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For Short, Curly, Dye: 4 Tips To Care Afro Hair

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How to care afro hair and solve the common problem of short, curly, dye? Do you encounter the same problem: hair is too short to grow longer, hair is too curly to be combed, hair is too dry and not shiny and prone to breakage. These are the problems that afro hair often encounters, and how to solve them, I will tell you.

afro hair

Ⅰ. What is afro hair? 

Afro hair, or curly hair, is the hair texture of the African population and is also manifested in people of African descent. Each strand of this hair type grows in tiny horn-like spirals. The overall effect is that afro hair appears thicker than straight, wavy or curly hair. Over time, more and more people have hair like this. It's a stamp of history, let's not have any discomfort with having hair like this, it just happens to be a cultural symbol, if you're not after hair like this, I'll give you a few tips for afro hair, short, dry, curly.

afro hair

Ⅱ. How to solve afro hair problem: short, curly, dye?

1. Fix curly afro hair: try straightening your hair with a hot rod

curly afro hair

Afro curly hair is all too common. A hot rod is a great tool to straighten your hair, especially for afro hair that's too frizzy, it's a tricky process, be careful not to burn yourself. Because the hair is too short, it will be difficult to straighten your afro hair with a heating rod all by yourself. It is recommended to ask a friend to help or go to the barber shop to ask a professional to straighten it. certainly. You can do it on your own, but be sure to layer your hair before straightening, straightening the bottom layer first and then working your way up.

fix curly afro hair

2. Fix frizz: wash and moisturize afro hair

The main reason why black Afro hair is prone to breakage is lack of moisture. Dryness is the bane of African hair. Dry hair is prone to breakage as Afro hair tends to dry out and break easily. Protecting your hair by locking in moisture is key. Yes, I will tell you how to care Afro hair.

afro hair

● Wash the scalp with a mild sulfate-free shampoo

It is recommended to wash the scalp with a mild sulfate-free shampoo every 7-10 days. Focus on massaging the shampoo into the scalp in gentle circular motions to remove dirt and promote blood flow to the scalp. A clean and irritated scalp promotes optimal hair growth. 

sulfate-free shampoo

● Special potion care and moisturizing

Afro hair is not recommended for drying with a hairdryer. You can buy special potions to condition your hair. This potion can be bought with softening and moisturizing effects. Then we can put a headgear on the hair and steam it on the vaporizer for an hour. This can be a bit difficult at home, we can also wrap our hair in a shower cap at home and let it air dry.

moisture afro hair

3. Solve the “too short” problem of afro hair

afro hair

● Hair extension

The most direct way to short Afro hair: hair extensions. With the progress of the times, the types of hair extensions have become more and more diverse, and the purpose is to connect each hair to the hair extensions. In fact, what I recommend the most is tape-in ​​extension. Because of its naturalness, it does less damage to the hair. For short hair extensions, this article of mine will tell you. The most important point is that our afro hair needs to be washed, softened, combed and other operations before hair extension, which is essential.

tape in hair extenison

● Weaving

The essence of braiding is to braid your own hair first, and then braid your own hair with corn braids by stitching or quick braiding, and then connect the wig. It protects our natural hair better than direct hair extensions, so it is also called protective hairstyle. For stitch weaving we can buy closure and bundles, for quick weave we can buy weave.

sew in closure

● Braids or locs

Braids and locs both protect our own short afro hair from damage and reduce the exposure of afro hair problems. It can prevent afro hair from being too fluffy and dry. Long braids and locs are fine with our own short hair afro hair, if you want long locs, you can click this article of mine to watch, . There are also many types of braids, you can click these articles to understand, buttfly braids, african braids. If you want long braids and locs, it is recommended to buy water wave wigs.

braids hairstyles

4. The most convenient way: buy a suitable wig

donmily wig

donmily wig

Wigs are undoubtedly the most convenient way to solve the above problems. Wearing a wig allows your afro hair to be hidden while showing the beauty you want to others. Not all wigs are suitable for those of us with afro hair, but there is always no problem with professional production of such wigs. The Donmily website has the largest variety of wigs, including the ones mentioned above. You can compare the cost-effectiveness and choose the one that suits you best.

What is afro hair?

Afro hair, or curly hair, is the hair texture of the African population and is also manifested in people of African descent. Each strand of this hair type grows in tiny horn-like spirals.

How to solve afro hair problem: short, curly, dye?

1.Fix curly afro hair: try straightening your hair with a hot rod. 2. Fix frizz: wash and moisturize afro hair. 3. Solve the “too short” problem of afro hair: Hair extension,Weaving,Braids or locs 4. The most convenient way: buy a suitable wig

What is good for Afro hair growth?

How to make black hair grow fast? Use hair growth products. ... Use a sulfate-free shampoo. ... Use a deep conditioner. ... Use post-shampoo or pre-shampoo hair treatment. Cut off split ends. ... Avoid using a blow dryer (or any heat tools) ... Shampoo and rinse your hair infrequently. ... Massage your scalp regularly with hair oil.

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