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E-girl Hair: Are you ready to try TikTok's latest hair trend?

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E-Girl's hairstyles have gone viral on TikTok, thanks to its experimental and nostalgic bold looks, which stand out in a sea of social posts. E-girl hairstyles are characterized by pastel tones and signature '90s contrasting stripes, often paired with' 90s-themed accessories such as butterfly clips and scrunchies. Want to know who invented the electric girl hair? The Electric girl look originated among online girl gamers and resembles the "scene" trends we saw in the early 2000s, with winged eyeliner and striped tops mixed with a more modern aesthetic that is often amplified on social media.

how to do E-Girl hair

They're not afraid to experiment, and thanks to TikTok, they've become the largest online subculture. With fashion ICONS and celebrities recently spotted wearing the popular E-girl hairstyles, we predict this trend will be in vogue throughout the year. Over the past few years, TikTok has provided us with a lot of hair and makeup inspiration. This latest TikTok hair trend features vibrant and colorful stripes that contrast with the rest of your hair and is the perfect way to shape your face and show off some very bold hair colors.

Want to try it yourself? Here's how to do E-Girl hair, plus 5 E-Girl hair styles to inspire you.

What does E-girl mean?

E-girls are a subculture that originated on social media like TikTok and Instagram. E-girls are often described as a mix of EmO or punk girls who spend a lot of time online (e is for electronic).

The E-Girl aesthetic is often associated with anime and cosplay, recognized by winged eyeliner, bright and heavy eyeshadow and (the main feature we talk about today), Electric Girl's brightly colored hair stripes.

How to try the E- Girl hairstyle?

How to try the E- Girl hairstyle?

Want to learn how to be an electronic girl? Try E-Girl Hair Dye with a revolutionary range of semi-permanent hair colors!

1. Choose E-Girl hair dye

Which E-girl hair dye you use depends on how long you want to stay in the TikTok hair trend. If it's just a whim, you can opt for a temporary dye wax that can be washed off all at once. If you're in it for the long haul, opt for semi-permanent hair colors.

2. Divisions and sections

For an e-girl style, part your hair in the middle and comb it forward on both sides (from your ears to the top of your head), then tie the rest of your hair back. To keep the trend authentic, the front section should be between 1 and 2 inches wide.

3. The hair dye

This is the fun part! Apply the color to the contours of your face, making sure to follow the instructions for Electric Girl hair dye. You can choose any color, just make sure it really looks good with your natural hair. Remember -- the bolder the better!

E - Girl hairstyles

Now that you know how to dye your Electric Girl stripes, you just need to choose an Electric Girl hairstyle. These are just some of our favorite electric girl aesthetic looks that you can check out.



One of the most popular hair colors this year is thick blonde highlights to flatter your face. These top E-girl bushy highlights have been spotted in celebrity portraits; Dua Lipa, Bella Thorne and more! Bleaching the front hair into 2 thick stripes and the rest darker is key to achieving this effect. We suggest pairing it with bold eyeliner and nude lips. This is the perfect starting point for you to enter the world of electric girl hairstyles, and once you've bleached these pieces, you can experiment with any color your nostalgic heart desires.



Nobody doesn't love pink! ! Choose any color of pink, pastel or vibrant, and the options are endless. This e-girl trend has outpaced the fun and energy it brings to your style. Edgy and feminine is the perfect marriage of the two worlds. Once you've bleached your front, you can change the feel of your stripe color with a semi-dye color or semi-permanent.



These pretty bangs are the perfect look to add more glamour to your style, flatter your face and add a '90s punk rock touch. Consider cutting it short, straight and fringed. We've seen this fringe feature with pink, blue or green stripes. If you want more impact, dye half of your bangs a bold color and match the rest with the rest of your hair. Probably a top electro girl hairdo now, we suggest rocking these with your favorite boyfriend jeans and band T-shirt.



Butterfly hairpins hark back to the '90s, and if you were in the' 90s, you know that these hairpins were all the rage, and that owning them meant you were part of the "IT" team. If you still have them in the back of your hair drawer, we recommend digging them out and adding them to your favorite curls. Every E-girl hair trend swings these colorful embellishments and adds a whimsical touch to your hair! Colorful bright eye shadow and artificial freckles complete the butterfly effect.



Not your typical French braid from elementary school, but a twist... No pun intended. The braids have taken the Internet by storm and have even been spotted on Queen Ariana. Braiding the front of your hair is all the carnival we can't get enough of.



The first thing we thought of with black and blonde hair was Xtina's dirty music video and we were obsessed! Mix it up with an E-Girl hairstyle and you have half blonde, half black hair. Consider more parts than points. We've seen a trend to bleach your hair (usually the top and e-girl) blonde and have the bottom half black. You might have thought this hairstyle was out of fashion in 2005, but she's back with a viral moment!

If you're into these hairstyles run to your hair salon, or local store to grab all the hair dye and accessories you need to get on top of this viral trend!   Whether you want to add more of an edgy look to your style, or a feminine and cute touch, the E-girl hairstyle options are endless.   Pairing these styles with colorful makeup, winged eyeliner and most importantly confidence!  Looking for more hair advice and styling tips?   Subscribe to our blog to step up your hair game.

What hairstyles do e girls have?

E-girls, a subculture popularized across social media, typically have hairstyles characterized by bangs, highlights, pigtails, space buns, and lots of bright colors. The e-girl look has many fun and funky fashion inspirations, including anime, skateboarding, goth, and the 1990s.

Is E girl hair still trendy?

This cool face-framing look is totally trending for 2021. The girl with black hair and blonde streaks is more of a fashion-forward take on e-girl hair. Opting for a blunt sleek cut with the high contrast in colors is a great way to elevate the trend while still being playful with the look.

How do you do your makeup like E-Girl?

E-Girl makeup is known for its over the top rosy cheeks and red noses - so apply a generous amount of your favourite blush shade not just on your cheeks but to the bridge of your nose as well. Use a large blending brush to make sure the bold blush colour does not look patchy and blends into your skin seamlessly.

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