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Wigs:Assist You in Embracing Your Natural Beauty

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Bailee

A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets, and different people have different definitions of beauty, which comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.  It's fun to change the fashionability of your appearance, but everyone wants to have natural beauty above all else anyway.  However, most people forget what our natural hair color is; or, if you have naturally curly hair, what curl did you have before multiple straightening, keratin treatments and years of perms? Here you can find wigs that match the style and texture of your unique and natural beauty.

Social and social media's "ideal" beauty standards usually don't match reality.  But for sure, the image of "beauty" is being stripped down and exposed for what it is - unrealistic. 


We are always told that thick and lush hair is an essential sign if you want to be considered beautiful, so losing it can make us feel ugly. This is the reason why numerous ladies look for treatments for hair loss and "ultra-real" human hair wigs, however, these treatments and wigs are not cheap. We are often led to believe that there is only one form of beauty, that we need to conform to the beauty conveyed by these celebrity media to get slimmer and fuller, and that even hair styling seems to have a trend: straightening, perming, coloring - but in reality, we forget that beauty is actually arbitrary. We must remember that there are millions of different standards of beauty in this world.  As a wig specialist, my goal is to make sure that what you have is beautiful.

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful," Sophia Loren once said - what a powerful statement! We have the option of changing our beauty style or making ourselves more beautiful on top of it. Whether you change your hair texture, color, or length, embracing your natural beauty will never go out of style.

Match your natural hair texture with a wig

You can browse the products on our website to find styles and textures that match your unique natural beauty.  In the event you can't find your exact hair type, don't worry, there are plenty of ways you can determine it.  Heat-friendly synthetic fibers are one of the many benefits of the innovation and technology that has driven the world of wigs forward.

This wig that was once trapped in a box has come by creating your look through constant innovation.  Another benefit of innovation is that once you roll up the heat-resistant synthetic fiber, it stays curled, even after you wash it, and I'm still in awe of that.  As a stylist, I like to make synthetic fiber wigs look more natural and unnoticeable to others, and my secret is to match the texture of the hair.  With wigs and hairpieces, you don't have to spend hours straightening your hair to fit a certain occasion; instead, you can style your hair to suit you.  The texture or curl pattern of your hair makes you more at ease with your hair, and you can enhance it with the tools and styles below.


Creating Texture in a Wig or Hairpiece

Tight Textures.

To create a tight texture, use a metal tail comb and a flat electric curling iron.  Take small sections of hair and wrap them tightly around the comb.  Next, use the flat electric curling iron to press up and down and side to side on the hair so that the heat is evenly distributed. 

Tight Curls.

To create a tight curl, simply use a traditional curling iron.  Take a thin, wide section and press the curler along the length of your hair, leaving the ends uncovered.  You can use any curling iron that has a thin wire plate.  I like to add tight curls to my hair because it mimics the natural texture of straightening or relaxing and you get the texture without the curl.  You can add a tight curl texture to any straight hairpiece or wig.

Big Waves.

Big waves are a modern (and in my opinion, cooler) version of 80's curls.  A triple barrel curling iron creates beautiful waves that give a natural, relaxed look.  Take a thin, wide section, place the barrel on your hair and continue to work down the length of your hair, leaving about half an inch of the ends untouched. 

Tight Curly.

The tight curly texture is the "I wish I had" curl that some people are lucky enough to be born with.  To create tight curls, take a small section of hair and wrap it around a 3/8-inch curling iron.  Let the hair heat up for a few seconds, loosen, and then part the curls into two or three strands.

 weaves hair

Remember, you can change the curl level of your wig or hairpiece to match your natural hair, so you don't have to fuss too much with your hair, just leave everything to the wig.

Any pointers on how to make wigs look more natural?

Human hair wigs are the most natural-looking, but thanks to advancements in wig technology, synthetic wigs can now also look quite real. Styles with lace fronts and monofilament features, as well as those that are 100% hand tied, will look very natural. When it comes to selecting a style, think about what would look best on your face shape. When it comes to color, it's best to stay as near to your original hair color as possible.

Which wigs are better for sensitive scalps?

Wigs that are 100% hand tied or have double monofilament tend to be the gentlest on sensitive scalps. To protect their scalps, some people wear wig caps. Sure Grip is a hypoallergenic comfort liner designed to offer cushion - particularly at pressure spots - to improve both fit and comfort in our wig accessories.

Can I colour my wig?

Most wigs come in a range of colors, which eliminates the need to color them. Human hair wigs may be coloured, however synthetic hair cannot. However, it is a delicate procedure that should only be performed by a hairstylist. We advocate only going darker, not lighter, because wigs go through a lot of chemical processing and any more manipulation can cause damage.

  • Brilliant_Walk3874
    Looks amazing!!! So natural.
  • hgrande123
    You look beautiful! I would never have guessed this is a wig
  • Darcy_2021
    It looks 100% like your real hair. I absolutely would never have guessed this was a wig! You look utterly stunning.
  • Smallandcutee
    Love it
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