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5 Reasons To Try Red Wigs To Be Black Widow!

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Remember the woman in the beautiful legend of Sicily who fascinated the whole town, yes, she is a head of red wigs! Remember Black Widow, one of the few women in the Avengers, that's right, she's a red hair! Remember that Princess Anna with powerful magic, yes she also wears red wigs. Counting the movie characters that have swept the world, we can find that red hair or red wigs appear more frequently. Today we give you 5 reasons to bravely try a red wig and become as glamorous as Black Widow.

red wigs

Ⅰ. Reasons to try red wigs to be Black Widow

1. Born with red hair: a symbol of natural power

You don't know, although red hair has been discriminated against in the long history, there are few people who are born with red hair. Red hair is rare in any country. Essentially, this is a genetic mutation.

red wigs

I don’t know if you have noticed that in the Avengers, Black Widow’s hair has gone from red hair to white blonde, and then to the fall in the final season, ending with red hair. Essentially this means that Black Widow is born with red hair. Because the final hair color after a short dyed blond must be its natural hair color.

red wigs

And red hair is rare, and people with red hair seem unusual. This also implies that she is not an ordinary person, she is a strong person, a female warrior and heroine who protects the world. Red hair is her symbol. It is a symbol of the strong. After all, Black Widow is one of the few female superheroes. But it is difficult to be born with red hair, so replacing red hair with red wigs can also create a strong image.

2. Red hair or red wigs, breathtaking beauty

red wigs

You have to admit that Black Widow is breathtaking under Scarlett's interpretation. No matter in and out of the show, the red hair makes Black Widow extraordinarily beautiful. In the play, the eye-catching red hair is matched with her neat short hair, slightly wavy, which makes Captain America fascinated by it. Outside the play, Scarlett's red hair and exquisite facial features also made countless audiences remember her and Black Widow. As if the red hair was Scarlett's own hair color.

Therefore, dyeing red hair, or choosing a red wig, must be a good choice.

3. Red wigs: permanent beauty

red wigs

It is unlikely that you will be born with red hair, knowing that people with red hair are generally more likely to develop skin cancer, and genetic mutations are less common. You can try synthetic red wigs, but that will definitely fade over time. So, why not try red wigs? You will love it. This is eternal, never-fading beauty.

4. Exotic and mysterious

red wigs

Don't know if you feel it, with red wigs, or someone with natural red hair. It will reveal a sense of mystery and make people obsessed. For example, in the beautiful legend of Sicily, when the heroine wears red wigs, the delicate makeup, coupled with her indifferent expression, and her exotic appearance, make people feel as if she does not belong to this small town, as if from a far away place.  Nobody knows herself sadness and emtion. Combined with her story later, we can feel that at that moment she really did not want to belong to that era when she could not control herself destiny.

So, do you want to have a sense of mystery? Then try red wigs that will make your exotic look stand out.

red wigs

5. Great for any cosplay and masquerade parties

At the masquerade, you must be wondering, how do I stand out. Everyone's personality has their own charm. At this time, I suggest you choose red wigs. Whether you want to play Black Widow or the medium-red-haired Princess Anna from Frozen, you can try them out, because these looks will definitely work better with red wigs, trust me.

red wigs

Ⅱ. Care of red wigs

1.  Synthetic red wigs treatment

If you choose a synthetic wig, you can wash the wig as usual with a mild shampoo. If your hair is wrinkled for some reason, wash with a fabric conditioner to smooth out the fibers - it sounds weird, but it works. If your synthetic wig is heat resistant, use a low heat setting and use the heat sink only occasionally. If your synthetic red wig is curly, remember that a wide-toothed comb should be your wig's best friend!

red wigs

When shampooing, never rub or twist your hair, as it can tangle and irreparably damage synthetic hair fibers. The great thing about synthetic red wigs is that the color never fades ever - so the color on your front door is the color you'll be wearing in six months.

2.  Human hair red wigs  care

red wigs

If you've opted for a red wig, you'll need to deep-condition it, especially with a conditioner for dyed hair, to keep the color from fading.It is also important to remember that human hair red wigs that are already dyed should not be re-dyed as this will reduce the age of the wig.

Since hair is dyed, hair oils are a great way to nourish human hair wigs, as well as a wrinkle-soothing spray moisturizer (these are mineral oil-free sprays or moisturizers). Try a moisturizer that contains vegetable oilsWhen it comes to the use of heat, there is a general consensus that heat styling tools are fine, but excessive use of heat can damage the hair and shorten the length of the wig.

What kind of wigs look most natural?

For the most natural looking wig, choose one made from human hair. There are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic wigs. As you might guess, human hair provides the most natural look, says Fae Norris, hairstylist at Rock Paper Salon. Because it's real, it falls and wiggles like natural hair

What kind of wig is best for beginners?

Monofilament wigs are best for beginners because it allows you to separate the wig as much as you want. Plus, the lace front of this wig is pre-cut, making your hairline imperceptible.

Do wigs damage your edges?

For most women, the wig is then glued or sewn to the head to ensure a secure fit. Others use straps to make them fit. Wig caps, overtime, can cause pulling from the edges that are constantly being covered, eventually leading to thinning of the edges.

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