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3 Classical Madonana’s Same Blonde Wig Hairstyles

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Fashion is a cycle, and you may not have thought that the popular blonde wig style has been played by the fashion queen Madonna 20 or 30 years ago. Today, her blonde styles are still very popular. I will come today. Introducing McDonald's same blonde wig hairstyle.

Madonna has always been shown with blonde hair, but young pop fans may not actually remember when Madonna didn't have blonde hair. But in a throwback photo the singer posted to her Instagram on Wednesday, April 29, Madonna reminded us all that she's actually a natural brunette. Whether Madonna's blonde hair is real hair or a wig, the blonde wig style can be used for reference.

Ⅰ. Short blonde wig: youth and beauty coexist

1. The story of Madonana and short blonde wig

In the early 1980s, Madonna, who was in her 20s, tried a very short blonde wig. It was very avant-garde and fashionable at that time. No one thought that the budding Madonna would become a pop diva.

short blonde wig

1986 After the launch of "True Blue", Madonna cut a boy's short blonde wig. This short hair can be said to be a kind of publicity to her. In 1986, Madonna performed this handsome blonde before model Agyness Deyn. short hair. If you have a short blonde wig, you can try straight hair without any modification. The effect will be very neat, handsome and full of youth.

short blonde wig

Remember Madonna's look in "Who's That Girl" in 1987? Very statement thick brows, classic red lips and a short blonde wig on the back. Madonna's short blonde wig is not straight, but chooses the small curls that are characteristic of the era. Very retro style, worth learning from. A short bang on the curly forehead completes the look.

short blonde wig

Another very short blonde wig hairstyle for Madonna was in 1994. In 1994, at the MTV Music Awards, Madonna looked very eye-catching with her short wavy curly, hand-pushed blond hair with a sparkling diamond nose stud. This hairstyle with close hair can highlight Madonna's excellent facial features. If you want a more retro look with short blonde wig, copy this style.

short blonde wig

2. What is short blonde wig?

Usually we define the length of short blond wig as shorter than the bob blond hair, above the length of the earlobe. The color of this type of wig is mainly gold, which is lighter than the ginger wig. And it looks a bit white at certain angles, so some people have become platinum wigs. But no matter what, short blond wig is good-looking and handsome. A lot of cool girls are willing to try this wig.

short blonde wig

3. The benefit of short blonde wig hairstyle

The benefit of the first short blond wig I think is definitely cool and comfortable, more refreshing in hot weather. The second advantage is that short gold wig is much more convenient to wear, because they are not long, it can save the wearing time, and it is easier to maintain. Finally, short blonde wig is really handsome, and I highly recommend this hairstyle if you also want to go the youthful route. Just like Madonna in her youth, she suddenly thought it was some handsome boy from abroad.

Ⅱ. blonde bob wig

1. The story of Madonana and blonde bob wig

Check out Madonna's bob hairstyle. In 1990, this was the reigning queen of pop at the 1990 MTV Awards, with a sophisticated wig and heavy makeup. The typical wool-like curly hair of the aristocrats of the last century, the length of the wavy curly hair, and the golden color are very suitable for stage makeup.

blonde bob wig

In 1990, after the release of the album "The Immaculate Collection", Madonna still went the blonde route. This blonde bob wig look doesn't have a deliberate perm, but wears a white-edged blond headband. It looks great with the blonde bob wig.

blonde bob wig

1995 A sleek, flirty blond bob suits Madonna well, and with a lilac smoky makeup and crimson lips, it's almost one of Madonna's rare straight hair looks. But it gives people a very temperamental, very professional female feeling. If your blonde bob wig doesn't want to be curled, you can clip it with a straight hair clip to create straight blonde bob wig that looks good too. 2006 Before Posh, Madonna had tried a golden bob, how could it not be said that she led the trend.

blonde bob wig

2. What is blonde bob wig?

The blonde bob wig is generally located between the earlobe and the shoulder, and it is a kind of hair that is neither long nor short. Most bob wigs are straight, with a natural arc inward at the ends of the hair. But with more and more wig products, there are a lot of blonde bob wig products for curly hair. Like the blonde bob wig that Madonna tried. You can also straighten your wig with a hair straightener or wear a headband of the same color.

