not, it's up to you. It costs less, it's more confident, it's more beautiful, so why not give it a try.

Okay, allow me to introduce you to some products to help you choose.

There are different wig options for everyone's needs, but for students, there are some principles that have been established, such as ease of wear, ease of maintenance, etc. Next I will recommend some of the hot styles of wigs for students in the beginning of the school season.

1. Reddish Brown Lace Front Jerry Curly and Body Wave Wig

If you are about to return to school or college students, I believe these two Reddish Brown lace wig (click to purchase) will not let you down. For college students, choosing a relatively mature color can give you a unique and attractive look on campus.

A very important factor for wigs is the lace design that enables you to reveal your delicate hairline. If you need a good looking hairline for your forehead, another point to also consider can be Baby Hair, once you comb up a good looking baby hair, your hairline and forehead will have a more complete visual effect.

2. 5*5 HD Lace Black Wig (Both Body Wave and Straight)

Brunettes are always in fashion and I'm sure you, the beauty lover, can understand that. No matter what the hairstyle of the black hair is, whether it is straight or curly, it is very convenient and free to match. If you are ovel face or relatively long and thin face, you can choose straight wigs (click to purchase), can better highlight the advantages of your face shape. If you are round face or square face, choose Body Wave (click to purchase) can better modify the curve of your face.

When choosing a lace wig, a very important aspect that you cannot forget is what type of lace you need to choose. Since the level of lace production largely determines the perfect appearance of your forehead and hairline, this explains why so many people are turning to HD lace. HD refers to high definition and it represents the highest quality lace wigs available. Until recent years, the best lace would have been Swiss lace, but HD lace is the latest iteration of Swiss lace. A huge improvement over Swiss lace is that it is easy to match to different skin tones. Sheer lace is easy to match with lighter skin tones, but for those with darker skin tones, it must be used with bleaching at the root first. With HD lace, on the other hand, your skin tone becomes less important. Once it touches your skin (scalp), he becomes indistinguishable to the extent of faking it.

3. Jerry Curly Auburn brown lace front wig

Jerry Curly (click to buy) is a more flamboyant hairstyle, but also a classic hairstyle for girls of African descent. Wigs are easier to care for and maintain than native hair. If you are not going to tie it up, then when this curly hair comes down, you will receive a very good hairstyle that will not only flatter your face shape but also show off your figure.


4. Headband Jerry curly glueless wigs

If you are a person who is short of time after waking up in the morning, I believe you may not choose the wigs that need to be pasted and adjusted repeatedly because they may take up your precious time after waking up in the morning. If you want to sleep a little more, unlike getting up half an hour earlier in the morning to take care of and put on your wig, then headband wigs can be a quality option for you. Headband wigs, as the name suggests, are a combination of wigs and headbands that are attached in the front section with the hair sewn onto a soft wig cap. A headband wig is a wig with a headband attached. Headband wigs can be fixed with clips, adjustable elastic bands and headbands.

Headband wigs (click to purchase) are solutions that use hair bands to conceal a perfect hairline that is not possible with a regular wig, giving you a "virtual" hairline. They are very easy to use, simply put on your head to secure and adjust the position, take very little time and are a great option for when you are in a morning rush.

What to say when someone asks if you are wearing a wig?

Other responses could include “Sure it is! You have a good eye!” or even thanking them for asking. Remember: There is no need to be ashamed of wearing a wig. After all, wigs are beautiful and offer a fantastic boost of confidence.

Is it rude to ask if someone is wearing a wig?

It's never polite to put someone on the spot about a potentially sensitive topic, so as a general rule... you shouldn't ask someone if they are wearing a wig.

Why should you wear a wig?

Wearing a wig not only protects the natural hair underneath your wig, but it also encourages regrowth. Wigs, literally, give your hair a break, allowing it to grow back stronger and longer than ever before. Just make sure you're wearing the right type of wig if you're trying to regrow your hair.

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