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A Beginner's Guide to Glueless Wigs

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Wigs have been around for a long time, and whether you want to protect your natural hair, cover up thinning hair, or just want a new fun style, wigs have you covered. There are many types of wigs on the market, but if you're still a newbie, the easiest wig to wear has to be a glue-free wig. Read on to learn more about glueless wigs, how to fit them, and why they are worth your investment.

glueless wigs

what is a glueless wig?

There are two varieties of wigs - glue wigs and glueless wigs. So, how exactly does an adhesive-free wig stay in place?

Typically, these wigs have built-in combs, straps or clips that can be attached to your natural hair. Some wigs even offer an adjustable elastic band in the back that allows the wearer to secure the wig comfortably to their head, depending on their size. It also allows the wig to fit smoothly against your hairline and scalp, allowing the clear lace to blend in well with your natural hairline. The elastic band further prevents the wig from slipping or shifting as it is secured from ear to ear. So even during a heavy workout or a busy day, there's no need to worry about your wig slipping off! It will stay in place until you remove it manually.

The gel-free wig provides you with the confidence to show off your flawless hair wherever you go. The cap of the wig is also super comfortable to wear, and the thinness of the material makes it breathable. This versatility of the glueless wig perfectly suits the wearer and optimizes comfort, so your hair won't get in the way of your busy day.

what is a glueless full lace wig?

Having a full lace wig with a cap is the best kind of wig you can choose. A glueless lace wig or a glueless full lace wig has individual strands of hair that are hand-tied into a thin, almost invisible lace material at the front hairline. This feature creates the illusion that the hair is growing directly out of the scalp, resulting in a very natural-looking hairline. Since the lace in the front of these wigs is designed to replicate a natural hairline, it adds a sense of authenticity to your style.

Such wigs offer a hygienic and quality cap with a dense number of hair follicles and all-around lacing. As we mentioned before, since the lace is made of breathable material, it guarantees maximum comfort for the wearer. Synthetic lacing is applied to the front lining of the wig cap, and the wearer is free to experiment with styling.

What is a glueless full lace wig?

The benefits of glueless wigs

Glueless full lace wigs are hand knotted on a piece of fabric and are perfect for those who want a temporary style change. Since these wigs are adjustable and can be removed at will, they provide the wearer with the opportunity to maintain a good healthy scalp. If you choose a wig that requires an adhesive, you won't have that opportunity.

The flexibility that a glueless wig offers

With a glueless wig, your natural hair finally gets a much-needed break. You can simply put all your hair away and rock your wig. The best part about these wigs is that they mimic your hairline so perfectly that no one will notice the difference.

Glue-free wigs help prevent hair loss.

Adhesives like glue or tape can pull on your natural hair and cause breakage for those who are prone to hair loss. But with adhesive-free wigs, these concerns are not a problem. For some people with sensitive skin, adhesive-free wigs are great. Because the wig is just placed on your hair and no chemicals, such as adhesives, come in contact with your scalp or skin, you have no reason to face any skin irritation. Thus, a glue-free wig is the most natural way to switch up and flaunt your look!

Before you buy glueless wigs

The only thing you need to determine before you buy a quality wig is the size you want to choose. For a first time buyer, this may seem like a daunting task. But don't worry, we're here to help. The circumference that you read on the tape measure will determine whether you need a small, medium or large cap. Once you have the measurements, all you need to do is choose the style, color and length of hair you want.

A step-by-step guide on how to install a glueless wig.

Now that you've mastered the basics about glueless wigs, it's time to put on your favorite wig. Follow these 8 easy steps for a smooth and hassle-free application process

1: Prepare your hair

Start by washing and deep conditioning your hair. This step is not necessary every time you wear a glueless wig, but it is a good practice to keep your natural hair and scalp clean.

2: Braid your hair

Braid all of your hair into short cornrows.

3: Tie it into a low ponytail

If not braiding your hair, for long hair, tie it into a low ponytail. Next, tie it into a flat bun on your head and secure it with bobby pins and some hairspray.

4: Secure your hair

Secure all your hair inside a non-adhesive wig cap. Adjust the cap so that it covers your hairline. If you have little or no hair, skip this step as the cap may move around your head and bunch up under the wig, causing discomfort. You can also skip this step if your wig has a comb or clip-in.

5: Prepare your unglued lace wig

You can apply a powder foundation to the inner lace of your wig to help it match your skin tone. This will help you achieve a natural look.

6: Put on your glueless wig

Wear your glueless wig over a wig cap or your natural hair, adjusting the comb, clips or adjustable straps until you feel comfortable wearing the wig. Make sure the wig is not too loose or too tight.

7: Trim the lace

Trim any excess lace in a zigzag pattern along your hairline.

8: Comb your hair

Style your hair the way you want it. Don't forget to style your baby hair, that's it! You're ready to go. You're ready for a new day (or night!).

Now do you know anything about glueless wigs? As we said before, glueless wigs are a dream come true for those of us who don't want to take the time to fix our hair. We hope we've answered some of your questions about glueless wigs. With just a few simple steps, you're ready to lock in your new look. Now all you have to do is flaunt your beautiful new hair and bask in all the compliments! Still confused about how to choose a wig based on your face shape? Our blog "How Do Black Women Select A Wig Based On Their Face Shape? " may be helpful to you.

Can a glueless wig fall off?

Being that these types of wigs don't come with glue or tapes, it doesn't mean that they can easily fall off. You can wear glueless lace front wigs daily without any fear of it getting flown off. You simply adjust the strap to perfectly fit the head. Glueless bob wigs offer great convenience.

How long does glueless Frontals last?

Lasts about 4-5 days requiring lots of maintenance; May break edges if your forehead isn't big enough to place properly on the skin and if not removed properly.

How long can a glueless wig last?

For 100% virgin human hair wigs, they can last for more than one year with proper care. That is because they aren't chemically processed, and the cuticles are still intact.

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    LiY LiY
    I LOVE the way you curl your hair. These are the curls I have been trying to find in bundles. Thank you sooo much for sharing ✨GOD bless !
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    Daizah Warren
    You have earned a new subscriber girl! Just ordered my first glueless hair unit. Thanks for showing me how it's done!
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    Tiarra Lane
    Finally I have found someone who makes installing a glueless wig so simple. Thank you
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