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Here’s Everything About Compact Frontal Wig


Every now and then, we are always in a hurry to try something new when there is a new trend coming out, even if we don’t understand what on earth it is. It is also called “follow suit”. Recently, we received a few inquiries about this new word “compact frontal wig”. It seems to be a new type of wig to many of our customers, like they don’t have a clue about it. In this blog, we will get you a full hand of information about compact frontal wig.

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What Is A Compact Frontal Wig

A compact wig means that there is a piece of sheer lace mesh at the front of the wig cap which runs from ear to ear. The lace mesh usually goes 13 inches on the front and 4 or 6 inches back. There is a mechanical net cap as the second half of the whole wig cap, except for the lace base. As the lace base is at the front of the wig cap, it is defined as a lace front wig or compact frontal wig. This kind of wig gives a variety of styles to rock and offers more flexibility.

Pros of compact frontal wig

Now that you know what is a compact frontal wig, it’s time to get to know its features.


Natural looking is a crucial feature when choosing a wig, except for good looking. One of the many features of compact frontal wig is that it allows wig wearer to create natural hairline at the front of the hair. More to mention, the color of the lace base is quite similar to you scalp, perfect disguising effect, making the hair look like growing from your own scalp.


An incredible benefit compact frontal wig offers is versatility. With a compact frontal wig, you can choose to do side parting or middle parting according to your needs. It provides you a range of styles to rock from high ponytails to braids . Your parting decisions are unlimited with compact frontal wig and natural look can also be easily achieved.


The lace base of compact frontal wig is made from supreme Swiss lace, soft, smooth and light, making the wig is extremely comfortable and breathable to wear. Even in hot summer days, compact frontal wig is an ideal choice for comfortable wearing experience.


Compact frontal wig is the one type that always comes in handy, it is very easy to install and uninstall. The wig is only attached to the front edges of the head. So it’s kind of effortless to apply the wig in less than 20 minutes, once you find out the best way to secure the wig.

Where to get decent compact frontal wigs

Compact frontal wigs can be found everywhere online, but choosing a reliable brand is not that easy. Only the one that offers solid quality, thoughtful service and affordable prices is trustworthy. And the ones that made from real human hair are the most durable. We suggest that you do a little research online before jumping to a compact frontal wig. Or if you allow us to introduce Donmily, you can simply click here to shop affordable high quality compact frontal wigs.

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