3. The benefit of blonde bob wig hairstyle

The advantage of the first blonde bob wig is that it is easy to take care of, whether you perm or straighten it yourself, it will be very convenient. Because the short blonde wig is too short, I can't clip or perm the back hair. The second benefit is that you can create a lot of styling. Secondly, blonde bob wig can create multiple styles such as retro and capable.

Ⅲ. blonde curly wig

1. The story of Madonana and blonde curly wig

Curly hair, it must be the most appearing look in Madonna's blonde wig looks. During the Girlie tour in 1993, Madonna rocked this huge voluminous blonde curls. This kind of blonde curly wig similar to kinky is very exaggerated and eye-catching, suitable for concert stage. If you also want to be different and stylish in the crowd, you can try it.

short blonde wig

In the same year in 1996, Madonna played Evita, her appearance was very simple, with messy medium-length blonde curly wig and elegant makeup. Use a clip to clip a piece of hair on the curly hair, and the girlish feeling comes out immediately. Innocent is my first impression when I see this picture.

blonde curly wig

At the premiere of the 1997 film "L.A. Confidential," Madonna's spiral curls caught the eye. This blonde curly wig is more like 1998 but Madonna's hippie look didn't last long, but it's just as eye-catching. This blonde curly wig is a small volume with a long length and a punk style.

blonde curly wig

In 2003, when promoting the book "The English Roses" she wrote for her first child, she dressed up in a natural and friendly way. This big blonde curly wig curls would also be everyday and fit the mature personality of Madonna in her 40s.

blonde curly wig

2005 With the advent of the 21st century, Madonna began to love Farrah Fawcett-style curls. This kind of blonde curly wig is very large, the length is longer than that of wavy curly hair, the hair tail is large and fluffy, and the outward curling arc is very large.

blonde curly wig

In 2007, Madonna became known for her soft, mid-parted curls. The radian of this blonde curly wig is very small, and it looks very good against the blond. 008 At the premiere of the film "Filt and Wisdom", Madonna's mid-part curly hair and fresh and outstanding makeup appeared. In 2008, at the French leg of her Sticky and Sweet tour, perfect blonde curly wig and a silver top hat made Madonna look different.

blonde curly wig

 In 2011 Madonna attended last year's Met Gala with romantic '40s-style blonde curly wig and red lips.

blonde curly wig

At the 2012 Golden Globe Awards in LA this year, Madonna looked as beautiful as a statue, with a classic blonde curly wig and a beautiful makeup. That same year at the 2012 Super Bowl, her sculpted curls and blond manicure made her the star of the show.

blonde curly wig

2. What is blonde curly wig?

The curly we are talking about here is a hairstyle opposite to straight. In fact, in detail, curly is smaller than kinky and larger than wave. Most of the blonde curly wig are made of real human hair. You can try several of Madonna's blonde curly wig styles mentioned above. The difference between them is the size and direction of the volume. Of course, the color flutters up and down the gold, brighter or darker, collectively known as the golden curly wig.

3. The benefit of blonde curly wig hairstyle

Blonde curly wig can create a sense of maturity or girly through the size of the roll. Whichever you want to pursue, try it on the Blonde Curly wig. So the biggest advantage of


Can you dye a wig blonde?

Blonde wigs can be easily dyed to one color if you use the watercolor method, the process is to dip the wig in a hot bath in your favorite bright color

What is honey blonde?

Honey blonde is a hair color that mixes light brown and sunny blonde with warm blonde tones throughout. With a dual tone of blonde and dark brown, honey blonde hair can be adapted to different skin tones, eye colors and personal styles by making it darker or lighter.

Can human hair wigs be bleached?

Bleach is safe to use on human hair wigs. "You should use a 20-volume cream developer and bleach so you can pace yourself and avoid over-processing your wig," she says.

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