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5 Finger Waves Hairstyles You Must Try

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Finger waves are usually those hairstyles in which the waves of the hair are displayed in the shape of an "s" on the hair in a flat manner. In terms of appearance, finger waves have streamlined "s" curls, each of which is shiny and vibrant, and people unconsciously associate this hairstyle with high society celebrities because of the extremely elegant and retro look it gives. From a historical point of view, the finger waves originated in the 1920s and have a very long history, and became popular again at the end of the last century along with the brunette look, and people love it no less than the classic bob hairstyle. From a fashion point of view, finger waves have frequently appeared on the shows of major luxury brands in recent years, such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, etc. In red carpet styling, many female celebrities have also tried this hairstyle and feel its charm and attention. We have already introduced in detail what finger waves are and how to create perfect finger waves, today we are going to introduce you to 5 finger waves styles that you must try.

finger waves

Ⅰ. Finger waves short hairstyle

First of all, we have to start with the most original and basic finger waves. In the beginning, finger waves were usually styled on very short hair, and people in the early 1900s didn't have the means to color their hair, but after many attempts, women found that finger waves worked especially well on black hair and blonde hair. The reason is very simple, black and blonde hair can become very shiny under the natural light, which can reflect the shining light, so people with these two hair colors in the early 1900s especially like to try finger waves. and when we look back at classic finger waves short hair style will make people think that this is a high society lady and is a very expensive and luxurious look.

finger waves

Ⅱ. Black hair finger waves

If you have naturally black hair and the length of your hair is not too long, black finger waves combined with your not too long and not too short curls will make your hair look as good as lush and showy long hair, which means it will help you get through the awkward period of long hair. You will have very smooth black hair on top of your head and attractive and curvy curls on the sides, which will be a stark contrast but will work perfectly together. If you have a long or oval face, black finger waves will complement your face shape and accentuate your facial contours.

finger waves

Ⅲ. Finger waves with bangs

When we don't have a perfect face shape we have to learn to spend more time and make more changes to our head style. If you have a diamond-shaped face or are not satisfied with your forehead, you may want to try finger waves with bangs on top of it to cover up the lack of your forehead and also to easily try finger waves. when the hair is set and dry, comb it, then press it with your hands and push it a little on your head to see the wave's "S" shape. Place clips inside the "S" to shape the finger waves. trace the curve of the wave and find the next point where you can place clips in the opposite direction. Use a hair dryer to set the waves and add enough hairspray to keep the waves in place longer.

finger waves

Ⅳ. Finger waves on bob haircut

In case you didn't know, finger waves and bob haircut make a great combination! As popular as they were in the beginning, these simple finger waves are featured on the timeless bob. Take a wide straight straightener - yes, a straightener, you read that right. If you are doing finger waves on longer, thicker hair, these would be dry push waves using a straightener or curling iron.

finger waves

Ⅴ. Black hair pixie finger waves

Extremely short hairstyle hair while being able to can add fit finger waves, that's what makes it so attractive. This kind of hairstyle is not uncommon, Zendaya has tried black hair pixie finger waves in public, the slightly wet hairstyle adds some sexy feeling to the overall look and the perfect "s" shaped wave, and makes black hair pixie finger waves more feminine. Especially for supermodels or those girls whose facial contours are very prominent and obvious, it is very suitable for this look.

finger waves

In addition to the above for you to introduce several finger waves hairstyles, in fact, there are many different looks worth you to try, such as blonde finger waves, and burgundy finger waves, in short, it is definitely worth your try!

How long can finger waves last?

four to five days Finger waves can last up to four to five days. The secret to making finger waves last is to gently spray the style with a workable hairspray.

How long do finger waves take?

Brush your hair every which direction, adding a firm holding hairspray occasionally, where needed until finger waves begin to form. This process will take some time and a little creativity. I timed myself and it took around 13 minutes to get them brushed out and formed exactly how I wanted them.

How do you style wavy hair with gel?

Apply gel as the last stage in your curl styling routine on wet hair. Don't rake the gel through your hair, apply it to the surface of your curls with an open palm and lightly scrunch up. Allow your hair to dry completely. Be patient! Scrunch out the crunch to remove the gel cast.

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