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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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A Range of Wigs That Help You Look the Most Natural

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Whatever your reason for wearing a wig, it's a lot of fun! Wearing a completely different wig transforms you into a completely different character.

If you want to look as natural as possible when wearing a wig, go with a human hair wig. human hair wigs have a very natural appearance and feel to them. They are more expensive, but they are also more durable, lasting up to three years if properly cared for. The hair follicles in a human hair wig run in the same direction, giving it a very natural look and feel. This also gives the hair a silkier and shinier appearance and feel.

I.Classic Fashion for Any Occasion

This hand-tied topped human hair wig is voluminous and layered, the top looks realistic and allows you to part your hair in any direction, however you choose to wear this stylish wig, sweep the bangs to the side or do a soft flip at the ends it will look natural.

2.Elegance in the Wind

This wind-blown look features gorgeous layering and a length that reaches below the shoulders for a luxurious and full look. This human hair wig can be casually styled on the side or you can pull your hair back into a bun for understated elegance. If you're going on a picnic or to the park and want to run barefoot on the grass, you can also braid your hair into a side-swept braid. This stylish wig is suitable for a variety of formal or casual occasions.

3.Bob human hair wig

This bob human hair wig will meet all of your needs, whether you want a funky and playful look or a no-nonsense business look, is best for the boardroom or the dance floor.

The invisible lace front conceals the wig, and the comfort and natural appearance will make this boboto one of your favorites.

4.long straight lace wigs

Each strand of hair in this Long straight lace wigs is hand-tied. It will mimic the natural movement and appearance of your own hair. When you're running, tie it back into a loose ponytail. Make a side parting with a shiny bobby pin for a night out with friends.

What material is the wig made of?

Wigs are made of artificial fibers or real hair. Man-made chemical fiber is a complement to the raw material of human hair, and is created by a chemical "drawing" or "blowing" process. Real hair may be separated into Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Burmese hair, Vietnamese hair, Mongolian hair, and so on, depending on the location. Its substance is human hair, which can be dyed hot and is easy to save.

Which is better: human hair wigs or synthetic wigs?

Human hair wigs are more realistic and natural than synthetic wigs, but also more practical, the effect of wearing almost cannot be seen is fake, human hair wigs better care, cleaning and blowing styling do not have to worry about bad, but also on the styling hair gel, chemical fiber wigs like disposable, deformation cannot be recovered, but also easy to knot hair, which is the real hair wigs than chemical fiber wigs a lot of expensive reasons, I have to say that Real hair wigs are made of real hair, have high realism and authenticity, but the price is high; chemical fiber wigs are made of chemical fiber wire, look glossy, have no authenticity, but the hair can be very exaggerated, and have low prices; whether real hair or chemical fiber hair is good is determined by their own standards.

What age groups are appropriate for wearing wigs?

The wig is widely used; all beauty enthusiasts can wear it. It is the most suitable for balding, thinning hair, high forehead baldness, white hair, no hair, white hair, etc.; both men and women can use it to change the hairstyle. The effect is invisible and traceless; natural and real; healthy and environmentally friendly; convenient and fast; these are the reasons for your choice.

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