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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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An Overview Of Human Hair Wigs

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Wigs have become increasingly popular in recent years because the wig can keep the color for a long time. Many people may like to try a variety of styles, and some people may perm or dye their hair more than 5 times a year, which is very harmful to their hair. Therefore, wigs are a good choice. We don't need to worry about the damage caused by dyeing our hair and can keep the same color for a long time. And we can change the color and style of the wig at will. According to research, buying wigs is a big expense in many women's daily lives. We can clearly know that wigs play an important role in daily life. 

There are two main types of wigs we buy human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Most people don't understand the knowledge about wigs. When you buy a wig, should you choose a human hair wig or a synthetic hair wig? This is an important question that many women face when choosing a wig. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to distinguish the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs. Today I would like to introduce to you the knowledge of human hair wigs. 

Human hair wigs can also last longer

I. What is a human hair wig?

As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made from real, natural, and plucked human hair. This means the appearance is like your own hair. As a result, human hair wigs look and feel very natural. Because they are made from natural human hair, these wigs are easier to shape. In addition, it can be cut and dyed just like your own hair. Human hair wigs can also last longer. They don't need to be removed for a few days to a week, and they stay on your head and look as natural as ever.

different human hair wig

There are generally four basic types of human hair used in wigs, such as Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and European/Caucasian. However, the majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (unit of fineness) which results in the hair being extremely straight. It is a bit more resistant to curl and can therefore be harder to style. Indonesian hair is found in greater supply and is less costly. 

Human hair wigs can look and feel amazingly normal

Indonesian hair can often be found in ethnic-style wigs. Indian hair has a thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more texture. European hair is the most sought-after for its fine denier but due to its increasingly limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive.

II. Advantages and disadvantages of human hair wigs

1. Advantages

Human hair wigs can look and feel amazingly normal, you can wear them while exercising and sleeping, and they'll still be fine. Human hair wigs can even be worn while swimming due to their natural quality. Human Hair Wigs are usually made of 100 percent real human hair because real human hair will look more real and natural on you. 

human hair wig can be dyed and restyled

Besides, the front and top parts of the wigs are usually used a Swiss lace base and the color is medium brown color, which is very close to most African American women’s scalps, so it will look more real on the part and hairline. In the fashion area, there are many kinds of human hair wigs and textures, and you can choose any one you like according to your needs and condition. The other advantage of the human hair wig is that it can be dyed and restyled, which can totally meet your needs for certain hairstyles. 

human hair wigs

2. Disadvantages 

Most people would probably say that the biggest drawback to human hair wigs is their price. Because they are made of real hair, they cost a lot more than synthetic wigs. But you do get your money's worth in terms of natural appearance and the longevity of the wig.
Another drawback to human hair wigs is that they require more maintenance than synthetic wigs. You have got to treat them like your hair. They need regular shampooing and care. Otherwise, they may lose their natural luster and become brittle. Just like your own hair, they react to their surroundings. As a result, human hair wigs can sometimes become curly, limp, or dry. In addition, they can be damaged by rough brushes or prolonged use of heated molding tools.

Essentially, these are all things you would normally do with your natural hair. So doing these things for your human wig probably doesn't mean anything different. For a completely natural look and free hairstyle, a human hair wig will be your best choice.
For the public, daily styling is actually preferable because it allows for more control over the appearance and a sense of normalcy that can be achieved through daily hair styling rituals. You can choose to have it customized by a professional stylist to get the look you like.

III. How long can human hair wigs live?

Human hair wigs provide the most natural look and feel. While they may be the more expensive option, they are also more durable with proper care. Human hair wigs can last from one to three years. They are very soft and have shine and movement that synthetic hair cannot easily replicate.
If you need human hair wigs, you can come to Donmily. Our wigs are handmade by wig makers and we have a wide range of styles.

Synthetic wig or human hair wig,which is better?

Every coin has two sides. Human hair wigs are better suited for permanent waves and frequent heat styling. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, utilize monofilament fiber “hair” which maintains waves or curls without re-styling.

Is a human hair wig worth it?

A human hair wig is a worthwhile long-term investment.When you purchase a human hair wig, if you learn how to maintain it properly, you'll be able to get years of beautiful hair out of it. Human hair wigs can be styled just like your bio hair.

What is the most natural looking wig?

For the most natural-looking wig, you should choose the wig which made of human hair.

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