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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Donmily Recommended Autumn Style Wig Colors and Haircuts

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With the passage of time, the summer of 2022 is coming to an end. After the hot August, we are about to welcome the enthusiastic September, which is the fall, and also the beginning of the new semester back to school season.

After the heat of summer, the colorful and dazzling outfits, we will welcome the quiet and calm autumn. In addition to wearing cute mid-thickness clothes, this is also a season that allows you to become more fashionable with a different style. In our daily wear, we will not only use clothes to wear, but the corresponding hairstyle is also an indispensable part of the outfit. The easiest way to choose a hairstyle is to try a variety of wigs.

If it is fall, there is no better color for anyone than warm colors such as orange and crimson/red. The warm tones can make people feel like the whole person is radiating warmth, just as well as the autumn scenery.

Cooler temperatures, crisp air, comforting drinks... There's no better season than fall! The season of change requires a change in style. Below are Donmily's picks for best-selling fall wigs. With a combination of human hair wigs, straight wigs, and curly wigs, you are spoiled for choice with this collection. Buy our favorites, and maybe they'll become your favorites too!

Reddish Brown Curly Wig

This reddish brown curly body wave wig is presented in a dark reddish effect on the whole head, but closer to brown, very much in line with the temperament of autumn. In the autumn light sunlight can present a kind of orange highlights, presenting a very romantic reflection effect.

This wig shape is a Body Wave shape, can be very good to modify your face shape. The lace front style can also help you make a very realistic hairline and baby hair.


T Part Red Brown Bob Wig

This mid part red brown wig is similar to the color introduced in the previous one, and may have a slightly lighter color compared to the previous one. But it is a bob with bangs in the middle part (T Part) design, this hair design can make round face or big beautiful girls have a more natural face shape, and at the same time can be very natural to modify your features, it is suitable for women with any face shape in addition to long face. However, contrary to the previous one introduced, it is designed with straight hair, which also makes this wig does not present a highlighting effect. It gives a very stable reddish brown color in any light.


Ombre Jelly curly highlight wig

This Ombre Jelly Curly Highlight Wig uses brown as the base color and golden yellow as the highlight color, making it a wig with a stunning hair color. This hair color is sure to make you the most sophisticated and spirited one at parties/nightclubs etc. Jelly Curly's hair is very flamboyant and very personalized.

Do you wear a wig in the fall?

Yes, wearing a wig in fall with a appropriate style can make you attactive.

Are wigs hot in the summer?

In the summer, human hair collects sweat and oils, and become extremely heavy. Synthetic wig hair fibers are lighter and don't collect as much liquid. For the hottest months of the year, synthetic wigs will keep you cooler and feel lighter on your head.

Can wearing a wig ruin your hair?

However, incorrect application and removal of wigs can lead to damaged, dry or brittle hair. Not following the best wig practices, such as not correctly removing your wig or constantly wearing your wig, can irritate your scalp and hair. In the long term, this irritation could cause damage.

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