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Are You Trying To Make Curly Wig Blonde By Dyeing Them


If there’s anything anyone using wigs can agree on, it’s that dying and bleaching is one of the toughest processes. And if you are trying to make a curly wig blonde, it increases the level. Here is everything you need to know about making curly wigs blonde.

How To Protect Your Curls From The Bleaching Process

If you have made the decision of bleaching your blonde curly wig human hair, prepare your wig before dying and make an additional effort afterwards. It is recommended to use a pre-shampoo deep-conditioning treatment, three days before (and after) the bleaching process. It is also suggested to take a daily treatment to assists protect hair of all kinds from the elements.

Another way to defend your blonde curly wig human hair against the damaging effects of bleach is to ensure your stylist is mixing a bond builder into your bleaching formula. This reduces the damage caused to the wig hair.

Some Rules For Curly Wig With Blonde Highlights

Even though everybody can benefit from bleaching, people using textured hair wig need to go the extra mile when while bleaching. This is because curly wig hair is more fragile and drier as compared to straight hair, majorly because of the shape of the strand. Dryness takes place because as curls get more tightly crimped and coiled in shape, the hair is unable to coil easily or evenly down the hair shaft from root to tip.

Will Making Curly Wig Blonde Damage The Curls

In short, bleaching will damage your curly wigs a lot if not taken proper care. The point is that bleaching is a harsh coloring method that is particularly hard on curly hair. Hence, expect noticeable changes to your wig health. If not taken care of properly, it can be very damaging. Bleaching hair gets rid of the color by decolorizing the pigment through oxidation in the hair shaft. This impacts the quality of curly wig with blonde highlights.

Alternatives To Bleaching Curly Wig With Blonde Highlights

While they will not lighten your hair, using temporary hair dyes will alter your color and last anywhere from 4–12 washes. They are also easy to use and cheap. They may last longer if your wig was earlier bleached and are less damaging than bleaching hair. They have plethora of colors from neon and traditional to every color in between, so you can find any color your imagination can create.


In a nutshell, you just had a look at the precautions you must take while bleaching curly wig blonde. You saw what affects bleaching have on your hairs. In addition to this, you also had a look at the alternative methods to use instead of bleaching, which are less damaging. 

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