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4a, 4b, 4c, Best Way To Define Them

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Many African American girls have their most natural hair, which is very natural and has a strong ethnic identity, but there are many different types of this most natural hair, do you know about them? This article takes you through what 4a hair, 4b hair, and 4c hair are. you may read this and not be impressed and wonder why you need to know about this hair? Of course, you do, because only when you really know your hair can you choose the most suitable hair care products and keep your hair in a healthy condition.

Ⅰ. What is 4A hair?

4a hair
4A hair is the lightest curl of all 4 types. 4A hair is characterized by loose waves, medium curls, and a very flexible S-shape. 4A hair has very defined curls. The defined curls of 4A hair mean that 4A hair is very easy to style. However, this type of hair is very prone to breakage because 4A hair is very dry and requires a lot of conditioner or oil to treat your 4A hair. In your hair care process, for 4A hair, I suggest Ni Caiyong Shea Butter Natural Hair Balm or Moroccan essential oil which is a better moisturizing hair care product. Essential oil products contain sufficient fatty acids inside, which can make your 4A hair avoid hair loss and breakage, and can also be a good care effect for 4A hair volume. I have a very pertinent suggestion for you when you are caring for 4A hair is to use a small spray bottle with some water in it and mix your purchased essential oils with the water and massage it into your 4A hair to help the nutrients be fully absorbed.

Ⅱ. What is 4b hair?

4b hair
4b hair has a tighter curl than 4a hair, a thicker curl, but not as tight as 4c hair. 4b hair looks very voluminous, so girls with 4b hair look like they have a lot of volume, but it's just that 4b hair is visually voluminous. 4b hair has a tighter curl, so if you just ignore this feature, your 4b hair will be more voluminous. If you ignore this characteristic, your 4b hair will lose its shine and moisture, and it is very easy to tangle, so you need to take more care of your 4b hair, so you need hair care products should be moisturizing and sealing products. Such as shea butter, mango oil, etc. This type of product can help your 4b hair look healthy and more defined. Also, 4b hair will have roughly 50% shrinkage and if you don't take care of your 4b hair, 4b hair is very prone to breakage, so it's still important to wash your 4b hair properly, condition it regularly and use a broad-toothed comb to take care of your 4b hair

Ⅲ. What is 4c hair?

4c hair
4c hair is the curliest of all curly hair types, girls with 4c hair look like a thick fro, the most important feature of 4c hair is that each hair has very tight loops that look like very tiny springs. 4c hair is very prone to breakage, even if you smooth your 4c hair with a comb hard enough, it may cause breakage because curls are tighter the more they are curled, the more they will break. 4c hair is usually dry and has a hard time retaining moisture, so moisturizers (like water and leave-in conditioners) and sealants (like oils and hair pomades) are your 4c hair's best friends. They will help increase the elasticity of 4c hair while sealing in moisture. In addition, 4c hair has a very strong shrinking power, for example, your hair is actually 20 inches in length but after 4c hair shrinks it looks like your hair is only 5 inches long. However, with hair like 4c hair, you can weave it or wear a wig to change your look.

No matter what type of hair you have, you need to take care of it. Among the 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair, 4c hair needs the most moisture and is the one that shrinks the most. If you feel that your current hairstyle is too monotonous, try using a wig to change your look.

What does 4A 4b 4c hair mean?

In a Nutshell. 4a hair has sweet S-shaped curls, 4b hair has juicy zig-zagged curl strands and looks like cotton candy, and 4c hair has thick coils that form massive afros.

Is my hair 4A or 4b?

His comments are actually very simple regarding Type 4 (Kinky) hair – if you can see a definite curl pattern, then you have Type 4A hair. If you can't identify a defined, specific curl pattern, then your hair type is 4B.

What 4b hair looks like?

Type 4B hair does not have a clearly defined curl pattern, and it's soft and fluffy. Its tight coils form a "Z" shape, and it resembles a zigzag shape with sharp angles, which makes this hair type extremely prone to dryness.

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