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Back To School Memes: Hair Style And Makeup!

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How was your hot summer vacation? One of the best things about being a student is being able to enjoy the two-month-long summer vacation, and the same goes for teachers, did you go anywhere? Feel free to share with us the interesting things that happened to you during your summer vacation! But happy times are always short and soon we will have back to school times, most of the students go to college far away from home, some even cross-country, so we definitely need to be well prepared before the school season comes, what do I need to bring back to college? This article will be your best back to school memes, including what you want to know about hair, styling and makeup, with wonderful articles and many practical tips, not to be missed!

Ⅰ. Back To School Cloth

Many girls have a headache on the question of "what clothes to bring back to school", because a large proportion of students will spend the whole half year in college and will not consider going home until the New Year or Christmas, so what kind of clothes to bring back to school is really a problem worth studying, and We also understand that girls want to have a variety of looks and be very fashionable, but there is always a limit to how much luggage can fit, so how do you bring back to school cloths? Here are some recommendations for you to wear

1.Minimalist style - classic and durable with good

back to school style
Often the simpler the more classic clothes will be able to collide with a different sense of fashion, and as students, the most important thing is to ensure that the daily classes and learning, so the requirements of the clothing to comfort as the most important, if you do not need to go out on dates and dinners in school, wearing a halter dress to class, not only will you feel less comfortable and will also be too high-profile. So for you to recommend the first set of back to school cloth, the overall tone for black, the inner wear is to choose a simple and comfortable pure black T-shirt, backpack is also black tone leather bag although very simple but very suitable for college students, large capacity backpack can be loaded with our cups and books. And in the hat and shoes part also echo each other up, black and white duck tongue cap and classic Vance canvas shoes is synonymous with youth, pants as this set of wear mention color point and highlights, you can choose light blue hole jeans, looks very fashionable. Here's a look at the top of this look!

back to school style
2.British college style - well-behaved college girl

back to school style
College style can be said to be a very classic look, when we see such a style will certainly be associated with the time in school, so as a back to school cloth recommendation, I also highly recommend that you can try the British college style clothes. This is actually very simple to wear, you just need to wear a sweater cardigan, the simpler the better with a checkered skirt, the lower body can be paired with patent leather shoes, so a youthful college style look is created, if you and the picture of the overall tone, it is recommended that you can choose a different color in terms of backpack, can be brown or burgundy, so The match will give your look a highlight.

3.Shirt - a shirt to achieve a variety of collocation

back to school style
As mentioned earlier, many girls do not like to bring too much bulky luggage, the fewer clothes are naturally the better, but what kind of clothes can achieve a variety of clothes with it? The answer is undoubtedly a shirt! Because you will find a simple shirt can really bring a very big change in the shape, in colder weather you can put a low-necked and flattering inside the shirt, and then with packing embellishments, so wearing not only comfortable, also look extra fashionable. When the weather is still hot, you can be original in your own dressing, you can choose to wear a camisole inside the shirt, as long as the following with simple jeans can be, I believe you must be the most fashionable girl! The shirt must be your back to school cloth of choice!

back to school style
Ⅱ. Back To School Makeup

We don't tend to dress up too much in school, so for facial makeup, we try to choose low-key eye shadow and lip gloss as much as possible. But simple doesn't mean boring, so here are some tips for your back to school makeup.

1. Choose a foundation that is not too different from your own skin tone to make your makeup look as natural and clean as possible. If you are born with very strong eyebrows, then I suggest you can leave your wild eyebrows without drawing them, you just need to trim off the excessive eyebrows and smooth out the rest, wild eyebrows always have a minimalist premium feel.

back to school style

2. Back to school makeup As much as possible, choose light or nude lip gloss. Because we are still students, the more bright lip gloss we can stay to go out and play or date, usually in class to choose nude lip gloss can be, you can draw the eyelashes longer, so your makeup will look like a supermodel as a senior.

back to school style

Ⅲ. Back To School Hair

Hair is also a very important item, because we often hear people say that hair is the body part that makes the first impression. Next, I recommend a few wigs for back to school hair, not only good quality but also can provide you with a variety of styling possibilities.

1. body wave wig

 body wave wig

I certainly will not recommend you not easy to take care of wig also bad with, and as very good to take care of and with the body wave, really is very suitable for your back to school hair! Whether it's a sporty style or a gorgeous style for a weekend outing, body wave wig can give you any look you want!

2. Highlight wig

Hghlight wig

If you are like me and usually do not have much time and energy to spend on dressing yourself, you may want to pick a special wig! highlight wig can easily help you achieve a stylish look without too much makeup and styling, the monochrome wig is slightly boring, then try to put highlight wig into your back to school hair list, I believe it will not let you down.

Above are your back to school memes, we have carefully provided some suggestions for you from three aspects of hair, styling and makeup, we sincerely hope that these practical suggestions can help you, and we very much hope that everyone can have a wonderful back to school times! If you want quality and fashionable back to school hair, then come to donmily hair!

How many clothes should I bring to university?

Generally, students will need to take 5 key pieces of clothing. These include a bottom half: 2 pairs of jeans. A top half: 5-7 t-shirts and 2-3 jumpers. Nightwear: 2 pairs of pyjamas and a dressing gown.

What should you not wear to university?

On the list of items students should never wear, were swimsuits, furry shoes (slippers), sunglasses, visible bra straps, leggings as pants, thongs (in conjunction with low-rise jeans) and junderwear (also known as jean shorts).

Why do schools have hair rules?

Now, a wave of new laws means millions of students have new protections against discrimination if they wear their hair in styles like these. The laws all look to prevent black children and adults from facing negative consequences for how they wear their hair at school and work.

  • Lauren Melissa
    Lauren Melissa
    Love that ur outfits aren’t “overly trendy” if that makes sense haha but they’re timeless!
  • Linda Thao
    Linda Thao
    I just graduated this spring, but seeing all these back to school blog makes me so excited
  • Alicia
    Imagine having all these outfits in my wardrobe and also these are just what I needed to browse
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